Title: Fix You (8/8)
Pairing: Callie/Arizona
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Tragedy strikes Arizona while in Africa, forcing her to come home.

And when the fixing is done…

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"God, she is such an awesome rock star."

The gallery was packed with bodies, standing room only. There were interns, residents, and doctors alike sitting in the chairs and standing around watching the history making surgery happening in the operating room below. It had taken years of research and advancements in medicine for the surgeon below to get to this point. What started as a sensor to test for asthma by detecting the amount of nitric oxide in one's breath soon became a tiny device that could not only detect the start of an asthma attack, but then administer a dosage of medication to stop that attack. The amazing device took years to perfect and was being implanted in its first patient. It was smaller a thumbnail and had virtually no side-effects. The surgeon who invented the amazing device and who was currently implanting it was on the fast track for a Harper Avery award, should it work as intended.

And everyone knew it would.

As the last stitches were made, the surgeon looked up into the gallery, which had erupted into a standing ovation, but she didn't even notice it. Her blue eyes locked with the brown eyes of her beautiful wife. "Seriously, my wife is awesome."

"A rock star, right?" Mark said while laughing.

"I think Callie says awesome more than Arizona does lately," Teddy snickered a bit and gave her best friend a thumbs up.

"I still can't believe she had Bailey scrub in instead of me." Cristina was pouting while looking down into the gallery. "I mean, why didn't she choose you, Teddy, everything was done right near the lung."

"She had Bailey scrub in because they are working on an adult version, but most heavy asthma cases start in childhood so they've been running into some interesting problems. And the fact the patient has to be monitored so closely, I think Arizona just wanted someone she could trust, but not her best friend. I understand her reasoning." Teddy shrugged slightly, though at first, she was a bit upset and jealous that Arizona hadn't asked her.

"Don't be so jealous, Cristina." Callie glanced at her and then back to the OR floor, where she watched Arizona in her element, finishing stitches and barking orders. Bailey looked up at Callie and winked. This kid had a new lease on life for Thanksgiving this year. The operation was given a green light at the last minute and Arizona wasn't the type of doctor to wait until the holiday's passed by to change this little boy's life. Callie couldn't remember being more proud.

An hour later Callie met up with Arizona in the attendings locker room, "God, Arizona that was amazing!" She wrapped her arms immediately around Arizona's waist and spun her around. Arizona was giggling and wrapped her arms around Callie's neck. They kissed one another deeply. "I'm so proud of you, Arizona. You're going to change so many lives for the better."

Arizona blushed and gently caressed Callie's cheek, "Much like you did a few years ago. And you're still changing lives for the better."

"We may very well be the first couple in the history of the Harper Avery award to both win." Callie winked and Arizona lowered her head slightly. "Hey, what is it?"

"It's not about the award, Callie. It never has been for either of us, but thank you. We're just awesome doctors." She grinned and grabbed Callie's hand within her own and squeezed her hand slightly. It was odd for her to realize that just eight years ago she wouldn't have been able to touch Callie, let alone operate and save lives in the way she wanted too. "I'm glad it's done; now we wait and see. I have residents monitoring for me, you should have seen how many were flailing to be put on the case." Arizona giggled and leaned into Callie, "But we're free to go home now and relieve our parents. I'm sure the kids have been driving them crazy."

"Oh, we should take our time! I got out of cooking this year because of your awesome little surgery. Your mother and my mother in the kitchen cooking together, however, I'm wishing we could have videotaped, because I can just see the sparks flying. It's a good thing we got the double sink, huh?" Callie wrapped her arm around Arizona's shoulder. "How did the interview go anyway?"

"Oh, that was fine, Calliope, I don't want to think about the surgery anymore. I want to relax and have an awesome Thanksgiving with our family. I hope Belle isn't driving them all crazy, she just never stops asking questions." Arizona grinned while thinking about their youngest daughter. Isabella had just turned three last month and although Arizona was not amused with giving birth on Halloween, having a birthday/Halloween party kind of made it up to her. Watching her three kids dressed up and celebrating a fun holiday, as well as Belle's birthday really made her happy.

"I told Gramps and Abuelo to sit her with Timmy if she got to overwhelming. You know how he loves trying to answer all her questions." They both laughed when they remembered the various car trips where Timmy and Belle just rambled toward one another. Sofia would just read and ignore their antics.

Callie opened the passenger side of the door to the car and waited for Arizona to get in before shutting the door. Arizona just giggled and shook her head. Even after all these years, they both still acted like teenagers wooing each other. Callie jumped in the driver's side and shut the door, but she didn't start the car immediately. She placed her hands at ten and two and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth, chewing at it nervously.

"Calliope, what is it?" Arizona tilted her head and leaned forward to get Callie's attention.

Callie's eyes locked with Arizona's and she smiled brightly. She spun around in her seat and pulled Arizona's hands into her own. She held them and let her fingers trace the faded scars on Arizona's hands. It had become a habit for her, massaging Arizona's hands and caressing the scars when Arizona was unable to use them the way she wanted and when they were in so much pain from being overworked and retaught how to do the simplest things. She leaned in and kissed Arizona firmly, letting her lips linger over Arizona's after the kiss ended. "I was going to wait to tell you and our parents over dinner, but I'm just too excited."

Arizona tilted her head and leaned back a bit so she could look better into Callie's face. She was confused, but then Callie smiled at her. That breathtakingly gorgeous smile that she could never get enough of made her heart skip a beat. Her mouth dropped and she gasped softly. Callie nodded and took a moment to collect herself before she smiled at Arizona. She stared at her for what felt like hours to Arizona, but it only a few minutes. Arizona was starting to get concerned and she squeezed Callie's hands lightly, prompting her to talk. The smile never left Callie's face, but she leaned closer and whispered, "I'm pregnant."

Arizona's face was straight for a moment as the words sunk in and then it was like fireworks went off. She smiled so widely and grabbed Callie's face by her cheeks and pulled her in a kiss; a deep, passionate kiss that just reaffirmed how happy they both are in their lives and with their family. Arizona's hands caressed Callie's cheeks over and over and she continued pressing kisses against Callie's lips. Her heart was soaring with the news. "Calliope, I'm so happy. You're amazing."

"Hey, you're the one that knocked me up… again." Callie grinned and winked at Arizona and they both laughed.

"You knocked me up once, I think that was enough. Thank you for having this one." Arizona whispered as she reached out and lightly smoothed her hand over Callie's stomach. Callie put her hand over Arizona's and intertwined their fingers.

"Well, I carried Sofia and Timmy. Timmy was kind of interesting, because it was your egg. It was completely different from the pregnancy with Sofia, so I wonder if this one will be more like Sofia, since we decided to have another mini-me." Callie was still grinning and used her free hand to start the car.

"Well, it's only right, Calliope, we have two mini-me's, now we're going to have two mini-you's. I feel like our family is going to be complete now. Oh!" Arizona giggled and pulled her hand back and clapped. Callie laughed at her enthusiasm. "Belle is going to be so excited, she gets to be a big sister!"

Callie laughed and nodded as she pulled out of the parking lot and started heading to their home. "Yeah, she's been asking for a little brother or sister since she could talk."

"We're living the dream, Callie… Living the dream." Arizona reached out and took hold of Callie's free hand as she drove them home. Arizona closed her eyes and said a quick thank you to her brother. She's not sure she would have been brave enough to make the right choices without his help and guidance.

Twenty minutes later Callie pulled into the driveway of their modest Victorian home and turned to Arizona. She grinned as she watched Arizona reach out and caress her belly again with her right hand and gently caressed her cheek with her left. "I love you."

Callie laughed and pressed a soft kiss to Arizona's lips. "I love you too. You ready for this?"

Arizona laughed and nodded. "We should really relieve our parents." Arizona then made her move, sliding herself closer to Callie, then moving her leg over Callie's, effectively straddling her while pressing her lips to Callie's again. Both of her hands slid down Callie's sides and pulled at the hem of her shirt, lifting it slightly so her hands could slide against Callie's stomach. "We really should… but I don't want to let you go just yet." Arizona let out a throaty laugh and Callie shuddered at how delicious it sounded. She didn't even have a chance to respond, Arizona just kissed her again and continued to stroke the skin over Callie's stomach with a firm touch. "We're gonna have another baby, Calliope."

"And I'm pretty sure this will be the last. I think I'm getting to old for this." Callie laughed as Arizona pinched her side. "Hey!"

"I'm older than you!"

"Only be a few months," Callie grinned cheekily.

Arizona gave Callie a look of mock offense and then just giggled helplessly. She stroked Callie's stomach one more time, then moved her hands to Callie's cheeks and caressed them while pulling her into a kiss. They both jumped as they heard a loud bang from the driver's side door.

"Gramps wanna know if yous gonna stay in the car and make out all night or come ina side for dinner?" They both looked out of the window and saw the lop-sided grin of Timmy, his blue eyes shining in mirth. Arizona looked over her shoulder at the door where her father stood with a grin, their seven year old daughter Sofia laughing at his side.

Arizona looked down to Callie and grinned slightly, "So what do you think? Should we go inside or make out some more?"

Callie laughed and pulled Arizona in for another kiss. They both giggled when they heard Timmy say "Ewww" and then run back to his grandfather and say, "I think they are gonna make out, Gramps." And then they heard the Colonels boisterous laughter. "Let's go troops, your moms will be coming inside in a minute." And he gave a knowing glance toward them both, which Arizona didn't miss and she suddenly blushed bright red.

"Wow, your dad still gets to you." Callie laughed and Arizona just slapped her shoulder.

"Give me a break, he can kill people with two fingers, you don't want to get on his bad side." Arizona kissed Callie's lips again before carefully sliding back into the passenger seat. She got her things together and stepped out of the car, Callie following suit. As they passed by the car they took one another's hands and walked into their house together.

They were greeted with chaos upon shutting the door. Timmy was running around the kitchen table with Sofia chasing after her. Lucia and Barbara were busy in the kitchen, laughing, talking and cooking. Callie's heart swelled at the scene, since it took Lucia over a year to warm up to her family, but she was so happy that things finally ended up working out. She had a feeling that Arizona had something to do with it, much like she was convinced Arizona had something to do with her father coming around to her sexuality as well. She wasn't about to complain and if she needed to know about it, she was sure Arizona would tell her. Carlos was sitting across from Daniel at their table, his arms full of a little blonde haired blue eyed girl who was quietly napping with her head against his shoulder. He was talking about one of the football games they watched earlier in the day and Daniel was animatedly waving his arms talking about a last minute touchdown. This was her family. She looked at Arizona and watched as her blue eyes surveyed the scene and then met her own eyes. They smiled at each other, in awe of the love and comfort they've created in this home.

"How'd the surgery go?" Barbara asked.

"You both are finally inside. Tell us how it went!" Lucia laughed and shook her head as she checked on whatever was in the oven.

Callie laughed and pulled Arizona into her arms. "You guys would have been so proud, she rocked it in the OR and I have a really good feeling about the Harper Avery winner this year."

"Oh Calliope, stop it." Arizona laughed and slipped out of her arms and grabbed Timmy as he ran by and picked him up. "It went perfectly. A new lease on life hopefully for a young boy who would have had trouble breathing, now hopefully, he'll be able to run and play sports and be normal." She pressed her lips onto Timmy's cheek and blew a raspberry, which made him giggle and wiggle out of her arms.

"Ewww, Mom, that was wet!" Everyone erupted into laughter.

Timmy rubbed his shoulder against his cheek and he hopped into a chair next to his Abuelo. The chair hiked up onto its side for a moment before dropping against the floor with a bang. The noise startled Belle who jumped on Carlos' lap and he grimaced in pain. Callie and both mothers snickered at the sight and Arizona hid her face, but the Colonel laughed and shook his head. "Mama! Mommy!" The little girl cried, not even realizing she had hurt her Abuelo, who was still grimacing. She scrambled out of his embrace and ran to Callie who scooped her up and kissed her cheek.

"Hi my baby girl." Arizona leaned over and pressed a kiss to her cheek as well. "Sofie, where's my kiss?" Sofia made her way to Arizona and kissed her cheek and then repeated the motion with Callie and also kissed Belle.

"Arizona, would you mind setting the table?" Barbara asked and Arizona rolled her eyes. The scene reminded her of every Thanksgiving of her childhood, only her brother wasn't here for her to pass the buck too.

"Alright, Mom." She headed into the kitchen and grabbed the place settings they decided to use the other day and walked it over to the table.

"Mommy, why put plate there?" She pointed at the places Arizona was putting the plates.

"It's so everyone has a plate to eat dinner on, baby girl."

"Why put napkin on plate?"

"So everyone has a napkin while they're eating."

"Can Munchy sit at the table with us?"

"No, Munchy is going to have his own Thanksgiving with his stuffed animal friends and family in your room."

"Can I go to that Thanksgiving?"

"No, baby girl, you get to eat with your family, Munchy gets to eat with his family."

"Is Timmy sitting in a baby chair or a real chair?"

"We have a booster seat for Timmy this year. Abuelo said he's going to help Timothy eat like a grown up this year. You should be proud of him."

"Me proud, Mommy! Can I sit in a booster seat?"

"No, baby girl, you're still a little bit too small for that, but you get to choose which adult you want to have feed you tonight out of all of us, except Abuelo. That's a big decision, baby girl!"

"Oh, I choose Mama!" She wrapped her chubby arms around Callie's neck.

Arizona pouted and continued sitting the table.

"Don't be sad, Mommy, you can do it next year."

"Yay!" Arizona giggled and shook her butt playfully. "I can't wait, baby girl."

Callie chuckled and whispered something into Belle's ear, which made Arizona raise a brow toward them both.

"Me have wine, Mommy?" Belle asked innocently, obviously those words were put into her mouth by Callie.

"No, baby girl, but I can give you a little grape juice if you want." She narrowed her eyes at Callie, who just laughed along with the other adults in the room.

"Grawpe jooooce? The purple drink makes my lips go," and she puckered her lips like a fish. Suddenly, there was a flash and the Colonel captured the image on his camera, which was at the ready, afterall, he is still a good marine.

"She reminds me of you so much, Arizona." He said as he reached out for Belle. Callie gladly gave him the girl and she giggled.

Barbara laughed and nodded, "She is so precocious, just like you were Arizona."

"Isn't that just a nice way of saying annoying?" Arizona frowned and all the adults laughed again.

"Aria always said Calliope was annoying." Carlos added and more laughter sounded.

The table was set quickly after that and the food was brought out in a grand manner. The table was quickly filled with food, the finale being a huge golden turkey which looked as though it were cook to perfection. Everyone sat and talked and laughed, remembering past events and holidays. The kids happily talked about all the extracurricular activities they were in; Sofia talking about her softball team and dance recital; Timmy cheered about his soccer teams latest win and complained about the piano lessons Arizona was forcing him to take; and Belle told her grandparents how excited she was to start soccer this coming summer and how much she loved playing the piano and guitar. Belle was a musical prodigy and no one had any idea where it came from. They all ate and enjoyed the delicious food. For Arizona, she never felt more at peace than she could remember.

Everyone was sitting after eating the main meal and Barbara suddenly clapped and smiled, "Time for dessert! Let me get these plates cleared."

"No, Mom, I've got it." Arizona said as she jumped up and started collecting plates.

"And I'll put on the coffee. You guys sit with the babies." She winked at Barbara.

"I'm not a baby!" Sofia said sullenly, which just caused giggles to be heard.

Callie and Arizona entered the kitchen and Arizona loaded all the dirty plates into the dishwasher as Callie put the coffee maker to work. She grabbed the apple pie and started slicing it. "I think we should tell them before dessert."

"Tell them what?" Arizona absently asked as she was completely focused on efficiently filling the dishwasher so she could cram the most things into it.

Callie would have laughed, but she was used to Arizona's quirks. "About my condition, A-ri-zon-a." Callie snapped, but it was playful and she added a laugh.

Arizona's head jerked up toward Callie and she raised a brow, "What, now?"

"Yeah, why not? I'm so excited, aren't you?" Callie was suddenly concerned, but the wide smile Arizona gave her put those worries to rest.

"Okay, let's tell them then, but after pie! It looks so good." She giggled and grabbed the plates with one hand and smacked Callie's ass as she walked by.

"Hey!" Callie called as she grabbed the coffee pot and mugs and the pie and headed back to the table. She served the pie to everyone and gave the adults a cup of coffee. She was nervous as everyone ate and her leg started shaking. Arizona chuckled and placed her hand on Callie's knee. She squeezed gently and Callie looked at her with an embarrassed smile. She didn't understand why she felt so nervous, she's done these announcements three times before, even blurting it out over Christmas morning breakfast right as Arizona was about to tell them she was pregnant with Belle. Arizona never let her forget it either.

She was so lost in thought, that she didn't realize Arizona had stood up before she felt her pulling her up. She raised her brow toward her and Arizona winked. "Grandparents and children, we have an announcement…" And Callie thought she was going to stop so she could say it, but she didn't! Arizona just kept going, "…Callie is pregnant!"

"Arizona, I thought I was going to tell them!"

"You told them all the other times!"

"Yeah, why mess with the winning formula?"

"Oh, come on, it was my turn!"

"No, your turn was last time…"

"Which you stole, Callie." Arizona crossed her arms.

"Oh my god, how many times do I have to apologize for that?"

"Well, you don't have to anymore, since I got to tell them all this time." Arizona smirked and watched as Callie tried really hard to come up with a comeback or anything to say, but before she could, they heard the small voice of their youngest daughter.

"What does that mean?" She asks and put her tiny hands against her cheeks.

"That means, Belle, my Belle, that you are going to have a little brother or sister in about nine months." Arizona winked to her baby girl whose face just lit up.

"Weally?" She started clapping and soon, everyone else did as well. Congratulations came from all the grandparents and excitement rang through each person.

The family retired to the family room. Callie sat on the far right of their big fluffy couch and Arizona squeezed right into her side. Callie wrapped her arm around Arizona's shoulder and held her close. They had the television on playing football, which the grandfathers were watching intensely. The grandmothers sat on the other side of the room and chatted while watching the kids. Overall, it was a busy Thanksgiving, but it was perfect for them both. The culmination of their love was filled in this room. Arizona still found it hard to believe she almost gave it up.

Sofia crawled into Arizona's lap and Arizona wrapped her arms around her mini-Calliope. She kissed her on the top of her head and the girl leaned against her mother. Timmy jumped onto the couch next to Arizona and curled into her side. Belle crawled her way into Callie's lap. Callie smiled and couldn't believe how lucky she was. Her beautiful family seemed as though it got stronger with each addition.

"Mommy, what are all these scars on your hands?" Sofia asked as she inspected Arizona's hands, which were wrapped around her.

"Well, honey, they are reminders." Arizona licked her lips for a moment and then turned to Callie and smiled at her. "They are reminders that sometimes bad things can happen to you and you might feel lost and scared, but it's important to remember that all you need is faith in the people you love to save you."

"Like you have faith in Mama?" Timmy asked.

Arizona smiled widely while watching Callie. She nodded and then turned back to her kids. "Exactly. Thanks to your mom and the faith we have in each other, I was able to see all my dreams come true."

"My dreams came true too," Callie added and leaned in to kiss Arizona gently.

"And we'll always be here for you guys. You just have faith in us and we'll help make your dreams come true too."

The kids were probably a bit too small to truly understand the enormity of the advice they had just been given, but it would be words they would never forget.