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Katie's POV

The wind was rushing through my hair as I galloped as fast as I could. Riding next beside me was Lucy. She was holding on the reins so tightly that her hands turned white. We have been riding between 15 to 20 minutes, until I heard something behind me. I turned around to see a Telmarine soldier still pursuing us.

"Hurry Lucy," I cried out.

Lucy suddenly became frightened and in a whisper I heard her say, "Aslan, where are you?"

I looked back to see the soldier galloping closer to us. I knew he was going to raise his crossbow and shoot at us soon. We would not reach Aslan in time and we wouldn't make it out alive.

At the corner of my eye, I swear I saw a blurry golden figure close to us. I narrowed my eyes, before the figure became a solid form. I gasped in shock to see Aslan jump out and give a big roar. I screamed when my horse reared back. I lost my grip on the reins and I fell off.

"Katie," screamed Lucy as she pulled Desteir's reins to stop her.

I landed on my back which knocked the wind out of me. Lucy jumped off of Destier and helped me sit up. I was stunned to see Aslan standing in all his glory and looked right into my eyes. He's here, he's really here!

"Aslan," I murmured.

I could tell Lucy was star struck as she continued to stare at the great lion. Aslan's eyes snapped up and growled when he saw the Telmarine soldier riding close by. I gasped when Aslan leaped over Lucy and I. I turned my head to see Aslan knock the soldier right off his horse. I cringed a little when I heard the soldier cry out when Aslan attacked him. Lucy helped me stand, before we ran to the top of the hill. I nearly gasped when I saw a golden lion stand before us, watching the soldier running away for his life. Lucy held my hand tightly as the lion turned his head to face us. My smile grew when I realized that the lion was indeed the lion Lucy and I were looking for.

"Aslan," both Lucy and I screamed with excitement.

We sprinted up to him and slammed right into his side. The impact was hard as the three of us fell down to the ground. I laid my head on his mane, memorizing every detail; the softness, the ocean breeze smell, and the golden sun color.

"It's you! You're really here," I said as I ran my hand through his wild mane.

"Yes Katie, it is indeed I," he replied before licking my check.

I giggled before releasing him and Lucy bellowed with a smile, "I knew it was you. The whole time, I knew it. But the others wouldn't believe us."

Aslan looked right into our eyes and asked, "And why would that stop you two from coming to me?"

I looked confused at what he had claimed.

"You mean, you wanted us to follow you on the other side of that gorge, even though the others didn't see you?" I asked.

Aslan slightly smiled and nodded his head. I looked down at my hands, feeling guilty for not listening to my gut. I should have trailed after Aslan and not followed the others. Lucy must have thought the same thing, because she looked ashamed as well.

"I'm sorry. I was too scared to come alone. Katie and I would have come… but I felt embarrassed if the others thought I was losing it." I sadly smiled at Lucy before comforting her with a side hug. Lucy looked back at Aslan and asked, "Why haven't you shown yourself? I thought you'd come roaring in to save us like last time."

Aslan slowly lowered his eyes and sad in a sorrowful voice, "Things never happen the same way twice."

I sighed before saying, "Sometimes I wish they did."

Lucy was thinking for a moment, before asking,"If we had come earlier and followed you… everyone who died… could we have stopped that?"

My heart dropped at the question. I turned my head to see what Aslan would say.

Aslan looked thoughtful and understanding before replying, "We can never know what would have happened, Lucy." Lucy nodded her head, understanding what Aslan meant. Sometimes I wish I knew what would happen in the future, so I could prevent anything horrible from happening. My eyes snapped back up when I heard Aslan's voice. "But what will happen is another matter entirely."

"You mean you'll help us?" I asked with enthusiasm.

Aslanchuckled and shook his head."Of course Katie, as will the both of you."

Lucy smiled dropped and looked embarrassed."Oh, well I wish I was braver."

I looked at my friend shocked and asked her, "What are you talking about? Of course you are brave Lucy!"

Aslan smirked at us and said, "Katie is right Lucy. If you were any braver, you'd be a lioness." I laughed so hard that I nearly fell down. Aslan did know how to cheer us up. Aslan stood on his four paws before saying, "Now, I think your friends have slept long enough, don't you?"

"Absolutely. Let's wake them up," I said.

Aslan nodded his head before opening his mouth. I nearly covered my ears as Aslan roared his loudest, waking up our tree friends and spirits. Don't worry Peter, the cavalry is coming.

3rd POV

Meanwhile, when Katie and Lucy were reunited with Aslan, the battle between the Narnians and the Telmarines continued on. During most of the fight, the Narnians were losing badly. The Telmarines destroyed the entrance to Aslan's How which blocked the Narnians from escaping.

Sopespian smirked wickedly, knowing that he would win this battle. With Caspian and the Narnians dead, he will take over the Telmarines. Nothing will stand in his way.

"Crush them all," he said.

One of the stone boulders cracked the top of the How where the archers were standing, making Susan lose her balance. She nearly fell to her death, if it wasn't for DLF who grabbed her hand just in time. Both Peter and Caspian watched terrified as Susan's hand slipped out of DLF's hand. Thank heavens she landed on a ridge underneath her, unharmed.

"Do you think Katie and Lucy found Aslan yet," Caspian asked Peter.

Peter turned to the prince and said, "I hope so."

The battle was intense and continued on. Peter was starting to get worried, not only for his troops, but for the safety of Lucy and Katie. Did they find Aslan yet? Are they both ok? Will they all survive this and see each other again? Peter shook his head after that last thought. No, I cannot lose hope and faith.

Caspian was trying to concentrate too as he swung his sword at a Telmarine solider. He kept on looking back at the Narnians to see if they were alright. He saw Edmund on a horse, shooting arrows at unexpected Telmarines. He turned to his right to see Susan on the battlefield using her bow and arrows, shooting at the soldiers who were coming near to her.

Caspian snapped back into reality when some Telmarines were ganging up on him. He did not look where he was going, when he accidently tripped and fell into the pit. He grunted when he landed hard on his back. He raised his head just to see Glozelle running right at him, raising a sharp pike to strike Caspian. Fear swept over the prince, knowing Glozelle could kill him. However, Glozelle suddenly stopped when he realized he was about to attack Caspian. When he looked into the prince's eyes, all he saw was the little boy he knew when Caspian's Father was king. Glozelle couldn't do it. He could not kill Caspian. He slowly lowered the pike and backed away.

Out of nowhere, a tree root sprang out of the side of the pit and grabbed Glozelle around his waist. Glozelle barely had time to gasp when the root pulled him away from Caspian and knocked his head hard on the side of the pit. The root released the man and Caspian was shocked to see Glozelle was unconscious.

The prince nearly jumped when he heard Peter's voice. "Caspian, up here."

He looked up to see Peter standing near the edge of the pike, lowering his hand out for him. As Peter helped Caspian up, they were stunned to see the trees standing and walking to the battle. Peter knew exactly how this happened.

"Lucy and Katie," said Peter with relief.

The Narnians cheered and praised when they saw the tree spirits finally awake from their long slumber. Help is finally here! The Telmarines tried to attack back. One of the catapults launched a huge boulder into the air. The boulder slammed into one of the trees. The spirit tree cried out in wrenching pain as the boulder pierced its bark. The wounded tree fell to the ground and it did not get back up. One of the tree spirits stared at its fallen friend. The tree was so enraged, that it stuck its roots into the ground. The Narnians immediately moved out of the way as the roots ran underneath the soil of the ground. The roots suddenly came up into the air and took down the trebuchet.

Peter immediately raised his sword as he shouted out, "For Aslan!"

The Narnians raised up their weapons and charged at the Telmarines. Sopespian's smirk slowly slipped away when he realized that his army was suddenly losing. His eyes widen with fear when he saw the Narnians and the spirit trees charging at his army.

One of the Telmarine captains rode up to him on horseback and called out, "We can defeat them if we draw them to the river!"

Sopespian nodded his head and cried out, "To Beruna!"

As the Telmarines retreated, one of the soldiers held up his horn and blew, signaling a retreat. Peter's eyes widen when he saw the enemies leaving.

"After them," he cried out.

The Narnians chased after the Telmarines. They are not getting away that easily. The Telmarines were able to reach the bridge and they started to cross. However, Sopespian halted his army when he spotted something across the other side of the bridge. He was surprised to see two girls walking slowly to the bridge. The Narnians followed the Telmarines, but stopped when they saw the Telmarines were staring at Katie and Lucy. Susan and Edmund looked at each other, wondering the same thing. Did they find Aslan? Sopespian was confused and stunned. Who are these two girls and what are they doing? Lucy drew out her dagger and smiled innocently, as to taunt the Telmarines.

"Going somewhere?" Katie called out to them as she drew out her sword.

Sopespian stared at the one girl who spoke out and finally realized who she was. He was looking right at High Queen Katherine, the Protector of Narnia. She was a legend and a skilled warrior. He looked behind him to see the Narnians had surrounded them. Sopespian turned his head back to the girls, only to realize that a lion had joined them. Peter, Susan, and Edmund were surprised and trilled to see their old friend standing next to Katie and Lucy. Aslan nodded his head at the girls, before looking right at the Telmarines and made a low growl. Sopespian's mind was reeling back and forth before he made his decision.


Sopespian and the Telmarine soldiers ran on the bridge and headed towards Aslan and the girls. Katie narrowed her eyes as the soldiers sprinted or galloped to the center of the bridge.

"Now Aslan," Katie whispered to her friend.

Katie and Lucy shifted their heads when Aslan opened his mouth and let out a huge roar. Telmarines stopped charging at the sound of the roar and felt the change in the air. They looked down at their waist to see the water was acting very strangely. Sopespian glanced to his left to see a massive wave charging right towards the bridge. The Telmarine soldiers screamed as they turned around and started to run back to shore.

All of a sudden, the humongous wave transformed into the River God. The Narnians were in awe of the River God's gigantic hands, especially when he reached out and pulled the bridge up from its supports. The only person still left on the bridge was Sopespian and his horse. The River God started to tilt the bridge sideways. Sopespian realized what was happening. He waved his sword franticly, before he screamed as the River God swallowed he and his horse whole. The wave came crashing down and the river was calm once again. Katie closed her eyes and exhaled when she figured out that the battle was finally over.

Katie's POV

I watched as the Telmarines climbed out of the water and reluctantly handed their swords to the Narnians. I was overjoyed to see that they had surrendered. I noticed four people coming out of the water and walk right up to Aslan, Lucy and I. I smiled and was relieved to see Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Caspian alive and unharmed. The four of them knelt down and bowed their head before Aslan.

Aslan smiled at them before saying in a commanding voice, "Rise, kings and queens of Narnia." Peter, Susan, and Edmund stood up, while Caspian continued to kneel. Lucy and I shared a look, surprised to see Caspian not standing up. "All of you."

Peter, Susan, and Edmund turned to see Caspian was not standing with them. Caspian looked up to see Aslan was indeed talking to him.

He lowered his eyes and said modestly, "I do not think I am ready."

"It's for that very reason I know that you are," said the lion.

Caspian stared at Aslan in shock before staring at me. I slightly smiled at him, before nodding my head in encouragement. Caspian smiled at me, before standing up. My smile dropped when music of bagpipes began to play and several mice walked up, while carrying Reepicheep on a small stretcher. I realized he is wounded from the battle. Lucy immediately ran to the mice and gave Reepicheep a drop from her cordial. I was relieved when the mouse was breathing and sat up.

"Oh, thank you, Your Majesty…" Reepicheep sees the lion. "Oh, hail Aslan! It is a great honor to be-" Reepicheep tries to bow but stumbles forward. He looks behind and realizes that his tail is missing. He gasped and was completely embarrassed. "I am completely out of countenance. I must crave your indulgence for appearing in this unseemly fashion." He stares up at Lucy's cordially with a glim of hope in his small eyes. "Perhaps a drop more?"

Lucy sighed and shook her head at the little mouse. "I don't think it does that."

Reepicheep merely shrugged his shoulder. "You can have a go."

"It becomes you well, Small One," said Aslan.

I was shocked to see Reepicheep withdrew his sword and hold it out. "All the same, great king, I regret that I must withdraw. For a tail is the honor and glory of a mouse."

"Reepicheep why would you give up your position as the leader of the mice," I asked.

Reepicheep sadly sighed as he said, "I cannot go on as a leader without my tail your majesty."

Aslan shook his head before saying, "Perhaps you think too much of your honor, friend."

"Well, it's not just the honor. It's also great for balance… and climbing… and grabbing things," the mouse said as he stumbled his words.

Lucy and I looked over at Aslan to see him smiling at Reepicheep in amusement. I was surprised to see the other mice drew out their swords and held the swords near their own tails.

"May it please your high Majesty, we will not bear the shame of wearing an honor denied to our chief," said Preepiceek.

Reepicheep was in shock to see his fellow mice offering to sacrifice their own tails for his own sake. Aslan laughed and shook is main. I was astonished at their mice and for their bravery.

"Not for your honor, but for the love of your people," exclaimed the lion.

Everyone became astonished as Reepicheep's tail suddenly grew back. He grabbed is new tail and showed this miracle to his fellow mice.

"Oh, look! Thank you, thank you, my liege! I will treasure it always! From this day forward, it will serve as a great reminder of my huge humility," he said as he bowed to Aslan to thank him.

Aslan chuckled before asking me, "Now Katie, where is this dear little friend you've told me so much about?"

I looked over to the edge of the river to see Trumpkin ushering some Telmarine soldiers to drop their weapons. I smirked and pointed over to him. "He's right over there."

Upon hearing my voice, Trumpkin nervously looked over his shoulder at us. I crossed my arms over my chest as he slowly walked over to us. Trumpkin bent down on one knee, placed his sword in front of him, and bowed his head to Aslan. I smiled as Aslan let out a big roar and nearly scaring Trumpkin to death. That's what you get Trumpkin for not believing Aslan is real and mocking Lucy and I.

Lucy grabbed my hand as we said together, "Do you see him now?"

Trumpkin let out a sigh of relief before rolling his eyes at us. I felt someone grabbing my hand. I looked to see it was Peter.

He leaned over whispered in my ear," I am so happy that you made it back to me. I do not know what I would do without you."

I smiled to him before saying, "You will never loose me, no matter what."

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