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"Phone conversation"


"Have we confirmed their location?"

"Yes," a voice answered. "It seems they have arrived in Suna just this afternoon."

"Perfect," another voice replied. "Go and inform the situation to Orochimaru. He has been waiting to here something like this for quite some time now."

"Yes, sir."

"So what do we do now, Kimimaro?"

"We'll let things take their destined course," the man replied as he fiddled with a pen between his fingers. "It's only a matter of time before they come looking for us in places that aren't safe for them."

The other person let out a chuckle, "Should we give them a show then?"

"I believe they deserve one."

The man smiled viciously, "I'll go cook up some mayhem then."

"Just this once; try to keep the mess to a minimum," Kimimaro instructed to the man. "I don't want to chase to spoil too quickly."

"Sure thing," the man replied as he exited the dark room with his wide grin.

"I'll be seeing you soon, Sakura…"

Ch.5 Welcome to the sand pit



"Absolutely not."

"It's happening. I don't need your consent."

"You promised Kakashi and Tsunade that you wouldn't take part in any field word. This is considered field work, Sakura."

"Not if you look at it from another perspective, Sasuke. Think of it as me just going out for a night on the town but I just happen to have a gun strapped to my inner thigh and a badge hidden in my cleavage."

That silenced the dark haired agent pretty quickly as his mind immediately wandered to the thought of his partner in a skimpy dress. He tried to hide the slight flush of pink matching Sakura's hair that wanted to creep to his cheeks just at the thought. But of course, he contained himself. He was an Uchiha after all, and Uchiha's don't blush.

"I won't lie, that sounds like a pretty damn good image to me," Kiba interjected with his perverted smirk crossing his tanned features.

Gaara cleared is throat before he continued speaking. "So it's settled then," he began as he straightened the stack of photos relevant to the case and stood up form his large desk chair. "Sakura, Kankuro, Sasuke, and Kiba will be going to the club that the henchmen were last seen. Naruto, Temari, and myself will be waiting outside in one of our vehicles while Shikamaru remains here to keep tabs on the security camera." The red headed chief of the Suna department turned back to Sakura, "The four of you will have your ear pieces in, so if you see anything or need back-up you'll be directly connected to the three of us waiting outside as well as Shikamaru."

"Do we really think they'll show up again tonight after being seen only a few days ago?" Kiba questioned, crossing his arms over his chest.

"If they weren't purposely trying to get caught, they wouldn't show up again," Sakura answered as she adjusted the strap going around her neck. "But knowing how careful they are about being caught and how easily they let themselves be seen recently, I know they'll be there again."

"So it's a set-up then," Naruto spoke up.

"Exactly," Sakura confirmed as she let out a long sigh before she turned towards Temari. "Around what time were those pictures captured?"

"Roughly around two in the morning," the female Subaku sibling replied as she brushed some of her sandy blonde bangs out of her turquoise eyes. "We only caught two of the know lackeys, but they had another male with them that we didn't recognize. We're assuming it's a new recruit."

"So who are the ones from the pictures?" Naruto questioned, not bothering to glance at the pictures previously passed around.

"They're Zaku Abumi and Dosou Kinuta," Sakura answered. "Both long time members but not too highly ranked; and both have been arrested before but never convicted for anything serious enough to be locked away for a long period of time. They always made bail."

"Have you ever come in contact with them?" Shikamaru questioned as he gazed at his pink haired friend.

"Fortunately I have never had the pleasure of their company," Sakura drawled as she brushed her bangs out of her line of vision. "Which means they won't know who I am when they see me at the bar tonight."

"What did the third guy in the pictures look like?" Sasuke asked as Gaara looked over the pictures once more.

"White hair with some blue hues reaching to his shoulders and purple eyes. He has a muscular build probably just under six feet and looks to be roughly twenty-four," Gaara answered as he mulled over the photograph in his hands.

"What time will we leave?" Kankuro inquired as he moved to stand behind Sakura placing his hands gently on her shoulders.

"We will leave in three hours," Gaara announced as he turned to the four agents that would be going undercover. "The four of you will need to change and make yourselves…"

"I believe the words you're looking for are 'club ready'," Kiba finished for his as his wolf like smile couldn't be missed from his handsome features. "Let's do this! I'm so ready to check out these Suna ladies."

The pinkette rolled her eyes at the comment as Kiba turned to provide her with a seductive grin, "Don't worry, babe. You're the only girl for me."

"Oh I'm so overjoyed to hear that."

When darkness finally overcame the city of Suna and the nocturnal inhabitants came out to play in the night life it provided, the Konoha and Suna teams began to make their way over to Blaze, the club they were staking out.

They had previously decided that they would all come in at separate times so they wouldn't look like they were together, although Kankuro promised to play the 'innocent bar patron' and buy her a drink while shamelessly flirting with her. Typical Kankuro.

Kiba went in first, followed by Kankuro then Sasuke. Finally once it was Sakura's turn, Gaara pulled the car up a block away from the club so they she could get out without being suspicious directly in front of the venue.

"Just remember, don't try anything too drastic, Sakura-chan," Naruto reminded his partner as she moved to step out of the vehicle. "Granny would kill me if you got hurt."

Sakura waved him off as she set her heeled feet onto the cement sidewalk outside the car. "I know, Naruto. I'll be careful," she told her blonde friend as she applied a small amount of pressure to the piece in her ear. "Shika, can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear."

"Perfect," she replied as she turned back to shoot Gaara a glance. "Can you hear me in your headset too?"

He gave her a nod in return before he told her to be careful, which she only replied with one of her famous smiles as she closed the door and began to walk towards the Suna night life. As she began to get closer to her destination, she knew she was receiving stares from people passing by. She could also understand why. With the dress she was wearing, it was kind of hard not to stare as she passed by.

The dress she wore was short, skin-tight, and jet black. It ended just below her bottom and sucked in her already slim form like a second skin to flaunt her curves to the world. The neckline of the dress was that of a sweetheart with gave her to opportunity to show off her ample chest. The dress then formed off to a one shoulder with sheer black fabric coming up from one side of the neckline up and over her shoulder leading down into a sheer black sleeve to her wrist. She complimented her sexy dress with a pair of black pumps and styled her hair into a loose wave.

As she reached the club, she noticed that there was a line formed just to get through the doors. Not wanting to wait for an eternity, she slowly walked passed the bouncer, being sure that she swayed her hips a little more that she needed too, and acted like she was going to stand in line.

"Miss, hold on!"

'Hook, line, and sinker.'

She paused her movement as she him a cute but questioning look over her left shoulder.

"You don't have to wait in this line," his deep voice spoke as she shamelessly glace up and down her boy before meeting her gaze. "Come on in."

"Thank you, handsome," she replied coyly as the bulky male lifted the felt cord so that she could proceed through the front door.

Once she was fully inside, the smell of sweat, alcohol, and shameless decisions filled her nose and the sound of the music's bass reached her ears. She swept her eyes over the crowds and noticed both Kankuro and Kiba conversing with different groups of women, while Sasuke sat in one of the back booths with woman obviously hanging all over him. Sakura inwardly chuckled because she knew that he was pondering how much he hated his life.

Moving over to the bar, Sakura took a seat on one of the empty barstools and crossed one of her legs over the other. She continued to gaze through the crowd with no sign of any of the sound members until the bartender asked for her drink order. She replied with a dirty martini and added a wink causing the male to blush as he rushed away to fill her request.

As she sat at the bar for forty-five minutes and still no sign of the sound targets, she began to grow a tad bit frustrated.

'Here I am in a Suna club, working under cover on one of the biggest cases of my career and all I get is guys buying me drinks and hands wandering too far for my liking.'

She felt a familiar hand on her lower back as the smell of Kiba's cologne filled her delicate senses. To everyone else in the club, it looked as if he was whispering compliments in her ear. "Just be patient. I'm sure they'll be here soon so you can work your magic."

Sakura let a small smirk appear across her rosy lips at the brunette's words as he backed away slightly and looked into her endless emerald orbs with his chocolate brown ones, "How 'bout I buy you a drink, beautiful?"

She gave him a cute nod as a part of their act giving Kiba the OK to flag down the bartender. He leaned into her once more and placed his lips against her ear once more. "You really do look gorgeous tonight, Sakura."

He moved away slightly once more and it was her turn to place her plump lips against his ear and move one of her hands to touch his arm. "And you're full of shit, but I'll take the compliment," she replied causing him to chuckle. She was also glad he chose the ear that she didn't have a microphone in so that her fellow agents did have to hear their conversation. "Did you bring those injections that I asked you too?"

He nodded in reply before she continued. "Now control yourself as I tell you where to put them. Move the hand that's on my back up to the top edge of my dress under my arms," she instructed as Kiba began to follow her given directions. "If you touch my boob, I will hurt you later. Slide the needles into my dress from the edge far enough that they are hidden from view."

He did as he was told and finished just as the bartender returned with the drink he ordered for her. Kiba pulled away and gave the pinkette a wink before giving her a short wave good bye as he went to pray on other women in the night club. Sakura glanced down at the drink Kiba ordered for her and noticed it was a shot also referred to as a red-headed slut; one of Kiba's favorites.

"Sakura, one of the targets is walking into the club now," Gaara's voice informed her through her ear piece. As much as she wanted to immediately turn around, she waited and finished off the shot that Kiba had bought for her before she casually turned the stool to one side so she could lean her good arm on the bar and place the other in her lap. Her new position gave her the seeming view of just as casual glance around the club, when really she was just looking to catch a glimpse of her target.

As she geared the crowd, she noticed the target already had his eyes on her, flashing her a cocky smirk. Perfect. She provided him with a coy smile as she turned back around to face the other direction. Sakura already knew he was going to come over and talk to her. Not being cocky, just knowing how the mind of a male at the club worked.

"What's your plan?" Naruto's voice questioned over the ear piece.

"Seduce, relocate to a secluded place, and then proceed to seduce or threaten for information."

"You seem pretty confident with your plan," Temari interjected with a smirk evident beneath her words.

"When it comes to horny men in clubs or bars, I'm never wrong."

"Hey, gorgeous. What are you doing over here all by yourself?"

'Just like clockwork.'

The pink haired agent turned around to face him and gave him another smile, "Just waiting for someone good enough to come along and keep me entertained."

"Oh, a feisty one," he commented with a chuckle as he leaned up against the empty space on the bar next to her. "I'm sure that attitude gets you pretty far when talking to a guy."

"It has to be that or my devilish good looks and divine personality," the pinkette replied as her smile turned into a smirk, causing the male to let out another chuckle.

"I'm Zaku, and you are?"

"Serene, but don't worry, my name doesn't really go along with my personality," she told him with a wink.

Zaku was a pretty average looking guy in Sakura's opinion. He had dark hair that was spiked on his head and an average looking face. He was only a few inches taller that she was and his build was a little higher than average. He couldn't even begin to compare to her fellow FBI agents from both Suna and Konoha.

"I have to say, Serene, I've never seen hair like yours before," he began as he looped one of his fingers through her bubblegum locks. "I have to wonder if it's natural."

Like she'd never heard that one before.

"Well, Zaku, if you continue to keep my interest for the rest of the night, perhaps you'll get to find out for yourself instead of just taking my word for it," she suggested sensually as she ran a finger up his chest.

"What would I have to do to keep you interested, gorgeous?"

"For starters, you could tell me a little about yourself."

"I'm twenty-five; I was born and raised in Sound, and I am currently in Suna for business."


She could tell he was a lower ranked member because he gave away the basic information too easily. If he was higher up, he would have at least tried to lie about at least his name and birthplace but she was happy he was making it so easy for her.

"What kind of a business?"

"Just needed to take a couple trips for my company, bringing goods back and forth and what not. Nothing that would probably interest a girl such as yourself."

Sakura certainly didn't like the way he said goods, but she made herself use restraint in cringing at his tone. She knew that this man was on the lower level of the pyramid for the sound gang, but Sakura was sure that he still had some bit of valuable information that could help with the case.

"So what's your story, Serene?" Zaku asked as he moved on of his hands to rest on the exposed flesh of her milky legs.

As the agent inwardly gagged, she kept the coy smile across her rose lips. "I'm twenty-four; I'm originally from Rain country but moved to Suna because I received a position as a nurse at the Suna hospital. In regards to why I'm here tonight," she paused as placed her hand atop of his that was resting on her leg, moving it farther up her creamy thigh, "I'm just looking to have a little fun tonight."

"Good lord, Sakura. I think Naruto just passed out with a nose bleed," Temari's voice notified over her device.

"Well if you're that impatient, I'm sure we could find somewhere a little more private to have some fun."

"And now he's up at ready to kill."

"Sounds good to me," she purred as she sat up from her bar stool, taking Zaku's hand in the process, and led him to the back of the bar where Sakura noticed an empty storage room. Pulling the dark haired agent into the room and shutting the door behind her, she pushed him up against the stone wall with some force and began to nibble on his ear as her hands moved to his waist.

"Zaku, I have a question," she drawled out huskily as she felt the dark haired male's hands grip her hips.

"What, gorgeous?"

He didn't understand what was happening until he felt the cold metal of a gun barrel being pressed against his temple. He then connected that the pink haired goddess in front of him was looking up into his dark eyes with her emerald ones as a smirk played across her features holding his own gun to his head.

"Move and I shoot you," she informed as she prepared the gun for fire, allowing the sound to ring through his ears.

"You bitch!" he spat as he attempted to move only to have the barrel of his gun pressed harder against his head. "Who the fuck are you?"

"I'm the only one who gets to ask questions, Zaku. Now, where is the Sound base and where is Orochimaru hiding?"

Zaku snorted and rolled his eyes, "I'm not fucking telling you anything, you stupid bitch!"

"What a shame," Sakura replied with a light sigh escaping her lips as she reached into the top of her dress and pulled out a needle that Kiba had hidden in her bra. She pulled off the cap with her teeth and gave the needle a test squirt making Zaku's eyes widen.

"W-what the hell is that?" he demanded as he tried to further himself from the sharp object that he assumed was going to penetrate his skin.

"Oh, this?" she questioned as her eyes slid over towards the needle and back to his panicked orbs. "Let's just say you'll lose control of your body and mind and pain will be the only thing you feel."

He gave a short laugh, trying to hide the nerves behind it, "That's not possible."

"Unfortunately for you, it is," Sakura replied as she placed the point of the needle against the racing pulse of his neck. "Now, tell me what I need to know, and I won't have to stick this needle painfully into your neck, Zaku."

"I…I can't!"

"I would apologize for the pain you're about to feel, but I can't find it in myself to care that much," she replied as he felt the need start to press harder into his skin.

"Wait! Wait!" he interrupted. "The base is in an old medical warehouse on the outskirts of Sound!"

Sakura smirked, "And Orochimaru?"

"I don't know! Only the higher ups know where he is! They don't tell us anything, I swear!"

Sakura gave him a fake smile. "Thank you for all you're help, Zaku."

And suddenly, all he saw was black as he felt the pistol being whipped across the base of his skull. As Sakura watched the gang member fall unceremoniously to the ground in the storage room, she crouched down and stuck the needle into the male's neck, letting the contents pour into his veins. Of course she lied when she said she wasn't going to use it. She also lied when she told him what the effects were but of course he was easily fooled.

The serum she injected into Zaku's neck caused no harm to his body. It was designed to cause short term memory loss to the person it was injected into. It could cause up to an hour of memory loss all the way up to a full week. Sakura used the drug for two reasons. One; he would forget about meeting her so she wouldn't have to worry about him remembering her identity, and two; he wouldn't remember giving out very valuable information so he would go on thinking he just drank way too much instead of being drugged in the back of a bar by a female with ridiculous pink hair.

Sakura let out a breath as she stood up and stretched her back out before moving one finger to press against the ear piece. "Shikamaru. Look up all old medical factories and warehouses in and around the Sound area. It will have gone out of business or have a notice to be condemned for non-use. Once you have that list, search all other abandoned buildings from the same lines or companies and compile a list."

"Roger that."

"Sakura. Another one of the members has just entered the club," Gaara's voice informed her. "It's the one we didn't recognize. I suggest at least learning his name so we can perform a full background check on him."

"Sure thing," she replied as she brushed the dust off her legs from kneeling on the floor.

Stealthily removing herself from the back storage room, she re-entered the main area of the club and moved to sit down in an empty booth. She glanced over to Sasuke who gave her a questioning glance. Sakura replied with a slight nod which she hid as she turned her head to search the crowd for the unnamed gang member.

Sakura noticed him sitting at the bar ordering a drink. She didn't have the patience to let him come to her, so she decided she would make the first move. She glided across the club until she appeared next to the handsome male with pale skin and whiteish blue hued locks.

"Took you long enough to get here," her voice spoke up catching his attention allowing his purple orbs to train over to her emerald ones. "I thought I'd have to go through the whole night surrounded by average looking guys."

Admittedly, the male was much more attractive than the other two Sound lackeys. He was tall, built, and flawless pale skin and unique hair and eye colors just like her own.

His mouth formed into a smirk at her comment before he let out a short chuckle, "Well I would also consider myself fortunate to have the most attractive woman in the club approach me out of everyone here. So I'm really the most attractive guy here tonight?"

The Konoha agent let out a small giggle as she nodded in reply, "Isn't it obvious?"

"Well I don't like to sound too confident in my looks, and if I agreed immediately that I was in fact the sexiest man here that would mean that I was checking out the other guys in the club tonight," he explained making Sakura raise and amused brow as he leaned himself against the bar. "Which is certainly not the case."

"Of course not," Sakura replied with a short laugh at his short tale. "That would just be weird."

"Exactly!" the males exclaimed as he showed off his equally handsome smile. "So that's why I was also waiting for a girl like you, with equally astonishing looks, to confirm how awesome I look tonight."

Sakura let out another laugh, "Well you certainly don't need to be told twice. You seem pretty damn confident in your appearance."

His grin widened, "Yeah, but you don't even need to be told you're gorgeous 'cause you already know. But if you want me to reiterate the fact for you, I'd be more than happy too."

Shrugging koyly she gave him a sweet smile, "It wouldn't hurt."

The male chuckled, "What's your name, princess?"

"Serene. And you are?"

He leaned in to whisper in her ear as he placed a hand on her bicep.

"Let's be real, agent Haruno. Of all names you could have picked, you couldn't think of something more original?"

Emerald orbs widened considerably as her breath unexpectedly hitched in the depths of her throat. "Who are you?" she questioned in a low whisper as her body stiffened under his touch.

He let out a low chuckle the made a shiver run down the base of her spinal cord. "Don't worry about who I am right now. You also don't have to worry about the safety of your identity," he began; his tone deep and velvety. "I have no intent to cause you any trouble. What you and your other agents should worry about, it the situation that is about to occur in one of the near by allies by this club."

Sakura made a move to pull away but he pulled her back, causing pain to shoot up her healing arm. "There's nothing you can do. If you go now, you'll only be putting yourself into a sticky situation."

Her emerald eyes glared up into his lilac ones with mistrust, "Why are you telling me this and what would give me any reason to even remotely trust you?"

"Trusting me is the only way you and your unit are ever going to stop Orochimaru and his organization," he replied. "If you don't trust me it's only going to take you longer to find him, giving him even more opportunity to kill more innocent people."

Before Sakura could utter a reply, the male placed a piece of paper in her hands. "I'll be seeing you later, Sakura-chan." And after placing a kiss against her temple, he disappeared into the sea of people crowding the dance floor.

The FBI agent continued to stand next to the bar with her rosy lips parted in slight disbelief as she stared into the crowd blankly. When her brain finally registered the male's previous words she was quick to exit the club. "Shikamaru, Gaara. Tell everyone to come out of the club, now," she instructed as the hot night air brushed her cheeks as she exited the venue. "There's a situation in one of the allies. I'm not sure what it is, but we need to find out ASAP."

"Where did you find out this information?" Gaara questioned into the ear piece.

"Find the alley now, ask questions later."

Sakura didn't wait for a response as she sprinted as fast as she could in the ridiculously tall heels she adorned and hiked up her dress slightly as she ran so she could grab the gun that was perfectly concealed against her inner thigh. Holding her gun to her chest with both hands as she braced herself against building walls, she checked every alleyway she saw. Coming to her fourth one, she was greeted with a grim sight.

Sakura lowered her gun as her eyes saddened at the scene. "Fourth alleyway to the right of the club," she spoke quietly as her finger pressed lightly against her ear piece. "Call the police and an ambulance. Make sure you warn them that it's not a pretty sight."

Lying in the middle of the alley was the body of a man who she had seen dancing at the club only an hour before. His body was cut from his stomach to his upper-chest with large amounts of blood pooling around his lifeless corpse. But what disturbed the agent more was the message left at the scene of the crime written in the victims own blood.

"Catch us if you can."

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