"Ianto ,Ianto, IANTO!" Jack bellowed down Ianto's ear. Ianto, shocked by jacks abnormally loud voice fell out of his soft, warm bed onto the cold, hard floor. This had woke him up well but the bit that really woke him up was the sudden sensation of several tongues licking him. At first he had thought it was jack but then he realise there was at least four. He slowly opened his eyes, dreading seeing what Jack had done this time.

Instead of there being some thing disastrous or dangerous in front of him there were four dogs. Ianto had to admit, they were cute. They looked to be pugs or British bull dogs. Ianto had never been good at telling the race of dogs.

"Jack, why do we have four puppies in our bedroom?" Ianto asked, pulling himself back onto the warm bed and looking to Jack for answers.

"Well, some old guy had them in a card board box marked 'puppies, free to good home'." Jack said. Ianto still didn't understand why the puppies where there. He glanced at the clock. Why had Jack been out at half six in the morning?

"They are here because?"

"We are a good home, and look how cute they are!" Great, Jack was cooing over them as if they were children. Now he was going to be attached and it would be a night mare trying to get rid of them.

_Two hours later_-

Jack and Ianto walked into the hub. Everyone else was already sitting at their desks.

Jack had the puppies in a large card board box with a pillow and a blanket, to make sure they 'didnt get cold.' Jack was acting like a mum to them.

As soon as Gwen noticed them she stood up to coo over them.

"What are they called?"She asked, trying to stroke them but failing as they all ran away from her out stretched hand.

Jack thought for a moment.

"That one is called Gwen." He declared, pointing to one of the ones that was obviously a boy.

"That one is called Elizabeth." He pointed to the next boy.

As he named Each puppy her face dropped a little more.

"That one is cooper." He pointed to another boy.

"This one is called gappy." He said, pointing to the girl while staring pointedly at the gap between Gwen's front teeth.

The whole team burst into stomach busting laughter while Gwen stormed out of the hub.