Wednesday, April 14th, M. Flowers H.S:

Annie Scrambler's Diary, NOT ENGLISH JOURNAL, KEEP OUT!

Things I've done this morning so far:

1) Hypnotized Hector into being madly in love with Lisa

2) strolled past the Electric Diner for a smoothie only to find that it had been shut down. Awww… how sad…

3) Met Danny at school early, he brought me a scone! Then we went to meet with Story

4) Had to tell Story that she was a genius. The "Without You"/"Without Love" thing is great.

5) between homeroom and English told Albert Dinkerson that he should take a freaking hike and that I all ready have a boyfriend thank-you-very-much! This is what he said, "Well, if you ever need any one, I'll be there for you Annie Scrambler! I'll be waiting for you! Forever if I have to!" AAAAAHHHHGGGG! WHY WON'T HE LEAVE ME ALONE?

And I'm only in English!

Lisa Heffenbacher's Diary: Keep out!

I just got the weirdest text from Hector. This is what it said: Hey. How's ur morning going? Want to grab dinner together 2night? Love, Hector

Wow. Just wow.



So how was your date last night? -Tuesday

You had a date last night? -Lisa


What? I want to know!

Yes, Annie, please, tell all.


Oops. Sorry..?

Who with?


Ummm… I'm not supposed to tell you…

Oh come on Tues…


Ummmm… yeah… I don't think I can say really

Please Tues?

NO. Nonononono.

Are you there, Tuesday?

Don't you dare tell her!

I am not talking to you!

Yeah but you're taking about me!

Oh Tuesday!


Hello? Tues?

She's not responding to our notes.



I wonder why.

STORY OPHELIA HAMILTON'S BIG BOOK OF RANDOM THINGS (including, but not excluded to, conversions, odd facts, lyrics from musicals, poems and school assignments):

"Without You/Without Love" Remix, concept by Story Ophelia Hamilton, rewritten and recomposed by Meg Rosalind Hamilton

Annie: Without you/ the breeze warms/ the girl smiles/ the clouds move

Danny: Without you/ the tides change/ the boys run/ the oceans crash

Both: The crowds roar/ the days soar/ the babies cry

Annie: Without you/ the moon glows/ the river flows/ but I die without you

Annie: The world revives

Danny: colors renew

Annie: but I know blue, only blue/ lonely blue

Danny: within me blue

Annie: without you/ Life goes on but I'm gone/ 'cause I die…

Danny: without love life is like the seasons without summer/ without love/ life is rock and roll without a drummer

Annie: Danny, I'll be yours forever / 'cause I never want to be without love/ Danny, never set me free, no, I ain't lying/ never set me free, Danny, no, no, no

Danny: Livin in the ghetto. Black is ev'ry where you go/ who'd a thought I'd love a girl/ whose skin was white as winter's snow

Annie: in my ivory tower/ life was just a hostess snack/ but now I've tasted chocolate/ and I'm never going back

Both: 'cause without love/ life is like a beat that you can't follow/ without love/ life is Doris Day at the Apollo

Danny: Darling, I'll be yours forever/ 'cause I never want to be/ without love/ so darling never set me free

Both: No, I'm yours forever/ never set me free, no, no, no

Danny: if I'm left without my baby doll/ I don't know what I'll do

Annie: oh gosh, I've got break out/ so that I can get my hands on you

Danny: and girl, if I can't touch you/ then I'm gonna lose control

Annie: Danny, you're my black white knight/ I've found my blue-eyed soul

Both: 'Cause without love/ life's a '45 when you can't buy it/ without love/ life is like my mother on a diet

Annie: Like a week that's only Mondays

Danny: only ice cream, never sundaes'

Annie: Like a circle with no center

Both: like a door marked 'Do Not Enter'

Annie: Darling, I'll be yours forever/ cause I never want to be without love

Danny: yes, now you've captured me/ without love, I surrender happily

Annie: Without love, oh Danny/ never set me free

Both: No, no, no, I ain't lying/ never set me free, no, no, no

Annie: No, I don't wanna live without love, love, love

Danny: Darling, you had best believe me

Both: Never leave me without love

Lunch Texts, Part 1:

Annie: I think Story's insane.

Danny: The song she did was GENIUS.

Annie: exactly! Only an insane person could come up with that.

Annie: and geniuses tend to be insane.

Danny: Like Manny.

Annie: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, no.

Danny: We still on for tonight?

Annie: of course.

STORY OPHELIA HAMILTON'S BIG BOOK OF RANDOM THINGS (including, but not excluded to, conversions, odd facts, lyrics from musicals, poems and school assignments):

Um. Okay. I just discovered that I have Max's phone! Yeah. Our phones must have gotten switched last night after we got back from the Academy. Every one was hanging out at Max and her roommate Kayla's flat and- OH! I remember what happened! Max and Carl had disappeared some where and she'd left her phone. It started buzzing with a text from her mom so I answered it! And then Meg kinda stole my phone… yeah I think that's what happened.

ACK! Some one's texting me! I mean Max!

Carl: Hey

Max: Hi!

Carl: I had fun last night

Oh man, oh man, oh man. WHAT DO I SAY TO THAT? Hey, what were they DOING last night?

Max: What do you mean?

Do I really want to know?

Carl: you know : )

Max: yeeeaaaahhh… : ) I had fun too

Carl: just wanted to tell you hey.

Carl: and that I love you

AAAAWWWWWWW! That is so cute!

Max: love you more!

Okay, yeah. I'm impersonating Max but it's for her own good! How weird would it be if Carl texted her and she didn't reply because I have her phone! Although, I guess I could have just told Carl the truth and called my phone which Max (hopefully) has… but what fun would THAT be?

Carl: I don't think so

Max: its true

Max: gtg. Love u

I wonder what fun I can have with this….

Lunch Texts, Part 2:

Lisa: Hi! Sorry it took me so long to text back! I can go to dinner with you tonight. What time?

Hector: that's great! How about 7?

Lisa: 7 works! See u then

Hector: can't wait

Lisa: me either!

Lisa Heffenbacher's Diary: Keep out!

Hector and I have a date tonight. At seven. Hector and I have a date tonight at seven p.m.. And have to kiss him Friday! AAAHHHHH! What am going to do? I can't tell him, then he'll know I made that stupid bet with Annie Scrambler! Or maybe I could tell him, then it wouldn't be so awkward on Friday. Or maybe I'll just see how this date goes and if it goes well I'll tell him. Or maybe that would seem weird. I DON'T KNOW!

Lunch Texts, Part 3:

Max: Hey!

Annie: hi.

Max: How are you doing?

Annie: Fine.

Max: is the turkey-avocado sandwich good?

Max: Annie? Are you there?

Max: Annie?

Max: well, anyway, I like that skirt your wearing! It's really cute with the red and black ribbons and all!

Max: have a good day Annie!


I swear that Max chick is stalking me. ~Annie

What? Why do you say that? -Manny

She kept texting me at lunch and told me exactly what I was eating and wearing and stuff.

I can text Danny and know what he's eating without stalking him!

Well duh. Danny ALWAYS eats the same thing! -Francine

But I don't! and that's the creepy part!

Why would that Max girl want to stalk YOU?

She is secretly part of an organization who wants to kidnap people with special powers.

I DON'T KNOW! It's weirding me out!

Or she's from a parallel universe and you are her key to getting home!

Maybe she's, like, got a crush on you or something, MAYBE she's a lesbian!

Um, she has a boyfriend.

She would be bi!

Or she could be your mother but she put you up for adoption because she was like, seven when she had you!

Do you think?

Nah, I think we'd know if you were really her child.


Although you can kinda see it… in the nose maybe…

He's insane, just ignore him.

Insanity is the mark of a true genius!


Minutes from the Drama Club meeting (as written and recorded by Story Ophelia Hamilton):

Brianna (yeah, she's annoying. If you haven't already figured that out): I here by bring this meeting to order!

Lan-na: Ya-ay! (she's annoying too)

Brianna: Well, since there are the auditions Saturday, I thought we could share what songs everyone's planning on using for their audition! Annie, maybe you could start?

Annie: Uhhhh…

Story Ophelia: NO! it's a secret! Um, I mean, right Annie?

Annie: Yeah. None of your business Brianna.

Brianna (annoyed): But I'm the president!

Meg Rosalind: But you can't abuse your powers! That's- that's…

Story Ophelia: Totally against the creed you agreed to when you were voted into that position!

Josh (annoyed also): who came up with all these stupid rules?

Story Ophelia (Matter-a-factly): Our cousin! Max!

Brianna: Uhg. She's so weird!

Annie: And kind of crazy.

Meg Rosalind: Yeah, we know.

Lisa (Looking at her phone): OHMYGOSH!

Taylor: What?

Lisa: A health inspector came to the Electric Diner today and found RATS in the kitchen so he shut them down! The Electric Diner has been shut down! I've got to go!

*Annie and Danny exchange a look*


Meg Rosalind: Um, no we don't.

Story Ophelia: yeah, I'm declaring this meeting finishized.

Brianna (SO ANNOYING): That's not a word! Don't put words that aren't words in the minutes!

Story Ophelia: It is so a word.

Brianna: Says who?

Story Ophelia: You just did, right there.

Brianna (annoyed): No I didn't.

Story Ophelia: Yeah. You did. You said not to put- and I quote- "Words that aren't words in the minutes." You called it a word.

Brianna (getting mad): I said it WASN'T a word!

Story Ophelia: You said it was a word.

Brianna (Really mad now): IT'S A WORD THAT'S NOT A WORD!


Meg Rosalind (to Bri): You should just give up. She's not gonna stop.

Annie: Look, I'm getting out of here.

Danny: Yeah, me too.


Lisa Heffenbacher's Diary: Keep out!

Right now I'm sitting outside of the Electric Diner. We're having an emergency Electric Company meeting because there are rats inside the diner and a health inspector came and shut them down!

But Jessica can't be here because her mother sent her to boarding school! Yes! Today, she had everything packed up and she sent her to this school for girls called St. Anne's! So now Jessica can't be here very much!

Keith is freaking out. His dad is trying to figure out how the rats got in the diner, and Shock is helping him.

"I can't believe this happened!" Keith's saying now, "There isn't any way those rats could've gotten in! What are we going to do?"

"Don't worry Keith," Hector pats him on the back, "Everything will work out, it usually does."

"But what if it doesn't? What if we have to sell the diner? What then?"

What then indeed.

Annie Scrambler's Diary, NOT ENGLISH JOURNAL, KEEP OUT!

Okay, so my plan is coming together quite nicely! Here's what Danny and I have completed thus far: 1) we sent Jessica to boarding school (St. Anne's) now she can only help the EC on weekends and holidays! 2) we have closed down the Electric Diner! Now they have no meeting place! 3) Hector has been hypnotized so he is madly in love with Lisa. Tomorrow I will hypnotize Lisa to be madly in love with Hector, THEN I will have Hector break up with Lisa in the most humiliating and pubic way possible.

Now all we have to do is secure the leads in the Mid-Summer's Musical. MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

I think I've been spending too much time around Manny.

Middle-of-the-night Instant Messages Part I:

Dance4Ever: I really need my phone back Story!

StoryBookLady: Ah but I've been having fun!

Dance4Ever: What have you been doing?

StoryBookLady: I've been texting Annie and freaking her out!

Dance4Ever: Texting her what?

StoryBookLady: oh I just complemented her on her skirt and asked her if her lunch was good.

StoryBookLady: I think she thinks your stalking her or something.

Dance4Ever: Oh. GREAT.

StoryBookLady: Youre less perky in type.

STORY OPHELIA HAMILTON'S BIG BOOK OF RANDOM THINGS (including, but not excluded to, conversions, odd facts, lyrics from musicals, poems and school assignments):

Max has really weird pictures on her phone. Just saying.

Middle-of-the-night Instant Messages Part II:

SirDanny: Where are we meeting tomorrow 'morn, fair lady?

DefyGravity: how doth 6:57 sound to you? Doth thou approve?

SirDanny: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Are we to meddle in what is not ours to meddle in?

DefyGravity: Lisa's tender heart will be our to break in time…

SirDanny: This plan that is thine far surpasses any Francine ever came up will.

DefyGravity: Thank you, my knight! Victory will soon be the apple of our pie!

SirDanny: That didn't make any sense.

DefyGravity: yeah, I know.

STORY OPHELIA HAMILTON'S BIG BOOK OF RANDOM THINGS (including, but not excluded to, conversions, odd facts, lyrics from musicals, poems and school assignments):

RANDOM FACT #852739: chocolate chip cookies are good.

RANDOM FACT #852740: I will never ever be able to forget the texts from Max and Carl I just read.

RANDOM FACT #852741: Annie and Danny are up to no good. As usual.

RANDOM FACT #852742: Seriously. About the texts. They were kinda… gross.

RANDOM FACT #852743: I will still help Annie and Danny with their audition because I am just that nice of a person!

RANDOM FACT #852744: Well, not gross really, just extremely romantic. OH ALL RIGHT! Really cute! INSANELY CUTE!

RANDOM FACT #852745: Okay, it's really because I seriously detest Brianna and Lana.

RANDOM FACT #852746: But kinda disturbing. The texts, I mean.

RANDOM FACT #852747:And Brianna, if you think about it, but in a different way.

RANDOM FACT #852748: Chocolate chip cookies made with pudding mix are REALLY good.

Middle-of-the-night Instant Messages Part III:

the_supreme_athlete: Sorry it didn't work out tonight.

KlutzyPuppies10: Yeah, but I'm glad we were there for Keith and Mr. Watson

the_supreme_athlete: Maybe we can go out tomorrow night? Same time?

KlutzyPuppies10: sure! That'd be fun!

the_supreme_athlete: awesome. It's a date then!

KlutzyPuppies10: Can't wait!

the_supreme_athlete: see you tomorrow!

HELLO! Another chapter! It's amazing right? Anyway, the next one might take a little while because I have another FF I'm working on (Or three or four) and because I'm doing Script Frenzy! Yay! Also, I don't own The Electric Company 2009, Without You from RENT, and Without Love from Hairspray. I DO own Story and the rest of the Hamiltons as they are in my Script Frenzy project...

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