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I continue to stand in the cave with Peter while watching the others running to the beach. I can't believe it. We are back in Narnia. I looked back at Peter and smiled at him. Peter smiled down at me as he grabbed my hand and we both ran to the others. I was so happy to feel that Narnian sun as I took off my jacket and shoes. All of the sudden, I felt two warm hands around my waist and I was hoisted over Peter's shoulders. I screamed, when I realized what Peter was planning to do.

"Peter, don't you dare. I will kill you if you do it," I screamed.

Of course, he didn't listen to me as he threw me into the ocean's water. As I reached for the surface, I gasped for air as the cold salty water ran down my wet face. I looked to see everyone was laughing. Lucy and Susan were covering their mouths, while trying to hold their laughter while Edmund fell to the ground holding his stomach. Peter just smirked at me with his eyes glowing at me.

I glared at them as I said, "Oh, you guys think this is funny? Hey Peter, you remember karma right?"

Peter's smirk dropped as his eyes widen in fear. He turned around to try to get away, but he felt something hard and moist sliding down his golden hair to his back. He realized that I had just thrown sand at him. Now it was my turn to laugh at him.

Peter just smirked at me as he said, "Oh now you're going to get it."

He started to chase me around the beach, while I was screaming from laughter. Susan and Lucy watch us with a smile on their face. I looked back at Peter to see how far he was from me. I didn't realize where I was going that I suddenly bumped into Edmund and fell down landing on my butt.

"Sorry Edmund, I didn't see where I was going," I said. He didn't answer me as he continued to stare at something. "Ed, what are you staring at?"

Edmund looked at me and asked, "Where do you suppose we are?"

Peter laughed as he answered, "Well, where do you think?"

Edmund, who was now looking up again said, "Well, I don't remember any ruins in Narnia."

"Ruins, what ruins," I asked.

Edmund pointed upward and sure enough there were ruins on the tall hill that we were staring at. That's new; I've never seen that before. After a few minutes of climbing those very steep hills, we finally reached the ruins. The ruins looked very interesting. The ruins must have occurred a long time ago, because there were grass, roots, and trees covering the ruins. Susan and Edmund were walking around trying not to trip on the roots on the ground. Peter and I were walking hand and hand to get a better view of this place. Lucy walked up to an apple tree and plucked one of the apples off to eat it.

Lucy turned around to look at us and said, "I wonder who lived here."

I let go of Peter's hand and kept on walking, before I felt something hit my foot. I looked down to see a golden and shiny thing in the grass. I picked it up to realize it was a golden queen chess piece.

"I think we lived here," I said.

They all walked right up to me, while I was showing them the chess piece. Edmund's eyes widen when he realized what I was holding.

"Hey, that's mine…from my chess set," he said when he took it out of my hand to examine it.

Peter looked at his brother and asked, "Which chess set?"

The reason why he asked this was because Ed has about six chess sets back at home. Plus, no one can beat him in a game of chess.

Edmund glared at his brother as he said, "Well, I didn't exactly have a solid gold chess set in Finchley, did I? "

"He does have a point Peter," said Susan.

I looked at the chess piece and wondered why it was on the ground in these ruins? Lucy walked a little bit further to look at the ruins better. About a minute later, I heard her gasp with disbelief.

"It can't be," I heard her whisper.

I walked up to her and asked, "Lu, is everything alright?"

Lucy looked right at me and shook her head, no. She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the center of the ruins where it inclined. Peter, Susan, and Edmund ran up to us to see what was wrong.

Lucy turned to Peter and asked him, "Don't you see?"

Peter looked confused as he asked her "See what Lucy?"

Lucy sighed as she placed me between Peter and Edmund. "Imagine walls. … And columns there… and a glass roof."

When she finally stopped speaking, she stood next to her sister as we all stood in a straight line. I continued to stare at the ruins when I felt my locket growing warm around my neck. I closed my eyes for a moment, but when I opened them again, I couldn't help but gasp. Right in front of me, I saw a room filled with people. Centaurs were holding the swords up in the air in a salute. My sly fox friend was smiling right at me in the front row. Mr. Tumnus smiled warmly at me with his green scarf around his neck. I saw Mr. and Mrs. Beaver walking up to me while holding five golden and silver crowns. Suddenly my locket lost its warmth and the vision I just saw vanished. I opened my eyes again to see I was looking at the ruins again. No, it cannot be. Please don't tell me it's…

Peter interrupted my thought with two words I hoped he didn't say, "Cair Paravel."

My mouth was widened in shock, while my eyes were burning red. I could feel the cold, wet tears sliding down my red cheeks. This was my home. The place where Lucy, Edmund and I played games. The place where Susan and I had our tea together. The place where… Peter and I had our first kiss. It was gone. Everything was destroyed. Who would do something so horrible? Peter must have noticed I was crying, because he pulled me right into his chest, while I was sobbing even harder. Edmund looked down at the ground while making his hands into a fist. Susan squeezed Lucy's hands for comfort. Cair Paravel is gone, my home is no more.

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