Hello everyone, and welcome to my take on Boomerang Fish's 100 Icemark Prompts!

So, Fish is actually my beta, so she was with me every (painstaking) step of the way! (YEAH I WAS! RIIIIGHT HERE.)Due to this, she's decided to make notes on this author note. As you can see above, her comments are in parentheses and italics.

Before you embark on what I am sure is a crazy adventure, I have a few warnings.

1. This fic focuses on one pairing, and one pairing alone: Cressida and Octavius. If you do not like this pairing, you should probably stop reading.Most 100 Themes fics focus on the work in general. Because I am crazy, I chose to focus it on two characters, and the relationship between them. These two characters happen to be Cressida and Octavius. Originally, there was supposed to be another fic based solely on Thirrin and Oskan, but Fish and I both agree that the planned fic was not quite working.

This pairing started off as a joke in Fish's "Icemark Inboxes". I think we were talking one day, and someone joked about how cliché it would have been to pair Cressida and Octavius together. This crazy idea took root in both our imaginations, and even became a running joke in "Inboxes".

So yeah. This is basically a crack pairing that took on a life of its own. It's "Night of the Living Crack Pairing!" (28 Days of Crack Pairing. Shaun of the Crack Pairing. The Evil Crack Pairing. Crackpairingland. The Forest of Hands and Crack Pairings. Grab your Survival Guide.)

2. These drabbles vary in length. Yes, yes, I know that most prompt fics either have one chapter per prompt, or one sentence per prompt. I went in between the two. Some prompts are really, really long. Some prompts are sentence-length. It all depends on what I could come up with at the time.

3. Beneath all the drabbles is an Author's Note concerning each specific drabble. It started originally as a way to tell my beta what was up with each fic. Now, however, they contain useful notes for each fic. Whether you read them or not is up to you. (Some of them also contain my jokes. I'm here all week.)

4. Because of their lengths, the drabbles are in groups of ten, to be released once a week on Friday or Saturday. Don't worry, though, they've all been written beforehand, so they'll always be released on time. (Ahahaha...hehe...um...)

Now, without further ado, please enjoy the drabbles! They did, after all, take about a month to write! (Say...TWENTY EIGHT DAYS?)