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A New Heart

Chapter 1: A New Start

Carlisle's POV:

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

It seems like all I've been doing lately, sitting in my office watching the clock, wondering when things were going to get better. I suppose you could say it all started on September 13, 2006.

Bella's birthday.

I winched slightly at the thought of her name. It isn't really anything new though. The whole family can hardly stand to mention her, we all just miss her so much, unless we yell about it during a fight of course, which there seems to be more and more of these days. As much as it pains me to say, I don't believe we're even a family anymore. There are definitely segregated groups.

Everyone spends time doing their own things. Emmett and Rosalie left the family three years ago, and are now taking an extended honeymoon around the world. Alice spends all of her time at the mall, and when she isn't there she's with Esme or Edward. Edward spends all of his time moping in his room, or playing depressing songs on the piano. Esme spends her days in her office working on blueprints of something she doesn't want to show me. As for me, I spend all of my time at work, or taking extended hunting trips with Jasper.

Jasper…well, I believe Jasper is the worst out of all of us.

He hasn't spoken a word in nearly four years. After we left Bella he was just never the same, and he and Alice got into a huge fight about a month after we moved away from Forks to a secluded area in Maine. During that fight Alice told him that it was completely his fault that we had to move away and leave Bella, that he had absolutely no right to talk, that he had not earned the privilege to speak, so he should just 'shut up'. He looked the most guilty and pained I had ever seen him after she said that. No one knew that he would take those words so literally, not even Alice, and to this day he hasn't spoken a single word.

He still does some things, but mostly he sits in his room quietly and reads. Neither Alice nor Esme will help him, so I'm the only one that can really try. Nothing has helped so far though, so I do all that I can, just talk to him. I'm thankful to Rose and Emmett though, they call every so often to talk to him and tell him of all the places they've visited so far. Emmett enjoys telling him jokes that start with "Ok, now don't say anything if you…" I'm happy that they at least get Jasper to smile, at least for a moment.

If I was being honest with my self I already knew the thing that that would help him the most, he needed to see Bella, and be reassured that this whole thing wasn't his fault at all. I think I know him well enough to know that he won't listen to anyone but her. That is not only something Jasper needs, but all of us as well. To know that we made the right choice following Edward and leaving her, to know that she has had a good life. Rosalie also misses her, even if she won't admit it to herself.

I looked back to the clock and saw that I needed to get home, today was my last day at this hospital. We've made plans to move to an area in the northwestern region of the United States, but I don't think a change of scenery will magically change all of our problems. I gathered my things and walked out of my office door, luckily there were no nurses in the immediate area.

I try to avoid them at all costs.

I don't see why constantly throwing yourself at someone would make them find you attractive, but apparently they do.

I made my way quickly out to my car, successfully dodging the nurses on the way there. I put my bag in the back seat and got in the drivers side, sighing when I heard the engine purr.

I don't think I could ever get tired of this car.

I quickly sped home and parked the car in the garage. I grabbed my things and made my way into the house, where I found everyone gathered around the dining table. Jasper was the first one to look at me; he smiled slightly and nodded a greeting. I smiled back, still confused, and looked around to see Alice and Esme acting unusually chipper. Edward seemed like his same old depressed self.

"Come sit Carlisle, Esme and I have something to announce to you both." Alice said with a grin that seemed almost sinister.

It seems like they're up to no good…

I took a seat next to Jasper, who was wearing the same cautious expression.

"What would you like to discuss?" I asked politely.

Was this about the move? I didn't think so, when we discussed it a month ago they didn't seem so thrilled with the idea.

They both drew in a deep breath and Esme looked at me while Alice looked at Jasper.

"I want a divorce." They said at the same time.

I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples. I had a feeling this was going to happed sooner or later. None of us have been necessarily getting along lately.

If you could even say that.

The sad thing is that I'm not brokenhearted by this, I truly did love Esme for a very long time, but ever since we moved back to Forks we seem to have been growing apart, I still care for her, but I don't think I've been in love with her for quite a while now.

I was more worried about how Jasper would take this. I really didn't want him to go back to his old ways of hunting humans. I looked to him and he must have read the concern on my face clearly because he nodded solemnly. I held back my sigh, I'm glad this wasn't a complete shock to him, though he most likely felt something odd in their emotions for a while now. I looked back toward Alice and Esme and I could tell there was more that they needed to say.

I cleared my throat before speaking "I suspect there's more you need to say." I said motioning for them to continue. Alice sat up straighter.

"Yes, we are leaving, we want to travel around the world and find our true mates, and we're bringing Edward with us, I think this journey will help him. I have to say I'm sorry though, because we well…" she looked hesitant to finish her statement.

I nodded at her for encouragement and she finally continued "We forged your names on the divorce papers because I already knew you would agree, and I saw that you would want to leave right away, so we have the papers here, the divorces have been finalized and uhmm.. here are your copies." she said as she thrust a couple of papers across the table at us uncomfortably.

"When will you be leaving?" I asked.

"We were actually planning on leaving right after we told you this, we already have all of our things in our cars, you two will just be taking the Mercedes when you leave, so we put your things by the door for it to be as quick and painless as possible, but I do have another thing to tell you, I don't know if it's relevant or not though." Alice finished looking confused.

"What is it?" I asked a little confused myself. "Did you see something?"

She sighed deeply and shook her head "Not really, whenever I look into either of your futures I see the same thing over and over again." she huffed looking frustrated.

That's odd...

"What do you see?" I don't know if I really wanted to hear, but I guess curiosity gets the best of all of us at times.

"Every time I look into your futures I see the exact same vision for both of you. It's of Carlisle sitting in some sort of office with a lot of windows, he seems to be listening to something and he's laughing. Then all of a sudden the door swings open and he turns to look and whoever or whatever he sees is shocking I guess, he looks like a fish out of water, but then everything goes black. I can't see anything else for either of you. I don't know what it means…" Alice finished, huffing in confused annoyance.

That really is strange.

Why would she see me in a vision she was supposed to be having of Jasper? Hmm…

"Well I guess we'll have to find out.." I said as we all stood up "And I wish you all the best of luck." I said to them as they headed for the door.

Esme stopped halfway there and turned to look at me one final time, and I saw nothing in her eyes, just a blank stare. I shouldn't have expected anything less, but it still hurt. You would think after all the years we've had together that she would at least attempt to act sad about our divorce.

"We truly are sorry and we hope someday you will forgive us." Said Esme as she followed the others out and disappeared from my view.

I sat back down and rested my head on the table running a hand roughly through my hair while blowing out a sharp breath. I guess I need to figure out what Jasper wants to do. At first it was quite difficult to figure out what he wanted, kind of like a child, he only points or motions for what he wants or thinks and nods his head yes or no. I guess I didn't need to ask him when he wanted to leave because he was already starting to load all of the suitcases into the car, I guess he felt the same way as I did… wanting to leave this house as soon as possible.

There were just too many painful memories here. I honestly hope that moving to a new town will help us, though I'm not sure how yet, I just have a feeling that everything will be alright.

I still need to make the calls for jobs and paperwork though… so I guess I'll just make those calls on the drive there.

I really wasn't prepared to leave today, I still needed to get our new I.D.'s before I could buy a house to stay at, or get a job, and getting the paperwork finalized for that takes at least a few weeks. I guess it isn't like we have to sleep, so maybe we'll just have to stay in the woods or my car, even though I don't know how Jasper will handle that… I know physically he could, but I really don't want to make him even more depressed than he already is. I just wonder how hard he is actually taking the break up. I know that we were all aware that it had to happen eventually, I just hope that fact helps him heal faster.

Jasper and I packed a few final things and we were out the door. I thought about places to stay until I was driving down the driveway. Jasper was curled up in the back seat, and we had bags overfilling the car. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed the number for J. Jenks's office. It rang three times before a strange man answered the phone.

"Hey what can I do for you? I'm Steve" he said and I could hear paper being shuffled around on the other end.

"Hello, I called to see if I could make an appointment tomorrow with J. Jenks?" I asked trying not to sound rushed. I really needed an appointment quickly. The faster I had the paperwork drawn the faster I could get going on the other things.

"Oh man, I guess you haven't heard the news then, huh?" He sounded concerned.

Oh no, this does not sound good at all.

"Heard what exactly?" I asked calmly.

"He actually passed away a few months ago." He said sounding hesitant.

I groaned loudly, this is exactly what I didn't need.

"But I do have some information on someone you could go to if you want?" I blew out a deep breath as I thought about what I wanted to do. I suppose someone else will have to do.

"Alright, what is it?" I just needed someone reliable, someone that wouldn't ask too many questions.

"Ok, you have to keep this on the down low though, I'm not really supposed to be telling you this, but word on the street is there is this new chick that does the exact same thing as J, only it is actually legal, I think she might even be better than him, It takes a little bit longer but all of your stuff will be done with great quality, do you still want her name?" he said speaking quickly and quietly.

That does sound good, I like the legal part, but I am worried about how much longer it will take. I guess it's my only option at this point though.

"Yes that would be great." I said as I checked my speedometer.

At the speed I was driving it should only take about less than a day to get there. I hope I can get an appointment with her. It would be just my luck if she was booked.

"Alright, well I haven't ever seen her before, but people say she is really young and I quote 'so hot you forget your own name', she works in Montana, in a big glass building named Hal & Heart Inc., just call and ask to be transferred to a Ms. Hearts office, and then make an appointment, it might take a little persuading though, I hear she is a little busy, it's in umm… a town called Anaconda. It's on the corner of Park Avenue and 4th street. The number is 406- 560-2620, got it?" He asked.

I was glad for my vampire memory because I definitely didn't have a pen and paper handy.

"Yes, is there anything else?" I asked after a second.

"Nope that's it man, I would suggest calling early tomorrow morning, you might get in, and just a warning you though, when you do, try not to stare" He said quickly before hanging up.

What would I be staring at?

Oh, right, I guess she was supposed to be pretty. Not that I am too concerned about that at the moment. I wonder how pretty she really is though. It is funny to think about really, beauty. I always thought Esme was my type, but now I realize that I was wrong. I think she just reminded me of the women of my youth, and not so much what I really wanted. Hmm… Maybe I could ask Jasper about that…

"Jasper, do you have a type?" I asked breaking the complete silence in the car.

He seemed confused so I elaborated.

"Do you have a certain type of woman that you are attracted to? Appearance wise that is?" I was honestly curious.

He seemed to contemplate that for a minute and finally nodded while shrugging his shoulders.

"What color hair would she have? Blonde?" he shook his head "Red?" he shook his head again "So she would be a brunette?" he nodded.

Interesting, I am definitely more partial to brunettes as well. I just hope we'll both be able to find our soul mates one day. I wonder if Alice, Esme, and Edward will have any luck. Maybe Esme and Alice, but Edward still thinks Bella is his true soul mate. I don't know why he is so delusional sometimes. He left her and he still thinks they belong together, yet he won't do anything about it. I wonder if Bella still feels the same way.

I sure hope not, it really would be great to know what's happened in her life so far, where she went to college, how Charlie and Renee are, if she has any new hobbies. I wonder if she has changed from the girl we knew in Forks. I wonder what she does for a living, and how her life turned out, if she's seeing anyone… Married even?

There are so many questions that I'll never get to ask, for some reason that saddened me more than I'd like to admit. I thought of all the paths Bella's life could have taken on the rest of the drive to Montana, good and bad alike, along with plenty more questions.

Little did I know I was going to be finding out soon enough...

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