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The lake twinkled prettily as it trapped the last few rays of sunlight in the gentle ripples of water that lapped the sandy shore. The sky was painted with a kaleidoscope of pinks, crimsons and golds that outlined two shadows sitting peacefully on the water's edge.

A woman, not long since a girl, was held closely at the other's side as they both watched the sun fall asleep upon the world. The man that held the other kissed her temple softly clutching at a small box inside his trouser pocket.

"I've never seen it look so beautiful."

She smiled contentedly as she continued to absorb the beauty, love and happiness that surrounded them both.

"You're beautiful."

He whispered against her smooth and supple skin, aglow with the golden sunlight.

A gentle blush infused her ivory cheeks and he smiled amusedly at the way he still made her so nervous.

"I can't believe Caelum's 3 already."

The angelic blonde haired boy had been entrusted in the care of Harry and Ginny for the evening whilst Draco spent the evening with Hermione.

"I know it seems like yesterday doesn't it."

Draco bowed his head at the memory of Hermione's bloodied body and twisted limbs. That day he'd almost lost her and she was irreplaceable. The painful possibility that it could just be him and his son at this moment in time tormented his thoughts always.

"What's wrong Draco?"

Worry overcame her once relaxed and carefree tone as Hermione noticed the torment in his eyes.

"I'll never be able to think of that day without remembering that I almost lost you."

Hermione moved gently into his lap, her hands moulding to the sides of his face lovingly.

"I'm here and I'm not going anywhere."

Draco's hands rested possessively on her hips and held the soft curves of her body close to his as he pressed his lips firmly against hers. She was his saviour and she had saved him in every way that a person can be saved.

"Have I ever told you that I love you?"

He sighed in between passionate kisses.

"You might have mentioned it."

She giggled musically as her hands drowned in the depths of his platinum curls.

"I want to make you mine."

He whispered as he once again reclaimed her tempting lips.

"I am yours."

She replies assuredly. Hermione knew that she could never belong to anyone else.

Draco gently turned Hermione in his lap and rested her carefully beneath his body in the bed of sand below.

"That's not what I mean."

Hermione lay confused beneath him as she tried to unravel his enigmatic gaze. Draco smiled in adoration; if only she knew how irresistible she looked when she cannot figure something out. He thought amusedly to himself.

Draco proceeded to bend his arm and reach into the depths of his right trouser pocket to retrieve a small, velvet encased, black box.

"Draco what's going on?"

He slowly clicked open the antique case to reveal a ring; a single diamond lay cradled by small emeralds, glinting in the sun.

"Hermione Granger, love of my life, you mean more to me than you'll ever even begin to understand. You are my life, my heart and my soul reason for breathing. Will you marry me?"

Hermione lay overwhelmed beneath him, her hands slowly ghosting over her lips in surprise. She couldn't help but smile as this was the first time since Caelum was born that Draco had looked truly nervous.

And before Draco had time to even blink Hermione had twisted them round so she now rested above him. She kissed him fiercely as his hands lay firmly on her golden, sandy thighs.


She barely managed to gasp between their desperate embrace. Once again Draco took control as he pinned Hermione beneath him and kissed her neck longingly sating his need for her body.

"God I love you."

Draco moaned breathlessly as two became one in the sunlit sand by the lake.

The ivory silk held the slim line of Hermione's waist out to the flare of her well rounded hips tightly, before flowing down into soft pools at her dainty feet. Mahogany curls ran down her lace swathed back, a single flower adorning her lustrous tresses.

The door opened excitedly as Ron and Harry entered the room. Ron and Harry stopped in their tracks as they saw their best friend standing before them. Ron stood breathless, wordless and enamoured by the beauty before him.

"Merlin Hermione…You look…you look"

Harry clapped his friend on the shoulder before finishing his stunted sentence.

"You look beautiful Hermione."

It had taken time but Hermione and Ron were friends again, reconciled with the years of warmth and friendship that they had shared. Unfortunately the same could not be said for Draco and Ron but Draco was willing to tolerate Ron's presence because he loved Hermione.

Ginny smiled lovingly at her best friend, truly believing that she would be very happy with Draco.

"I'm going to miss you…We all are."

Hermione smiled adoringly at her three best friends.

"None of you are losing me."

About half-an-hour later Hermione stood with her father at the end of the sandy aisle that looked out across the lake. His hand lay protectively over hers as he was about to entrust his daughter's care with another man, the man that stood waiting at the end of the aisle.

Hermione could just see Caelum's golden head resting happily on her mother's shoulder. Quiet music began to play as if from nowhere and Hermione clutched her father's hand more tightly than ever.

The white silk swept along the sand gracefully as Hermione was lead past all of the dearest people in her life. Draco's broad shoulders remained unfaltering until Blaise nudged him discretely. He turned around and almost forgot to breathe when he saw Hermione being guided towards him. Blaise smiled knowingly at his best friend also knowing that every man in the room was probably thinking the same thing, except to everyone but Draco…she was untouchable.


A happy Caelum sang musically to his mother as he pressed his ear to her stomach.


Hermione smiled lovingly down at her 5-year-old son as she rested in her husband's arms.

"I can't here her."

Draco's large hand ruffled his son's hair affectionately before replying,

'That's because she's sleeping Cae."

Hermione moulded her hands to the curve of her stomach as Draco tilted her chin to kiss her tenderly.

"What's her name?"

He mused confusedly, not fully understanding how his mother was carrying another child inside of her.

"We'll have to wait and see."

His mother said caringly.

Draco was extremely careful with Hermione, considering how difficult her first labour had been. He didn't think he could go through that again and when they had first found out she was pregnant Draco was pleased but at the same time petrified.

He ran his fingers through her chocolate curls, as she watched the little boy scatter his toys across the floor.

"Don't go scaring me like you did last time."

He said deeply with an ever present air of concern as he placed a hand over hers, which lay on her stomach. Her head lay in the crook of her husband's neck as she smiled warmly at his protectiveness.

"Don't worry…I won't."

She whispered reassuringly before leaning into Draco's kiss.

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