Finally, I got an Avatar fic up! Took my two favorite ships- Kataang and Tokka- and BAM you got Manly!

So sad I missed Tokka week.*sigh* maybe next time...But, this is my consolation; a one-shot rather then a full week of 'em.




Toph shooed Aang away, insisting that he should take a break. After his fifth objection, she threatened to stick is head so far in the ground he'd be seeing dirt for the rest of his life—and for some reason, that got him away pretty quickly. A smug smile passed over the features of the blind girl as she felt his light footsteps scamper off in the direction of the lake—probably to go 'practice' with a certain waterbender.

The smile turned into a sheepish one when she detected the heavy gait of the other male in their little group. Thinking fast, she stomped on the ground and brought her fists above her head, making an impromptu rock-tent.

Inside her little haven, she felt the ground shake as he collapsed next to it.

"Where's Aang?" Sokka asked, positively exhausted for some reason or another.

Toph lowered the rocky walls with two precise hand movements. "He's off flirting with the Sugar Queen," she replied simply, adding a shrug for good measure.

As far as she could tell, Sokka shifted in positions on the ground and made a loud gagging sound. "I wish they'd quit making those googly eyes at each other. I liked it better when Aang was a goofy kid and Katara was going on about hope all the time."

"Aang is still a goofy kid," Toph pointed out, "and did Katara ever stop about the hope?"

To her satisfaction, he snickered. "I guess you're right. But it wasn't so…obvious back then."

"Look at it this way." Toph turned so she could face him, using the ground to find his location. "You could have those two giggling and ogling over each other all the time, or you could have Sugar Queen making kissy faces at Zuko."

A silence passed then, and she couldn't tell if Sokka had passed out or was simply speechless. Either way, she took it as a signal to continue.

"I'm pretty sure they'd create a new element. The Steam Nation," she barged on, "Firelord Sparky and Sugar Queen Gone Wrong—"

"Stop!" Sokka suddenly exploded. Toph laughed out loud, ignoring him.

"She told me that she had a thing for bad boys with scars once."

Another disgusted yelp followed her comment. Toph didn't expect him to get up, and frowned slightly as he did so. "Lighten up Sokka, I was just kidding."

"No, you were 'just' grossing me out."

Toph landed a fist solidly on the ground next to her, leaning back on the simply backrest she had made herself. "Man up," she said lazily.

"I am very manly!"

"Sure ya are, Ponytail." A smirk took over her features as she put her arms behind her head. "That explains why you freaked out over the matching belt and bag you got when we first met."

"Hey!" Sokka sounded offended, "That was a very manly matching belt and bag!"

His next words wiped the smirk off her face, shot it, slept with its wife and shot it again

"I'm pretty sure the crush you have on me doesn't exactly count as manly."

Toph jumped to her, stomping her foot indignantly. A billion clever remarks raced through her mind, but instead of a sharp quip, she found herself muttering, "Who told you?" much like a little kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar. An unwelcome heat rose to her cheeks as she slumped to the ground again.

And, to her complete horror, Sokka actually laughed out loud. "You just did!"