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It was during the annual meeting in Switzerland, the one place where the world would rather not blow sky high. Austria was about to give a presentation he had gotten from Hungary about the economy. Everyone was half asleep, except for Hungary, who was running the presentation as her partner did the talking, Japan, who was diligently taking notes, and Lichtenstein, who was acting very uncharacteristic.

"Alright, your turn, Austria," Germany called across the table, as he had become the leader of every meeting ever since the end of World War 2.

"Thank you, Germany." The Austrian stood up and walked to the front of the room, "This is a presentation about a new solution to the economical problems that the world has been facing."

Hungary started the slide show, but the title slide read something that no one in the room expected except for her. "The reasons why AusSwiss and Spamano are both great ships that should happen."

Switzerland, who was sitting next to Lichtenstein, spit out his coffee. "WHAT?!" he screamed, eyes wide and trigger finger twitching and reaching for where he knew his pistol was.

"But, bruder, you two would be cute together!" The Swiss man turned to his little sister with a disgusted look, before snapping his head towards the Austrian. "YOU DID THIS, YOU CHEAP BASTARD, I KNOW YOU DID."

The other man, however, was too stunned to notice. He just stood behind the podium, his mouth hanging open. The other two nations who were mentioned were not present, because Romano was over at Spain's house harvesting tomatoes. But everyone knew that Spain was actually flirting with with the Italian without knowing and that the Italian was ignoring all of the Spanish man's accidental advances.

"I swear Austria I will shoot you!" Switzerland pointed his pistol at the Austrian's head, his hands shaking out of anger and repulsion.

The younger nation grabber her brother's arms and slowly dragged him out of the meting room, kicking and screaming for the other's blood. "Sorry! Meet you for the Germano meeting tomorrow, Hungary!" she cried as the doors closed behind them.

There was a moment of silence, and then Hungary pouted "But, they didn't see any of the reasons!"

The meeting ended when Austria and a few other nations ran out of the room to vomit after seeing so many lewd pictures of their four friends. Hungary didn't regret anything and Japan recorded the entire ordeal.

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