It all started with Japan talking to America about a manga.

"DUDE! You based it on us?"

"Hai," The island nation reached for his bag and drew out two books, "They are already very popular; the fangirls seem …scary sometimes."

America furrowed his brow. "Like, how?"

"Well…there is these two websites called 'DeviantART' and 'FanFiction' that people like to go on…they already have multiple clubs and groups about us."

"COOL! Can I see?"

Japan handed over his laptop, with both pages already opened to said websites (and with his personal accounts open). America grabbed it and automatically searched "Hetalia America".

"Hehehe…these pics are really sweet! They're hell-a funny too!" He said, laughing over one picture of him drawing on England's face. Then, he searched "Hetalia America and England". This brought up a question he found in one of the uploader's comments.

"Yo, Japan. What's USUK?"

The Asian blushed deeply and pretended he didn't hear. That just led to America searching "Hetalia USUK" on DeviantART.

"Wait…are all these of me an- OH, GOD! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS MADNESS?"


This just made all the other nations in the room come over to see what the commotion was about. Sadly, England was the one who saw first.

"…" *THUD*

"Oh hon hon~ Why did Angleterre faint?" France stepped over the unconscious England, and over America, who had fallen to the ground in the fetal position, and to the computer. He smiled in that pervy way of his. "OHHOHO! Why did no one tell me of zis~? Angleterre fainted out of happiness! Eet iz true!"

Japan flushed even more and muttered "They haven't even found about RoChu, FrUK, and GerIta…"

This is why Japan is on the top ten feared nations list.

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