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A New Heart

Chapter 20: Sparks & Realizations

Inside the Volturi Castle's Throne Room:

Aro's POV:

"Tell her no, Heidi. For the hundredth time, we do not, in any way, need the waiting room redecorated and painted fuchsia! Am I making myself clear?" I asked, throwing a stern look her way.

Heidi nodded briskly before making her departure from the room, looking just as exhausted as we all felt.

"My God! If I have to deal with them for another minute I might seriously consider going on that killing spree that I've always had planned." Caius grumbled petulantly from the throne beside me, causing me to chuckle lightly.

"Patience, Brother. Once we figure out the real story, we'll let them be on their way and they won't be bothering us anymore. On top of that, we'll finally be able to return the telephones to their proper rooms." I remarked, gesturing to the pile of cordless phones in the corner of the room.

"Maybe if we told our guest to stop blabbing on the phone for 30 hours at a time, then we'd be able to return them now... Although I do enjoy watching out little Felix function as our personal secretary." Caius laughed as Felix pouted from behind his large pile of phones in the corner.



After we seemingly jinxed poor Felix, one of the many phones began ringing from the center of the pile. Felix reluctantly started digging through the phones, all the while making sure to glare our way.

"'Ello, you've reached AT&T customer service. My name Buhdamman, and I will be assisting you with all your need. How I help you today?" He answered with a horrid sounding Indian accent.

Not a second after he was finished speaking, the dial tone sounded through the phone.

A light chuckle filled the room from the rest of the guard as well as my brothers and myself.

Oh, Felix... What would we do without you?

"Felix, sooner or later you're going to actually have to tell them who they're calling and take messages. Your lines aren't going to work forever, you realize?" I snickered.

He opened his mouth to reply, but was cut off by a phone chiming. This was a distinctly familiar ringtone.

"Is that my cellular phone?" I asked to no one in particular.

Marcus signed at my side before answering. "Brother, we all address them as 'cell phones' now, join the club, please?"

"You know that I no longer believe the phrase 'good things come in small packages'. We all know that my first wife was quite petite, and look how she turned out?" I grumbled before holding my hand out to Felix as I heard murmured agreement around the room.

"I might as well answer the thing if I'm paying for it..." I sighed reluctantly.

The incessant ringing continued until I pressed the green button. "Hello?" I answered, not anticipating the quick response or the voice on the other line.

"It's Carlisle. I need your help." My old friend Carlisle Cullen's quivering voice came through the phone.


"Calm down Carlisle, what is it that I can do for you? I'm surprised to be hearing from you when you're so busy with work..." I respond, confused.

"Busy with work?" Carlisle responded, sounding just as confused as I had previously.

"Well yes, that's what your wife Esme told me when she, Alice, and Edward came for a visit. Is there another reason that you weren't joining them?"

"Well..." He hesitated, "There's actually a lot that you're probably not aware of. But before I explain this, would you mind telling me the reason for their visit?" He asked in a slightly strained voice.

Well, well, well...

My suspicions may be confirmed after all.

After a pregnant pause, I replied. "Oh... How interesting. They've been in the castle all week desperately trying to convince me to send out Demetri to track some human female named Isabella. Why don't you fill me in on the blanks, Old Friend. I'm sure there's many."

Meanwhile, at Bella's Work


I might be going to hell for this... But it's worth it.

My mind went blank as I squirmed in Jasper's lap, kissing him senseless. My surroundings disappeared as I solely focused my attention to his perfect lips coming into contact with mine.

Jasper's lips felt so soft and warm under mine that I was thinking of pinching myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming.

I softly caressed his lips with mine, wanting desperately to kiss him harder, be closer to him, anything.

I just needed more of him.

I pulled back just enough to nip at Jasper's top lip before giving him another deep kiss. The tingling in my lips was one of the most pleasant sensations that I had ever experienced, and combined with his mouthwatering scent, I was almost on cloud nine.

I caressed his broad shoulder as I slowed the kisses, pulling back slightly to look into his eyes.

Jasper was unusually still beneath me, which caused me to pull back from him completely. At that moment, I realized that his stillness was most likely not a good thing.

Jasper sat on his chair beneath me with me threading my hands through his hair without breathing, staring up at me with wide, shock filled eyes.

Shit, Bella!

Way to scare the hell out of the poor guy by mauling him in your office. Good one.

"Oh my God! Jasper! I-I I'm sorry, I can't believe this is happening...God damnit! Why am I doing this?" I rambled, mostly talking to myself at that point.

At the end of my sentence I realized the position that I was in on Jasper's lap and decided to get up, almost completely embarrassed at that point.

Before I could right myself completely, I felt Jasper's hand grasp my upper arm, stopping me in my tracks.

I swung my head around, curious as to what he was about to say or do. As I looked at him, I tried to keep eye contact instead of letting my gaze wander to where it should't be.

Jasper looked up at me with pleading eyes, using his other hand to caress my cheek softly. As his fingers slowly grazed down my throat, the pigment in his eyes darkened noticeably. He now had a very desperate and lusty look about him that I couldn't keep my eyes from.

My throat tightened and felt noticeably dryer as he uttered his next words.

"Please..." Jasper begged, "Again?" he asked, looking unbelievably sexy while being so vulnerable.

Fuck. Me.

I wish I had better self-control...

"Are you sure that you want this?" I asked, still conflicted about the whole situation.

Jasper gave me one last shy smile and a sure nod that sealed the deal. I began to lean into him slowly, barely restraining myself from pouncing on him once again. Just as I was about to touch my lips with his for the second time, I hesitated.

"Jazz, Baby, just...tell me if it ever gets to be too much, okay? You mean so much to me and I don't want to ruin this." I spoke firmly, softly gliding my hands through his silky hair to soothe us both.

As I gazed into his eyes, I finally realized the full extent of how true my statement really was. Seeing someone gaze up at me with so much awe and affection almost made me want to weep.

As I leaned into him, I began to speak, not really knowing what I planned to say. "Jasper...I-"


The intercom beeped loudly, braking my concentration and causing me to jump backwards from Jasper's lap.

I hand't realized that my legs were asleep from all of the straddling that I'd been doing, which caused me to begin my tumble backwards towards the glass desk.

Luckily, Jasper's vampire reflexes made it easy for him to grasp my hips and settle me on the corner of the desk, stopping the last of my fall.

"I'm sorry Bella, but it looks like your last appointment canceled. I'll be right in to collect his file from your desk." Jenny's voice echoed through the room on deaf ears.

I was still winded from my almost fall when I spoke gratefully. "Thanks, Jazz. I don't know what I'd do without you." I smiled, looking up at him through my lashes.

He smiled back at me and bent down to nuzzle my neck in the place that he seems so fond of. Just as I began to notice our extremely close proximity, with him holding me close to him by the hips while I was perched on the edge of the desk, I heard the distinct sound of the door opening.

"Oh! Uhm.. Sorry. I-I...I can get the- guy.. Uh, no. I mean, file. Yeah, I'll get the file later. I'll be leaving now. G-Goodnight!" Jenny stumbled through her words, likely realizing the position that we were in was far beyond professional. She flushed many shades of red as she avoided looking at either of us, dashing from the room more quickly than I'd ever seen.

I sat silently for a minute with Jasper's head still buried in my shoulder before chuckling lightly at the predicament we'd gotten ourselves in.

"Well, there goes our cover." I murmured wryly, causing Jasper's shoulders to shake with silent laughter.

I sighed for what felt like the thousandth time today before scooting off of the desk.

"Owe!" I yelped, clutching Jasper's shoulders for support. "I think I did something to my ankle." I hissed out, looking down and glaring at my new stilettos.

Damn shoes.

"I'm sorry." Jasper murmured, looking down at my ankle guiltily.

"Jazz, Baby, you didn't do anything wrong. Look at me." I grasped his chin in my hand. "It's probably just a sprain. I'm sure it'll be better in a day or two, okay? Trust me, nothing you did today was even remotely something to apologize for." I finished, giving him a heated look before pulling his head down further to give him a chaste kiss and a wink.

"Think of it this way, now you can carry me all you want! I won't complain or anything." I promised with a cheeky smirk.

Jasper's eyes sparkled as he grinned back at me while swooping me up as if I weighed no more than a feather.

"My pleasure." He crooned, sending my a wink of my own before carrying me out to the car.

So hot...

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