Artie had been far from being able to explain the strange dreams he was having, but the last thing he would have expected was for them to lead back to a child he had left behind twelve years before.

This child had grown up, staring at him with dark eyes and speaking easily, as if kidnapping a federal agent was something she did every day.

Although with the madness that laced her hate-filled words it may have been.

He still finds it hard to believe the quiet, intelligent kid he had left sobbing over the loss of her brother, could come back for vengeance and blame him. He still doesn't think she would or could hurt him. And he's wrong, and that scares him much more than the electricity that brings him to his knees. Claudia Donovan (a clue he leaves for the agents that will investigate his disappearance) plans to make him pay, and with her forceful shoves and hate-filled eyes and senseless words, he has no idea how.


It's not like she woke up that moment and decided to kidnap a federal agent.

And yet here she was, finally face-to-face with the man she had been hunting for months. He thinks she is crazy. She can't blame him, she did sound totally insane.

But he's almost mocking her, and so it feels so good when she presses the tiny button and electricity rips through him bringing him to his knees. She might actually be insane, but as she shoves him out the door and every step is closer to getting Joshua back, she can't bring herself to care.


They arrive at Joshua's old lab and now he keeps trying to talk her down, still not believing she could actually hurt him (although he isn't eager for another shock).

However, he does think she's crazy, and this makes her mad. She insists Joshua is alive, and that he'll see. He just pities her, and this makes her mad. Just mad. She isn't psychotic or he would have been delivered another shock, or perhaps been threatened with a gun he doesn't think she has. He still doesn't believe her and takes his chance.

But when she begins to gasp and red light that so screamed artifact came he was proved so wrong.


He doesn't believe her, and with all the experience he has with madcap he should, she thinks. What makes her angry the most was that he still wasn't taking her seriously. And soon she begins to doubt her plan, how would he help if he still didn't believe her and was treating her like she was a petulant child who was making such a mistake?

He thinks she's going to hurt him and she won't, although if he gives her anymore snark she might.

But then the familiar pull began and stole the breath from her lungs leaving her with just enough to herald what will prove him so wrong.

And even after the pain of Joshua's visits she still can't help but say with a smirk

"Told you."

A/N This ends a bit awkwardly cuz my muse ran out and then I had to give the borrowed WH13 DVD's back. So enjoy this tiny piece of angst. *curtsies*