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The Former Prodigal Son

"Nick, how long have you known me?"

"A long time now, why?"

"Then you know damn well what I drink."

"Sorry, we just ran out of that, thanks to those wanna-be punkers." Nick snarled with disgust as he cleaned a glass cup with a new towel rag.

Cullen raised the glass, gulped down his apple juice, and placed it back his coaster.

The club was packed at night times, filled with truckers sharing stories over their dinner, men gawking and hooting at the show girls dancing on the pole stages, girls dressed in tight leather suits that catered alcoholic drinks to each table and the 'wanna-be punkers' either sulking in the dark booths or hanging around the tables eating their food.
Somehow, the two were able to block out the loud beat boxing that boomed throughout the club.

Nick glanced over his shoulder as he filled up a glass of beer, and found Cullen examining the girls dancing on poles.

"See anyone you like?" Nick wondered as he instinctively pulled the filled up glass of beer away, and served it to a man beside Cullen.

"No, no I don't." Cullen stated plainly.

"You sure? Most of them are single, and they are pretty good-looking." Nick added, leaning on the bar top and trying to spot which girl Cullen was checking out.

"They're not my type," Cullen told him, "speaking of girls, how's the family?"

"Good, my daughter is going to elementary school," Nick informed, "and my wife-"

"Is right here." finished up another voice.
Cullen and Nick turned to see a woman approach behind the counter with an apron tied in front of her cloths.
Nick smiled as he stood up and greeted his wife.

"How are you dear?" Nick asked as she leaned up and pecked his lips.

"Couldn't be any better." she said happily and wrapped her arms around Nick's neck. Cullen just looked away, and Nick's wife noticed.

"Don't be shy Cullen," she cooed at him, "you know you're never a bother."

"I reckon not to watch couples, miss." Cullen chuckled.

"Call me by my name, you biker!" she laughed and leaned into Nick's arms.

"If you insist-"

"Hey everyone!" a man called out from the front door. Everyone's eyes fell upon the man who requested their attention.

"A biker and a red-head are having a fight!" the man shouted and ran out the club. About half the men in the room rose and dashed out the front door.

"Damn it, not again." Cullen groaned as he slid off his bar stool and started heading out. Nick gave a pleading look to his wife in his arms.

"Oh fine, I'll take care of the bar." his wife gave in, and escaped his arms. Nick quickly exited from the bar, and found Cullen who was waiting for him. Without acknowledging each other, the two made over to the door.


The pack of men were cheering and gathered around a cleared circle, where two men were already in the middle of a fist fight.

The boy with long, messed up red hair was tossed to the pavement again, landing on his front. This move only earned the laughter of the sudden audience that had gathered around. He slowly shook off the pain in his body, and slowly started to rise. He tasted copper on his lips, and wiped away the blood with a scratched-up fist.

"Come on asshole, is that all?" his opponent demanded in a scruffy voice as he quickly approached the boy. When he was close enough, the red-head sent an upper cut to the man's chin. He suddenly felt the warm, firm grasp around his fingers, right before the other man started to push down and crush them in his hold.

Quickly, he sent a jab at the man's firm stomach, which caused the man to yelp and loose his hold on his hand. The boy quickly got up as the man recovered and readied himself.

Suddenly, two hands reached behind both of their heads, and slammed back together.


Cullen released the two guys' heads and watched as they both recoiled, covering their faces from the sudden head-butt. The crowd around them started to boo and shout at him for ending the fight, but Cullen didn't give crap.

"Fight's over, everyone inside," Nick's voice was able to hush them all, "or the motel club closes early tonight."

The crowd grumbled as they quickly dispersed and flocked back into the club building with Nick following right behind them, leaving a few bystanders and the three men.

"Phineas, you alive?" Cullen asked the red-headed boy with a triangular shaped skull.

Phineas scratched his out-grown red hair and spat on the pavement.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Phineas simply groaned, holding his bruised arm.

"Now who started this?" Cullen questioned.

"This lousy fucker insulted my ride." the biker explained, pointing his thick finger at Phineas.

"I only said-"

"Both of you shut up, it's over now." Cullen interrupted before Phineas could say anything.

"Not until this lousy son of a bitch pays!" the biker snarled, and lunged at Phineas, only to be caught in the neck.
The biker gagged and reflexively tried to pull away the hand that was choking him.

Cullen's hand clasped around the bikers neck, threatening to squeeze the breath out of him.

"Listen to me," Cullen snapped and glared into the biker's eyes. Meanwhile, Phineas silently glowered at both Cullen and the man.

"You can call him an asshole, you can call him a scumbag, or even a piece of fucking shit; but you him a 'son of a bitch', got that?" Cullen warned.

"Fine whatever, you punk." the biker hissed through gritted teeth. Cullen released the man, who fell to the ground, gasping for air.

"Wait a second..." Cullen muttered, and snatched the man off the ground. Before the biker could fight back, Cullen had shoved up his long-sleeve, and exposed a purple tattoo of a snake with white fangs slithering up his arm.

"It's good to see some of the Vipes survived." Cullen mumbled. Phineas was lost with the conversation, but he knew Cullen's words hit home, for the biker ceased struggling, and stared at Cullen in the eyes.

"How did you..." the biker began to say. Phineas watched as Cullen pulled out his left arm from his leather jacket, and showed the silver tattoo of a Celtic Cross with a pointed sword at the bottom end. The biker's face immediately melted into happiness as he gave a toothy grinned at Cullen, who gave a small smile.

"Am I really standing in front of Cullen?" the biker wondered, somehow knowing Cullen's name.

"Yes, yes you are."

"What about the boy?" the biker asked in a serious, and gave a quizzical look at Phineas. Phineas returned the look with a stern stare, not sure about what else would happen.

"He's with me." Cullen declared.

"You put up a pretty good fight boy." the biker complimented as he rolled down his sleeve. "Oh and Cullen?"


"Make sure he doesn't become a punk biker...ok?"

"Don't worry he won't." Cullen assured, "now let's all go inside, and I'll buy you a beer from Nick."

"Nick is here too?" the biker asked in shock as he headed to the club.

"He freak'n owns the motel!" Cullen proclaimed as he sent the biker off to the club. Phineas watched as his face went from kind to sour, and he was looking directly at Phineas.

"What on Earth did you say to him?" Cullen demanded, looking down at Phineas's eyes.

"I said his motorcycle needs a new paintjob." Phineas repeated the words that had gotten him into the fight. Cullen just sighed and shook his head.

"Phineas Flynn," Cullen started to say, "you little...clever boy."

Phineas was taken aback at his choice of words.

"Please tell me you used some of my moves?"

"I tried, but I don't have the hang of them yet." Phineas answered, still trying to will the pain away.

"At least you tried Phineas." Cullen chuckled and messed up his long red hair. Phineas forcefully pushed away Cullen's arm, and gave him a faint smile.

"Oh what would your mother say to me now..." Cullen thought aloud as they both headed back towards the club.


Phineas leaned back in the chair, keeping an eye on Cullen who was talking to the bartender and the biker who he previously fought. Feeling stressed, he forced his eyes over to the girls that twisted and danced on the poles with their just-about exposed bodies, but that only added a sick feeling inside of his aching body.

Slowly, he leaned forward, and pressed his fingers on his forehead. He felt his head throb against his pressed fingers as he struggled to think.

He tried his best to recall all that happened over the past year, but the booming beats in the club kept on distracting him from recalling everything. He then felt a tap on his head, and glanced up.

"You ready?" Cullen asked over the music.

"Yeah, yeah I am." Phineas declared, and got up from his seat. The two made their way through the crowd, and out the front door. Phineas felt the cool air surround him and his head become clear as they walked over to their parked motorcycles.

"So what do you think of 'Nick's Motel & Club'?" Cullen asked as he mounted his black Harley Davidson Softail.

"It's a good place to stop by." Phineas figured as he mounted his silver V-Rod motorcycle. Cullen laughed at his statement.

"So what's the next stop?" Phineas asked as he slid his key into the key slot, twisted it, and started up the V-Rod that was given to him. The motorcycle rumbled to life, and the front headlight lit up the dark in front of the vehicle.

Cullen reached into his leather jacket, and pulled out the traveling map that he had been using their whole year of traveling. Phineas watched as Cullen unfolded the map, and silently located the next stop.
Without a word, Cullen folded up the map, placed it in his jacket, and started up his motorcycle.

"So where are we going?" Phineas asked again as Cullen backed out his motorcycle. Phineas followed suit, and rode up beside Cullen's motorcycle. Cullen turned at him, and was met with a serious stare.

"You should know." Cullen said his words. Phineas thought back to all of the places that he had been to over the past year. Either it was the night air, or he had become more oblivious than he was, because he couldn't recall which city that they were going to visit. He thought for half a minute before he talked again.

"Where?" Phineas finally demanded. Cullen leaned over towards Phineas.

"Your home." Cullen said as he returned upright on his Harley Davidson Softail. Phineas's mind suddenly clicked, and he remembered. His heart started to beat faster from excitement, and his mind started to remember where how his year-long biker journey began.

"Jeez, that looks like a bright sunrise in the East." Cullen muttered, looking at the yellow rays of light coming over the horizon. Phineas glanced eastward, and had to squint from the light.

"Good thing I have these." Cullen said, and put on some Choppers. Phineas pulled out his own Chopper sunglasses that Cullen had given him a long time ago, which made looking at the bright light much easier.

"Look out Tri-State Area," Cullen remarked as he pulled into the street, Phineas guiding his V-Rod right beside Cullen's motorcycle, "cause Phineas Flynn is coming home!"

As the two rode onto the highway, Phineas couldn't help but remember everyone that he had left behind, and could not bare to think of what they thought of him over the past year.

The two rode their motorcycles down the highway towards the sunrise. The early morning sun didn't have any affect on them, since they both were wearing Choppers.

Phineas and Cullen continued to ride, traveling straight towards the distant city of Danville.