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Twins, ancient in prodigious power, clashed night and day, contesting over galaxies, worlds, countries, cities, people, times, and even stories, each desiring the slightest of advantages over the other...

Their massive power and heavy use of it in many simultaneous contests only served to stretch the fabric of nearby quasi-realities, causing them to warp and tear slightly. Immediately, they realized the extent of this side effect of their contests, and although none of the battles were halted, and even more were started, this next batch of contests were significantly subtler, both taking up the quest of "fixing" said nearby trans-dimensional tears and world changing warps. One put a lesser and subtler being that was under his employ to the work, who sent cottony wisps and observed. The other set a translucent "ink" to the challenge...


Kudo Shinichi solved another lost cat case at his young elementary age of 8, although this one was slightly harder because the cat in question was not lost in a tree, not in the house, had not been cat-napped, and finally was found, remarkably, sleeping in a clothing store! Leaving with the cat, even Shinichi's sharp eyes failed to catch on the slightly off-white of undyed cotton on a similar color cloth.

Artimus Fowl left the land of sleep, trying to snatch the figments of the memories the conscious mind had before No1's mind wipe, although they were enshrouded in a off-white fog. Something about faeries, and enough gold to rescue his father.

Far above, on a starry night, in the middle of a quaint village, twin breezes blew through. One seemed to dim the stars, while the other might have been a fragment of a cotton plant as it flew on the wind. The little children in the residence just below, a 2 year old boy named Jack and his sister, Annie.

The conductor of the train looked at his watch again in the midst of the blizzard. " We have never been late yet. We are going to be on-time this year", he said to himself while keeping an eye out on his charges, the children.

A dark shadow slowly oozes all over him, slurping up his breath, leaving none for the enveloped little boy. Struggling to escape, the three year old soon finds the shadows leave him as he awakens, seemingly leaving only their fear and a bad dream behind as evidence they exist. As he seeks comfort, even these leave him, having no apparent trace of their existence, and hence, there was no warning to any of his family that this was a sign of danger or discomfort in this mental prodigy, Charles Wallace.

"I knew I should have stayed home this morning!", moaned a glum Arnold, staring out of a bus window. Mrs. Frizzle was going on yet another field trip. Unnoticed by him was a faint extra- something in the cloud, though it didn't stay even slightly apparent for more than a second.

"Everything went out of its way to avoid the Knight Bus. Except muggles of course. And that cursed London fog," Stan Shunpike muttered. "Who is tampering with this cursed weather?" A moment later, the fog began rolling avoiding from the bus, like it usually did. "Thankfully, Ernie has that "see through fog" effect on his windows, or we would be in trouble before this."

Bill was flying a kite when it moved into the clouds. When it came back, Rupert found a letter saying,"Thank you Rupert and Bill. The Monsoons came off like a charm. Signed, Capt. Peebles and Dewey". As they were reading the letter, the cloud deposited a wisp of fluff into Rupert's hair, which was totally unnoticed by anyone who was near, including the involved parties.