A/N: Chapter 6 picks up right where Chapter 5 left off. I don't really like this chapter, because it was hard/awkward to write, but it was a necessary evil.

6. Calliope

"Nous espérions que vous pourriez nous dire." ["We were hoping that you could tell us."] Dominique remarks. Her apparent fluency in French doesn't even faze me at this moment. I am still in shock. I have a twin. I have a sister. Maman has been lying to me all of these years. I'm just sitting here, staring at Calypso, not eating anything. She's doing the same, except staring at me.

We stay like that for at least twenty minutes. I vaguely register Dominique waving her hand in front of my face. I do know that, after failing to wake us from our trance, Dominique sighed and began packing food into a picnic basket. Eventually, the feast is over, and students are heading to their common rooms. It is at this time that I rejoin the world.

"Come on," Dominique orders as she stands. I follow her to the grand doors, where we are met by Roxanne and Calypso.

"Are you two okay to get to the common room?" Roxanne asks Calypso and I, concern in her voice. We both nod. "Well, Nikki and I will leave you two to talk. We'll see you in the dorm later." With that, they speed-walk away. Only when they are out of sight do we begin our own trek, though at a slower pace.

"What are your parents' names?" I ask. I have to make sure that we're actually sisters - twins - and that one of us isn't just the other's doppleganger.

"I actually have my dad and a stepmother. My dad's always said that my mom ran -" Calypso explains, but I interrupt her.

"...ran-out on you two when you were just a few days old?" I guess. She looks at me with wide eyes, so I continue. "My mom says the same things, but about my dad."

After checking that we have the same birthday (we do, and I'm actually three minutes older), we tell each other about our lives up to this point. I tell her about moving around every year, my time at Beauxbatons, and being forced to leave it behind. She tells me about her previous years at Hogwarts, as well as her family (her - our - loving father Raoul, the evil stepmother Daphne, player stepbrother Sebastian, 'raging bitch' stepsister Milena, and adorable half-sister Tatiana). We both have more to say when we reach what Calypso informs me is the entrance to our common room, but we decide to stop for the night.

Calypso knocks on the door and a voice asks, "If the Knight Bus loses its tires, how many waffles does it take to shingle a house?"

"Indeterminable for two reasons. One, the two parts of the question are unrelated, so there is nothing to help figure out the answer. Also, it is impractical to shingle a house with waffles, so there is no need for an amount," Calypso replies after a minute of silence.

"A wise answer," the voice declares, and the door opens. As we walk inside, Calypso explains. "Unlike the other houses, which use a password, we have to answer a riddle to gain entrance to the common room. For the first week or so, the questions, such as the one we just encountered, are fairly odd."

She points to one of two stairwells. "The boys' dorms are over there," she says as she leads me to the other. "The girls' dorms are up here. Never try to bring a boy up here, because the stairs just turn into a slide." I nod, not sure what to say.

We walk up the stairs, past five landings, eventually stopping at the sixth. "This is our room. Since they had to squeeze in a sixth bed, it will probably be a bit cramped," she cautions before opening the door. I follow her inside, thinking that this doesn't seem cramped at all. The room is circular, with three four-poster beds on each half. Directly across from the entry door is another door. I'm hoping that it's the bathroom.

"I think the professors used an Undetectable Extension Charm," Dominique says as she walks out of the opposing door, casting a drying charm on her sopping-wet hair. Yes, it's the bathroom. She catches sight of Calypso and I. "Are you guys okay?" She smiling hopefully, so I smile back at her.

"Yes, we think that we've figured it all out," I report.

"But we're planning on asking Professor McGonagall to set up a meeting with our parents," Calypso adds.

"It's bedtime!" Roxanne cheers, coming into the room with Kimberly and Felicity behind her. Totally ignoring the fact that Dominique, Calypso and I were talking, Roxanne wraps an arm around my shoulders and drags me to one of the middle beds.

"Calli, you're between me and Dominique!" she boasts, gesturing at my trunk at the end of the bed. I giggle at her enthusiasm, but object to her nickname for me. "You can call me Poppy." Before we go to sleep, I am officially introduced to Kim and Felicity, and then Calypso and I have a quick dinner. After the lights are turned off, and I am snuggling into my new bed, I think that maybe Hogwarts won't be so bad, after all.

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