Chapter two. Again, hope they're not OOC. Thanks to the three people who reviewed, you time means a lot to me :)

The police station bustled with activity, officers and detectives hurried around the room, each searching for a clue to their particular case. The room smelt of stale coffee and stress, gathering in the corners and giving the station a disquiet feeling. Not that Megan noticed, or cared.

"Alenothate is a fast acting poison," she told Bud and Sam, "It has to be ingested or injected for it to take effect, it diffuses through the stomach lining into the bloodstream and neutralises the haemoglobin in blood, effectively cutting off oxygen supply to the brain, and the rest of the body."

"It can take anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes to die," Peter elaborated, "This murder was done in cold blood, Alenothate poisoning isn't a pleasant way to die."

"Is any way pleasant," Bud retorted, "Alright, we have Missing Persons Unit looking for Jamie Smith, so far they've come up with only one suspect, a Thomas Lener, who studied with the victim at university. We have witnesses who reported him picking up the kid from day-care."

"Why haven't they brought him in?" Megan demanded.

"We can't find him," Sam's eyes narrowed in irritation, "He's gone off the radar, no credit cards used, his phone is switched off, and he hasn't logged on to the internet since this morning, when the victim died."

"Damn," Peter swore, "Where's his current address?"

"We're waiting on a warrant now," Bud smirked, "Should come through any minute."

As if on cue, the detective's phone chirped with a message.

"We're good to go," Sam stood and moved off to the car park, "Well, are you coming?"

Thomas Lener's apartment was your stereotypical bachelor's sleeping space. Discarded pizza boxes littered the floors or all rooms, accompanied by empty beer cans and crisps. Cheap furniture filled most rooms, with an exception for the king sized bed and the large plasma tv.

"Clearly if Claire and Tom were dating, they were doing it at her place," Megan announced dryly.

"Uh huh," Peter gingerly moved a basket of used underpants so he could access the bedroom. The door opened with a drawn out squeal from a horror movie, matched by the grisly scene found inside.

"Megan, Bud, Sam," Peter's voice reverberated through the house, "You need to see this."

Blood painted the bedroom red, caked on the wall and lying in pools on the floor. A bloodstained knife lay inches from the mutilated body of Tom Lener. Megan knelt gently beside the body, conscious of the blood surrounding him.

"Body temperature has cooled," she said, "I would guess that he was killed after Claire herself. Cause of death appears to be bleeding out from multiple stab wounds, but I'll know more when I get him back to autopsy."

A soft whimper drew their attention to the closet. Blood spatter seemed relatively minimal compared to the rest of the room, but the two detectives and medical investigator raised their guns so they pointed to the doors, Peter moving to stand in front of Megan.

"Come out with your hands up," Bud ordered. Another whimper escaped the closet. Megan glanced up sharply. She dodged Peter, ignoring his muffled exclamation, and flung open the doors, revealing a small boy cowering underneath some coats.

"Jamie," Megan softened her voice so as not to frighten the child, "My name is Megan, I'm with the police,"

The boy didn't answer, but his shivering lessened, "You're policemen?"

"I'm not, but they are," Megan pointed to Peter and the others, "But I need you to come with me now so we can clean you up,"

"You promise you're not going to hurt me?" the boy whispered.

Megan held out her hand, her littlest finger extended, "I pinkie swear Jamie,"

"Well," he smiled shyly, "If you pinkie swear," the boy entwined his finger with hers and shook firmly, before moving to his feet and clasping Megan's hand.

"Let's get you back to the police station," Megan ruffled Jamie Smith's hair.

"An' my teacher told me that dinosaurs lived billions of years ago!" the boys eyes widened to the size of saucers, his legs swinging wildly from the chair he sat on, "Can you imagine? Billions of years! I'm only six years old!"

"Imagine that," Megan murmured glancing around for Peter. He'd left her in an interrogation room with Jamie until Dana Smith could come and pick him up. She wished he would hurry up, it was only a matter of time until –.

"Can I see my Mommy now?" Jamie suddenly asked. Megan froze, eyes filling with sadness.

"Do you know what happens when people die?" she asked Jamie slowly.

"They go to Heaven," Jamie answered, "Daddy's in Heaven. Mommy says that they can't come back, but they're always watching you."

"Jamie," Megan hesitated, "I need to tell you something. Mommy's in Heaven too."

"No she's not," Jamie protested, "I saw her yesterday night."

"She's in Heaven now," Megan watched the boy's eyes fill with tears, her own heart aching with his pain. Jamie threw himself at her, sobbing into Megan's shoulder, his whole framing shaking with his grief.

"Why did she have to go?" Jamie wailed, "I don't want her to go."

Peter entered the room with a relieved Dana. Jamie removed himself from Megan and clung to his grandmother.

"She's gone Grandma," he cried, "Miss Hunt told me."

"What did you tell him his mother was dead?" Dana hissed.

"He asked me where she was," Megan met the other woman's eyes, "I wasn't going to lie to him."

Dana sighed, "I understand Dr Hunt," her shoulders sagged under the weight of the world, "If there's nothing else, I'd like to take my grandson home?"

"Of course Mrs Smith," Peter opened the door for her, eyes meeting with Megan's as he followed the mourning family out.

Sitting back in her office chair, Megan sighed, rubbing her face with her fists. Leaning back, she groaned as her spine snapped back into place.

"It's been a long day huh?"

Megan jumped, "Peter, you startled me,"

"Sorry," he apologised with a small smile, "What were you thinking about?"

"Claire," she replied, "Why was she in a hotel room? And why would she leave her son with a man she knew only from class?"

"Maybe she was desperate?" Peter suggested, "Or she knew someone was after her? What did you find from Tom Lener's body?"

"Just as I anticipated at the scene," Megan shrugged, "He died at approximately 5am to 6am this morning, about four hours after Claire Smith was murdered. Cause of death was multiple stab wounds, six to be exact. One severed the aorta, which carries blood from–."

"The left ventricle to the rest of the body," Peter finished, "He would have bled out in minutes."

"I think that Claire's murder was planned," Megan told him, "The murderer spent weeks perfecting his plan so that it was fool proof. Tom's murder was hasty, and done out of panic, not necessity. He obviously knew something that he shouldn't."

"It's late," Peter grabbed his coat from where he'd lain it across a chair, "We can talk to Tom's friends at the university tomorrow, go home Megan. Get some sleep."

"You too," Megan order, rising to her feet and slinging her handbag over her shoulder, "Goodnight Peter,"

"Night Megan."

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