One of the most conscious thoughts in her head in a long time, and it's to comment on the state of the wall her head was currently resting against.

Alice gazed slowly around the room, looking at the blankness that surrounded her, the walls and floor all a bland off-white.
She blinked, trying to get the hair out of her eyes, unable to brush it away due to her restraints.


As she squirmed, a hand appeared beside her face, carefully brushing her messy hair to the side. The fingers threaded into her hair, running gently across her scalp.

"Alice...what have they done..."

A kiss was pressed to the top of her head, and another shortly after that, to her cheek.

"When are you coming back to us..."

The speaker nipped lightly at her neck, circling his arms around her.

"We need you..."

He leaned forward, kissing at the edge of her mouth.

"When are you coming home..."

Alice turned as best she could, pressing her lips to her visitor's.


And he grinned as wide as ever, making her smile in return, before he faded away.

"I can't wait..."

Alice leaned against the wall again, eyes closed, picturing the world she'd been ripped away from, the people that resided there, and above all, a skeletal grinning cat that made her heart pound at the very thought of him.