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Warnings: self-mutilation

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'One more time,' he thought to himself. 'Just once more!'

Kyoya dragged the razor down from the crook of his elbow and smiled as the blood ran down his arm. He sighed in satisfaction as he look upon his work. He could literally feel the anxiety running out with the blood; in its wake he felt relieved and at peace. The expiation of the ritual seemed only to heighten his satisfaction.

There couldn't been a better moment than this.

His pulse was rushing in his ears, the feeling of pain enveloping him in a warm cocoon. He had to feel this again, he needed to be satisfied more. His hand became like a thief in the night, searching for every last drop of anxiety in his body. The razor was the thief's accomplice, tearing up his veins to kill the anxiety.

Together they made a wonderful team, and quickly became the boy's best friends. When life became too stressful, they would save him from anything and everything.

He groaned as a wave of dizziness from all the blood loss hit him, but continued, desperate for more release. Large drops of blood fell to the floor, splashing down onto the floor as though it were rain, a pool spreading further and further.

The damaged veins in his arm pulsed pitifully as the blood flew more heavily than before. His heartbeat thundered in his chest, drowning out all other sounds.

Just one more time!

He lowered his best friends to his arm again, desperately seeking to remove the last drops of anxiety from his body.

The door banged open.

"Kyoya, I-!"

Blue eyes widened in shock.

The razor lolled to the ground.

Words that you may not have known (i didn't.)

Abhor- find repugnant

Expiation- the act of of atoning for sin or wrongdoing (especially appeasing a deity