The entire Quidditch team stood facing the door, jaws dropped.

"Did he really...?" Ginny nudged Angelina. She nodded slowly, shocked.

"Come on, sis. Don't tell us you've never heard two grown men go at it?" George asked her, draping an arm around her shoulder.

"We've been going at it for years." Fred added, piling his arm on top of his brothers. She looked between the two of them, more shocked than before, and left the change room, fully dressed in Quidditch gear. The boys looked at each other and winked, smiling.

Slowly, Harry's door opened. Harry stood there, looking fully disheveled and at them expectantly. "What're you all doing? I'm sure there's a party up in the common room."

"Were you just...?" Alicia asked, stunned.

"Get going, all of you." Harry smiled and walked out of his office and towards the showers, pulling a dazed Draco behind him.