Shadow Rider Prolouge

I stopped my bike outside of the dull building that used to be so lively until it closed down. The paint was chipping off of the sides of the outer wall as if someone had ran a shovel's head against those reds and blacks. The lock on the door just had to be stronger than my Colt Double-Eagle forty-five. My one chance to get back the place I lived in for about three months was gone now. The front window was black as the night, soaked in raindrops only lighting up when a bolt of lightning split the sky. In it was a sign that read 'For sale or lease' then some one-eight hundred number and the price. I looked up at the sign with still stood along the corner of the lot. It read in red and black letters 'Black Arms Antique and Pawn'.

I sighed looking up as red and blue lights painted across the formerly dark window, for nearly a year, they'd been after me. The IRS was looking to put me behind bars all because I couldn't pay for my shop. They only had one thing left to take; my bike.

I revved the bike's engine turning on the lights and sped off down the highway with at least ten police cruisers after me. I swerved around a corner and into an alley heading straight to a dead end, I lifted my hand, and after flipping off the cars behind me muttered two words. In an instant I was back on the Interstate.

"Chaos Control," were those two words, and it was what made me a force to be reckoned with. I rode on until I had to absolutely had to stop. I had no communications to speak of, no cell phone, no Facebook, not even an email account. My communications were through chains of people I'd met all around the country. In just about every state I had at least five people that knew me, and as a result, knew each other. It was primitive but hell…it worked. I pulled off the nearest gas station, I had a friend who had everyone he worked with in one me. As I pulled in I parked and started pumping gas into the tank. Once I was done I headed into the store to left the manager know it was only me.

I would never do this in broad daylight but today was an exception I guess. My friend Jason ran this specific station, an alternative to having to serve like I did for ten years. I only served half of my required time because of the incident, and was dishonorable discharged, so no retirement and then a few boneheaded decisions cost me my shop and shortly after the incident that discharged me cost me her…as a result I've been riding nonstop trying to pull myself together. The others involved tried their best to help while being discreet about everything, and by Chaos they were good at it. This is what happened as I went through the GUN Intel Insurrection, my life as the famed Shadow Rider.