So here is another story that I'm starting. It's not going to be a one-shot, it's just another story to add to the world of fanfiction. It is AU in a plot that I've been interested in writing for a while now. I hope you enjoy it.

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Ch.1 Welcome to the FBI

She leaned back in her stiff desk chair with her legs crossed and feet propped up at the edge of her desk. The hem of her tight high-waisted black skirt stopped slightly above her knees while her sleek black pumps were shown off on her desk. The sleeves of her snug white collared shirt were now wrinkled as they were rolled up to her elbows while her index fingers pressed against each end of the pencil she had in her grasp. Her emerald eyes were focused on the computer screen in front of her as if she had nothing else to concern herself with.

As she continued to gaze at the lit computer screen, the sleek black office phone on her desk began to ring. She held the pencil in one of her hands and reached to the edge of her desk and lightly grabbed the ringing receiver. "This is Haruno."

"You're too damn serious when you answer the phone," the voice on the other line told her in a tone that made it obvious the male was smirking.

The woman let out an annoyed sigh as she leaned back farther letting the phone cord stretch to the longer length, "And you're wasting my time, Inuzuka. What do you want?"

She heard him release a short chuckle into the phone, "Calm down, Sakura. I was just wondering if you got a hold of the files to the latest Jinchuuriki case I sent you."

The addressed female let out a short sigh as she removed her feet from her desk and sat up straight in her chair before tucking the phone between her shoulder and cheek. Her slender fingers typed at a quick pace and she was to files she needed before she knew it. "Yeah, they're right here. What do you want me to do with them?"

"Can you just check over them? Make sure I didn't miss anything important in my report."

Sakura crossed her legs once more as she held onto the phone with her elbow resting on the arm of her chair. "Isn't this supposed to be your partner's job? I have more important things I could be doing than double checking your work, Kiba," she chided towards her co-worker as she ran her manicured fingers through her long bubblegum pink tresses.

"He's busy with a debriefing with the chief," Kiba told her with a slight pout becoming evident in his voice. "Please, Sakura. You're gorgeous. I'll buy you a drink."

The pinkette let out a huff of displeasure at the male as her hand sunk down from her hair to rub her eyes. This was typical Kiba behavior in her books. He may be a top agent, but it seemed that he could never do anything by himself. Kiba is a field agent, and a good one at that. He isn't afraid to get down and dirty to pull up information on a case, which is why Sakura liked to work with him. He was also easy on the eyes; messy dark brown hair, sharp chocolate eyes, and unique red upside-down triangle tattoos on his cheeks. And with these good looks, he liked to hit on Sakura as often as he could. It would be blatantly obvious to say that he had a slight crush on the pinkette. This still did not outweigh the fact that she would have to help him with his work, again. "Fine, but make it two. And make sure you re-file the papers scattered across your desk. Just because it's your area, doesn't mean it has to be a complete pig sty."

"You got it!" he replied with happiness noticeable in his tone. "You're the best, Sakura. Did I mention you are the hottest chick alive?"

"Yeah, yeah," she muttered back as she hung up the phone and began to read over Kiba's case report.

It's not that Sakura minded reading case reports, it's the fact that she was expecting to have a bad day. And why was that? Because Sakura Haruno was able to get a complete night's rest. She had a hunch that every time she was able to get a good amount of sleep, something bad was to happen in her day.

Working in the career field she did, it was rare to get more than five hours of sleep in the first place. But when she woke up on that Wednesday morning getting a full eight hours of sleep, she knew that pretty much everything else wasn't going to go her way.

Sakura was working her dream job, the one she had wanted to have since she was six years old. Now keep in mind, she wasn't dreaming of a normal job that kids at that age wanted like a teacher, a large business employee, or for the long shot, a model. Nope, her dream job was to work for the FBI. And work for the FBI she did as one of their top agents.

Most agents were hired between the ages of twenty two and twenty seven. Sakura joined the Konoha force at the age of twenty, being only one of two agents to accept that type of honor. The FBI was practically begging to have her as a part of their force.

When you looked at Sakura though, the last thing you would think of her being was an FBI agent with her flowing bubblegum locks reaching to her shoulder blades, her flawless porcelain skin, and her bright emerald green eyes. Her figure was average height at about five foot seven and her body had curves in all the right places.

If you were to look at Sakura, you'd think she could have easily gone for the long shot of being a model, and a successful one at that, but she chose to be a part of a career where she could make the world a safer place. Although, by choosing this career she was putting her life at risk on a daily basis.

And on days such as this where she got a full night's rest, she was even more on edge than usual. Although getting a good amount of sleep should be a good thing, it always brought something unfortunate to Sakura's day without fail.

As Sakura finished up looking over Kiba's case file, she let out a sigh as she tossed the finished papers that she had printed out onto her desk and looked towards the clock on her desk. Reading the time of ten twenty seven am, she figured she only had a matter of seconds before more of her co-workers flooded into the large office.

Like clockwork, the doors opened to the main floor and the all too familiar voices of her partners filled her ears. Three males walked in.

"I swear Sasuke-teme, if we would have just stayed at that bar and extra hour we all could have found a girl to take home," the loudest co-worked complained to one of the people he walked in with. "You totally cramped my style and ruined what should have been a fun night."

"Shut up, dobe," the male shot back who was previously being addressed. "You and I both know the only reason women were over at our table was because I was sitting there."

The third male sighed as he tiredly ran a hand atop of his pulled back hair, "This is why I never go out with the two of you. You're too troublesome."

"Naruto," Sakura's voice called out as the trio reached her cubicle. "Please refrain from loudly discussing your juvenile activities from the night before when I'm close enough to hear it. It's not something I want to hear first thing in the morning when you walk through the doors."

The addressed male scratched the back of his head sheepishly and gave her a matching smile, "Sorry Sakura-chan. I'll wait 'til later in the day to start talking about those things."

The pink haired agent let out a short laugh as she leaned back in her chair, "That's really not what I meant, but whatever."

The three men that walked in were some of the best agents on the force all excelling in their special fields. Naruto, the one she chided for his immature conversation, was one of the top negotiating agents on the force. He was originally a part of the police in the area but the FBI offered him a job in their ranks due to his highly praised skilled in the field of human behavior. Looks wise, Naruto was a handsome fellow with bright blonde hair styled in spikes along the top of his head. His skin was sun-kissed accenting the bright blue irises he was blessed with. Like all FBI agents, Naruto was in the best shape of his life and showing of his muscles too Sakura was his way of flirting with her.

The second male was a popular male in the FBI; Sasuke Uchiha. His entire family was invested in some sort of law enforcement job all over the country. His father was once a higher up in the company before he passed away, which put in a good word for Sasuke once he wanted to join the force, not that he needed the help of course. Sasuke was a talented agent on his own as well as good looking. He had dark hair spiked up in the back with his slightly longer bangs hanging down across the sides of his face. He had the famous dark eyes of the Uchiha family which were extremely dark with slivers of red color amongst the irises. Sasuke was a special agent in the force just like Sakura but his long list of skills that made him a famous agent weren't the only things holding up his reputation.

Sasuke had an older brother who worked for the FBI for a portion of his life before he killed his parents in cold blood one random night. He was never found, but he is still extremely active in the criminal industry. It's Sasuke's goal in life to find his brother and make him pay for all the crimes he has committed, which is one of the main reasons he works so hard in his job position.

The third male to walk in goes by the name of Shikamaru Nara. The male with the brown pulled back hair and the deer like eyes is the top technical analyst at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He is the smartest person in the entire FBI system and was the only other agent, besides Sakura, to be accepted early into the force at the age of nineteen. Shikamaru is active in almost every case that the FBI manages because he's always available to locate information that the special agents can't locate when they're in the field. Even with his famously lazy persona, he is one of the most valuable members on the force.

Sakura shook her head with a smile as she ran a hand through her pink tresses before looking back up at the two other males. "Shikamaru, Sasuke, I'm assuming your nights were more successful than Naruto's?"

Sasuke smirked as he looked down at her seated form, "You assume correctly."

"That's bull shit Sasuke-teme and you know it!" Naruto exclaimed loudly causing Shikamaru to roll his eyes and let out a short sigh.

"I don't understand how you put up with them for so long Sakura," the genius commented as he began to walk towards his separate office. "You must be a saint."

"Sakura can't be a saint," Kiba's voice spoke as he turned the corner to pass by her desk and grab the finished files off her desk with a smirk. "She's not innocent enough."

The pinkette looked up at him through her lashes and held up her middle finger in his direction. He just continued to smirk in reply as he gave Naruto a high five before walking back to his desk.

Sasuke continued to smirk at the exchange while Naruto had a large grin spread across his cheeks. Sakura just shook her head before returning back to case files of her own.

The morning was going by relatively slow until mid-afternoon rolled around and Sakura's desk phone rang. "This is Haruno."

"Haruno," the deep voice addressed. "Round up whoever you have around you and bring them into the chief's office."

"Sure thing, Neji," she replied back before she placed the phone back onto the receiver and stood up from her chair, smoothing out the creases in her black pencil skirt. "C'mon, boys. Neji said the chief wants us in his office."

"I hope he has finally decided to put a ramen bar in the break room," Naruto spoke giddily as the group walked to the top office.

Sasuke and Sakura glanced at him strangely while the blonde just continued to smile. Once they reached the large office door, they knocked twice before a male with long chestnut hair opened the door and stepped aside to let them in.

His name was Neji Hyuga, and he was one of the higher up special agents who previously worked as an intelligence analyst before he was promoted. In terms of intelligence, his brain was on the way to rivaling Shikamaru's. In terms of status, his family was also active in the law enforcement tract. His younger cousin was a linguist in the same sector that he was a part of, while his uncle was a business manager for the FBI in a different district. Neji's looks took him places as well. With his long brown hair and unique lavender eyes, he was a real looker but his personality would not allow him to act on it. He was very cool and collected and was always making sure that everything was running smoothly. He had the characteristics of a perfectionist, which is why he excelled so much in his career.

"Good morning, Neji," Sakura greeted with a small smile as she walked through the door he was holding open for her.

"Same to you, Haruno," his deep voice replied as he pulled the door shut behind him.

The pink haired agent let out a sigh as she looked up at his taller form, "We've already gone over this, Neji; call me, Sakura. We've worked together long enough to be past the last name stage."

A flash of amusement passed through the Hyuga's eyes as he gazed down at her, "Of course, Sakura."

She let out a short laugh as they walked closer to the chief's desk, "I swear you act like a robot sometimes."

Neji just smirked in reply as everyone's eyes gazed at the turned around chair behind the large gray desk. The large, high backed, chair turned around slowly to show a man with spiked gray hair and a cloth mask covering the lower half of his face. His arms were crossed across his chest as he looked up at his team.

His name was Kakashi Hatake, chief of the Konoha FBI unit. This unit was one of the most highly ranked units in the country with a large assortment of different types of agents and other professional staff. They had the highest success rate when it came to solving a case, which was why they were always busy with something new. Kakashi received his position when he turned twenty eight and has remained in the position for the past four years.

"We seem to have a situation on our hands," his voice spoke lowly as his eyes passed over the eight people standing in his office. "Genma, why don't you explain to them what's going on."

"Sure," a new masculine voice answered from the opposite side of the room from Sakura.

Genma Shiranui; the assistant police chief of the FBI police unit. He was an interesting personality to say the least. When you think of a police officer you think of someone who would be hard working and straight edged. Genma was pretty much the exact opposite. He was more about doing whatever he wanted and was known in Konoha as one of the top womanizers which was where his good looks helped him out. Shaggy brown hair that hung past his chin which styled a police bandana wrapped around the top of his head and chestnut brown eyes. He was also never found without a toothpick dangling form his lips.

"It seems that some members from our police force have disappeared over the past three days, with one missing each day," the brunette police officer began to explain as he moved to lean against a near by wall, tilting his head down slightly looking at the carpet. "We thought at first they just weren't showing up for work, but then they began to go missing around the same time every day."

"And what time would that be?" Sasuke questioned as he looked at the officer with arms crossed on his chest.

Genma gazed up at the Uchiha twisting the toothpick between his lips. "They disappear between the times of nine and eleven at night."

"Was there any relation in the places they were vanishing?" Neji questioned.

Genma let out a short sigh, "Not at all. They were each in a different location."

"What about the officers missing?" Sakura's voice spoke up as her green eyes met Genma's brown orbs. "Were there any similarities between them? Or any reason as to why they could have been taken?"

"Not at all," Genma answered as his eyes continued to remain on the pinkette. "No family relation or members of the same squads. They all seemed to be random."

"What were their names and they order they disappeared in?" the pink haired agent questioned.

"Konohamaru, Iwashi Tatami, and Ebisu."

Sakura pulled her cell phone from her pocket and quickly dialed Shikamaru's number.

"Shika, I need you to pull up the profiles of the three FBI police that were reported missing over the period of the last three days," she began to explain as she held the phone to her ear.

"Alright, shoot," his voice instructed lazily.

"Konohamaru, Iwashi Tatami, and Ebisu," Sakura repeated the names as she placed one hand on her hip. "That's also the order they disappeared in."

Sakura heard the sound of Shikamaru's fingers furiously typing away across his keyboard. "It looks like they were each a different rank in the force. And it looks like each time someone disappeared they were at a higher rank than the next."

"It looks like they're trying to get a point across," Sakura mumbled into the phone followed by a sigh. "Thanks, Shika."

Sakura flipped her phone shut and looked up to the rest of the eyes in the room waiting on her answer. "It seems that as each day went by, the ranking of the missing officer increased."

"So they're trying to send us some sort of message," Kiba's voice reiterated Sakura's initial thought.

"What makes you say that?" Genma questioned to the tattooed brunette with a brow raised in his direction.

"Well, it looks like officers will continue to go missing as days go by," Kiba began to explain as he crossed his arms over his chest. "If the rank, or the importance, of the officer keeps increasing, it's bound to become more of an issue over time."

"And who knows," Naruto's voice interjected as he looked towards Genma. "It's possible that you would be up on the list, and that would pose a problem for not only the police force, but us as well."

"Has there been any communicated message regarding the situation?" a new voice spoke from the back of the room.

Sakura eyes slid back to take in the form of another agent in her force, Sai. He was a very odd man with a lack of proper emotions and a fake smile always plaster across his face. His skin was frightfully pale which was only accented by his inky black hair and eyes. Sai's job on the force was an information, script, and print analyst, meaning if there were any notes or prints left at the scene, he could identify them and trace them back to the source.

"No, but I'm expecting that to change," the assistant police chief answered with a deep sigh. "If they want something from us, they won't leave us in the dark."

"I agree," Kakashi's voice sounded from his desk as he leaned his elbows against the desk and clasped his hands in from of his mouth. "The question is, how will they make contact?"

"Shino," Kakashi's voice called out to the last male in the room. "I want you to get pictures of all the missing officers out to our agents and inform them of the situation."

"Yes, sir," the quiet male replied as he swiftly exited the room.

Shino Aburame was Kiba's partner as a field agent. He had very dark brown hair styled in messy spikes and he was never caught without his black sunglasses which he even kept on indoors. He had a very sheltered and quiet personality which made him pleasant to be around when you required silence.

As the rest of the group was lost in thought about possible ideas for the case, Kakashi's office phone rang.

"Kakashi Hatake."

"Chief, there's a man calling in right now asking to talk to you," Ino Yamanaka's voice explained on the other line, a slight sense of anxiousness present in her feminine voice.

Ino was a business associate in the FBI and handled all the organization and booking of anything the agents needed for a case. For someone who had to take orders often, Ino was a naturally bossy person. She had long platinum blonde hair that she always kept pulled back complimented by her deep blue eyes. The blonde was also one of Sakura's closest friends.

"Did he give you his name?" Kakashi asked in a low tone with his brows slightly knitting together.

"No, sir," she answered in a hesitant tone. "But I think you'll want to take this call."

He looked up to the group still in his office, who had all had caught on to the curiosity in Kakashi's voice. "Transfer the call over to me and tell Shikamaru to trace the call immediately."

"Of course, sir," Ino replied as her line went dead and he heard the click signaling the successful transfer. The chief slowly pressed the speaker phone button as he signaled silence in the rest of the room.

"This is Kakashi Hatake."

There was a deep chuckling heard on the other line and the person took in a short breath, "I'm aware of that, Hatake."

"Who is this?" Kakashi tried asking into the receiver.

The person on the other line let out a short sigh of amusement into his device, "Who I am is of no importance to you, Hatake. I'd much rather talk to one of your agents."

"Then what was the point of calling in and asking for me?" the chief question with the utmost calmness in his unwavering voice.

The agents in the room could tell the male on the other line was smirking when he spoke hi next words, "Only to be an inconvenience."

As the man continued to speak on the other line, Sakura couldn't help but feel that she had heard the voice once or twice before.

"Is there a point to you call?" Kakashi asked, unfazed by the male's previous comment.

The male chuckled once more, "Of course, Hatake. I do in fact have some information you require regarding your missing police officers."

At the sound of his words, Genma's ears seemed to perk up as well as the rest of the agents in the office.

"But I don't really have a desire to discuss the information with you," the male on the other line spoke again with an evident smirk.

"Which one of my agents do you wish to speak too?"

A hum of what sounded like enjoyment was heard form the receiver. "I'd like to speak to Sakura Haruno."

Sakura's eyes widened as the voice on the other end of the call spoke her name. As she slowly walked closer to the desk, the voice spoke once more.

"And since I know you're in the room, Sakura, be a dear and pick up he receiver when you reach the phone," the deep voice spoke with amusement lacing his tone. "We wouldn't want anyone eavesdropping in on our private conversation."

The pink haired agent looked up at Kakashi with questioning eyes and lips slightly parted in disbelief. The chief just gave her a nod as she stepped closer and gently picked up the receiver, "This is Haruno."

The male's deep chuckle rang through her ear against the phone, "Hello, love. I'd like to play a little game with you."

"I'd rather you just tell me why you've kidnapped three of our police officers and where they are right now," Sakura retorted.

"So feisty," the voice on he other line commented. "But that's not how the game works, my dear. There are some things you have to do before I can help you with that predicament of yours."

"And what would those things be?" she asked with a hint of annoyance.

"Your temper is adorable, Sakura-chan," the stranger told her with a light laugh. "I want you to dig deep down into that pretty little head of yours and answer the big question that's nagging at the back of your mind as we speak."

"How am I supposed to answer that if I already can't figure it out?" she questioned with impatience peaking into her tone.

The male let out another chuckle, "You're a resourceful girl, Sakura-chan. I have confidence in your skills, but I'll give you a hint. Keep in mind though; I'm not a patient person. I won't give you very long before the next person on my list goes missing."

"Even if I do figure out who you are, I won't have any way to contact you," Sakura argued as her eyes met Naruto's from across the room.

"Just leave the contacting to me, doll face," his voice spoke evenly from the other device. "Are you ready?"

Sakura stayed silent and waited for his next words.

"Even a second is eternal. Who am I?"

Before Sakura could ask him anything else, the line went dead.

"Fuck," Sakura cursed as she held the now silent phone in her hand. She slammed the phone down in annoyance as she looked up at the males in the room.

"What did he say, Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked with concern flickering behind his sapphire eyes.

Sakura let out a frustrated sigh as she raked a hand through her tousled pink tresses, "He said that before he would give me any information, I had to figure out who he was. The thing his there was something so familiar about his voice."

Kakashi took out his cell phone and quickly go a hold of Shikamaru, putting him on speaker phone. "Were you able to track anything?"

"Well I recorded the entire call but as for tracking it pinpointed three locations in the downtown area," the lazy genius explained as the sound of Kakashi's printer echoed through the room. "I just sent you the map with the three points marked in red."

Kakashi grasped the paper hanging from the printer rack and looked it over with Sakura gazing at it from across the desk. "It almost looks like…"

"A perimeter," Sakura finished.

"That's exactly what I was thinking when I first looked at it, but when you look at it again the mile marks are uneven," Shikamaru described as Kakashi traced his finger to connect the point.

"Let me see that," Genma requested as he walked up next to Sakura form and took the paper from Kakashi's outreaching hold. The assistant police chief's eyes narrowed before they widened at the sight. "These points are the areas that my officers were patrolling before they were kidnapped."

"He's basically drawing us a map," Sakura muttered as she looked down at the sheet in Genma's grasp.

"Shikamaru, pinpoint a relative center for that perimeter and give me a list of places around the center," Kakashi instructed as he hung up the phone before he looked up to Genma who was still standing quite still in front of his desk. "Genma, are any higher ranked officers supposed to be patrolling anywhere in this area today?"

"I know I have officers over in that area on a daily basis because it can be a bad area, why?" the brunette questioned as he twirled the toothpick in his mouth.

"And that area has to be patrolled?" Kakashi questioned behind his clasped hands.

"Yeah, it's a popular area for drug busts," Genma told the male sitting at the desk. "We can't just stop patrolling the area with all the activity that goes on there."

"He told me he wasn't a patient person," Sakura's voice spoke lowly as she looked at her chief before sitting down in one of the chair's in front of his desk. "It won't be long before he goes after another officer."

Kakashi's gaze shifted form Sakura to Genma once more, "I suggest you double the amount of officers you have patrolling the area, but not in an obvious fashion. We don't want to draw too much attention to the area."

"I'll get right on it," Genma replied as he took his leave from the office.

"Sasuke, Kiba, go back to the file room and pull any case that Sakura was a part of where the criminal took a liking to Sakura or preferred to talk to only her," Kakashi instructed to the two males.

Before the two left the office, Sakura voice stopped them. "Make it files from only the past two to three years. Male, ages late twenties to late thirties."

"Got it," Kiba answered as he and Sasuke left the office.

"Naruto, I want you to get the recording from Shikamaru and try to analyze what our guy was saying," Kakashi instructed the blonde before he turned to Neji. "Hyuga, go with Naruto and see if you and Shikamaru can find out anything else about this guy or the relation to the areas the call came from."

Both males nodded before the exited the office.

"He told me it was a game, but nothing's adding up," Sakura spoke quietly as she leaned back into the chair. "It's almost as if he's trying to elaborate me to another path."

Kakashi let out a sigh as he ran a hand through his spiked hair, "That's something we have to figure out."

About four hours later, Sakura had moved her office into one of the larger conference rooms where all of her case files were organized in a time line across the long table. She stood next to the middle of the table with her hand gripping the edge and supporting the rest of her weight.

'There's gotta' be more meaning in what he told me other than his hint,' Sakura thought to herself as her eyes continued to scan the pictures of her suspects on the table. 'None of these guys match up.'

She closed her eyes and let her head hang as she replayed his words in her head.

"I'd like to play a little game with you."

"You're a resourceful girl, Sakura-chan."

"Keep in mind though; I'm not a patient person."

"Just leave the contacting to me, doll face."

"Even a second is eternal."

"Who am I?"

Her body suddenly became ridged as she stood straight up with widened emerald eyes, "Shit. Why didn't I realize it sooner?"

She sprinted out of the room as fast as she could with skirt and heels she had chosen to wear that day. She grabbed the handle on the door to Kakashi's office and burst into the room.

"It's Sasori," Sakura panted as she gazed at Kakashi and the few other agents that were in his office. "Akatsuki are the ones behind this."

Sasuke immediately stood from his seat with very tense body language, "Are you sure?"

Sakura knew when it came to anything Akatsuki related, Sasuke would always jump in to be involved in any way he could since his brother was a part of the most infamous gang in the entire country.

"Positive," she told him taking in another breath before she continued. "I knew I had heard his voice before and when I started putting everything he said together I remembered he had a nickname for me and that he was never a patient person, both of which he referred too."

"Good work Sakura," Kakashi praised as he looked towards the panting pinkette. "Do we have any way to contact him though?"

"Unfortunately, no," she answered. "He said he would be doing all of the contacting."

Suddenly Kakashi's office phone rang making everyone turn and look at the small black device with anticipation. The masked chief pressed the speaker phone button, "Kakashi Hatake."

"Sir, there is a call coming in for you," Shino's voice spoke lowly from the other line. "I believe it's the same male you were talking to earlier today."

"Send it over, and tell Shikamaru to trace it again," the gray haired man instructed as he heard the transferring click signaling the new call.

"Hello again, Hatake," the man on the other line greeted with a smirk evident in his voice. "Hello to you as well, doll face. Did you answer that question at the back of your mind yet?"

"Yes, Sasori," she practically spat out in annoyance. "Now tell me where our officers are."

She heard the male tisk into the phone in an almost teasing manner, "I applaud your skills Sakura-chan. I knew you wouldn't fail me, but I still can't give you the information you seek."

"And why the hell not?"

"Temper, Temper, doll face," he teased openly before he gave a short chuckle. "Although I love you fiery attitude, it won't get you far. For your next task, things are going to get a little more personal."

The agents in the office heard a shuffling noise as if he was moving around before the sound of nervous breathing was heard on the other line.


'Oh god…'

"Ino," she breathed out as she leaned against Kakashi's desk with clenched fists. "Sasori you bastard."

They heard the male's deep chuckle once more, "Here's your next hint, so don't disappoint me, doll face. Art is a bang."

And then line went dead.

Sakura whipped her head to the side to stare at Kakashi with rage and worry in her eyes, "Where's Deidara?"

"He's in the FBI police unit's maximum security cells," Sasuke answered before Kakashi could.

And as quickly as agent Sakura Haruno entered the office, she was gone to her next destination; the Konoha maximum security prison.

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