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Another glass of whiskey was placed before the mortal. He choked it back then banged the glass back on the counter. His deep blue eyes begged the bartender for another. The amber liquid displayed his own disgruntled reflection.

The bartender secured the lid back on the precious liquid then hid it in the protective casing. While it was true most of the police in Santa Carla would not turn in the servers of the illegal beverage, as most were bribed with free drinks, he was not chancing the risk of that one virtuous cop entering his "dinning" establishment.

Mueller swished the liquid before gulping down half the contents. He wiped away the remaining gold beads from his upper lip then leaned his chin on his arms which were crossed over the counter.

Another man sat down beside him and ordered a beer. Ben lifted his head, recalling a bit of familiarity in that voice. He turned to see the face of the man he met two nights ago lighting a cigarette. David inhaled deeply and let the smoke leave his lips in a graceful line. The bottle was placed before him and the blonde promptly paid.

He gave a full smile to the acquaintance beside him before taking a long drag. He followed the smoke with a long swig of the bitter beverage.

"What's a big time reporter like you doing in a place like this?" David asked before taking another puff.

Ben sighed. He figured sooner or later someone would recognize him from the paper. He only hoped his new fame would not end up barring him from his favorite establishments.

"You read the last article?" Ben asked.

David exhaled. Ben swatted away the smoke that fluttered over towards his face.

"Afraid not," David replied. He took another sip of the beer then leaned closer to the human. His blood raced as he thought about his closest friend who would soon be placed six feet beneath the earth courtesies of Santa Carla's youngest monster. "You…uh…get any more information on those disappearances you been writing about?"

Ben shot him a glare. "Do you find that funny?" he snarled.

David widened his eyes and placed his near empty bottle on the counter. "I didn't mean to offend you," the blonde replied. "Two nights ago you were celebrating your success."

Having forgotten David's recent mentioning that he had not read the article he released a sigh and reached into his pocket. David's tongue fiddled with the cigarette in his mouth while he waited for whatever object the mortal would reveal. He slapped a newspaper on the counter. He nodded with his eyes that he wanted his acquaintance to read the headlining story.

"I only wish the cops would take me seriously," Ben said as he downed the rest of his whiskey.

David held the paper in front of his face to hide his smirk while reading about the remains of Curtis' first victim. It was a continuation of the one they read the night before. As of that morning no further evidence had been collected.

Ben continued to confess his worries, "I think this threatened whoever's been committing these abductions."

David nodded in interest. Ben pounded his fist on the counter catching the attention of everyone surrounding him. David stifled his snicker.

"I think he thought I was onto him and saw me as a threat," Ben revealed. He crossed his arms and stared at the bottom of his empty cup. "So he took out the weaker of the team, my closest friend, as a warning to me."

"Hmm…that's an interesting conclusion," David said as he rolled up the paper. "But it sounds to me like you're getting ahead of yourself." He tossed the newspaper back to its owner. "Really, you're talking about a sophisticated criminal here. How could someone do all this and not get caught?" David finished his words with another swig from the brown bottle.

"I don't know," said Ben with a sigh. He held his face in his hands. "I really don't know." He brought his sweating hands down to his thighs. "Don't think I don't know how farfetched that sounds. But…" he stared dreamily off into space while speaking. "Maybe I just want to know that there was something more to Harry's murder than just spontaneous violence." Ben gasped and clamped a hand over his mouth. David had to hide a smile for this was way too amusing to him. "Harry was my researcher on this topic. What if he knew some valuable information and…"

Ben ceased his words upon seeing the look of disbelief in his listener's eyes. He lowered his head upon realization of how ridiculous it all sounded.

The human let out a sigh. Even David had to feel sorry for the pathetic mortal with their various amounts of emotions. He was glad that his own kind was not driven by feelings.

"I know deep down it's just me wanting to make some sense of Harry's death," Ben said cradling the empty glass. "If I ever catch the guy who…"

He smacked it down on the counter, both watching as shards splintered in each direction. One slit into the human's wrist, leaving a thin trail of blood. The tantalizing scent invaded David's senses. He licked his lips while pushing back his fangs. A false restaurant full of people was not the best place for him to reveal his true identity.

David swallowed the collective saliva. He bit his lip then brushed the larger chunks of glass away from the human.

"I think you've had a little too much," David said. He grasped where the blood flowed. The warm liquid beneath his thumb brought back so many fond memories of late night kills. That one would make a most tasty meal. Not now, when the time called for it. There was so much fun he could have with that one—it would be a pity to end him so soon.

Ben waved his hand between David and himself. He said, "I shouldn't be burdening you with all my problems. I'm sure you got tons of 'em yourself."

David smirked then turned around on his stool. He crossed one leg over the other and leaned against the back of the counter, his elbows resting on the surface and his forearms hanging over. He tilted his head back and stared up at the tacky chandelier that was in need of a good dusting.

"We all got our troubles," David said. He smiled over at Ben then said, "Anytime you need someone to talk to, you come find me."

Ben offered David a smile then extended his hand. The vampire smirked and clamped tightly around the human's hand.

"I'll take you up on that," Ben said. He let out a happier sigh then said, "You know, it's hard to find good, honest people anymore. I'm glad you're an exception."

David smirked as he nodded in reply. If only he knew.

The city's youngest vampire stalked the streets. He and his brother entered the bar close to twenty minutes ago. The older excused himself when he saw a familiar face sitting up at the bar. Curtis stood there making eyes with all the pretty females before he finally grew bored. Figuring there would be more excitement outside, Curtis took his leave, not bothering to share the news of his departure with David.

Unfortunately for Curtis, he found the exact opposite to his prediction. There was not as many people out as there had been the last two nights. He figured not many people ventured out on the Sabbath. Only those who wallowed in sin found any reason to socialize in the shady area that he and David selected for their nightly prey. As for Curtis, those were the very people he desired to spend his time with before making the kill.

The sound of jazz caught Curtis' ears. He crept into a lounge that housed several local musicians. Several couples danced about the stage. Curtis swayed in tune with the melody. Just because he was superior to humans did not mean he could not enjoy their music. The couples ceased dancing when the song ended.

Curtis watched as a beautiful woman with golden curls stepped to the center of the stage. Her long fingers curled around the microphone stand. Curtis licked his lips as he thought of what else those fingers could do. Her hazelnut eyes met with each of the men in the audience as she began to croon. Her angelic contralto voice mesmerized the audience as she sang a love ballad which led those with partners to slow dance on the floor below.

A woman in her late twenties approached the vampire and tapped him on the shoulder. Curtis grimaced at her horrid appearance and waved her away before she could ask him to dance. She spat out a few choice words before making her leave. Curtis glared at the girl, he could easily make her his next meal, but did not want to waste his time dealing with her. His gaze focused on the object who would fulfill both his lust and his hunger.

Curtis sat at a table drinking soda while listening to the band until the clock read a few minutes after ten. The songbird spoke a sweet goodnight to those in the audience before turning about in her form-fitting, yellow dress. Curtis licked his lips as he thought of how he would rip that dress from her perfect form. He could already imagine his claws running through those golden curls.

The club owner announced to those still within the building that it would close within the next half hour. Curtis stood for what he desired was making her way out the back door. The blonde spoke a farewell to the owner who tipped his hat to him.

Making sure none were watching he slithered to the back of the building where the singer was saying farewell to the band members. The drummer helped her into her car before kissing her on the cheek. Curtis gritted his teeth, making a mental note to have that man's throat for dessert. The car started and the woman began her ride out of town. Curtis walked out to a secluded area near the woods and checked to make sure none were watching before taking to the sky.

His eyes glowed like a tiger's in the night as he watched her vehicle from below. She pulled up to a set of nice apartments that very few in the town could afford. He watched her perfect form wiggle into the entrance of the building. He crossed his arms and clicked his tongue, figuring he would have to find a new item on the menu. That was when the light clicked on in a room on the second floor. Her figure appeared behind the screen of a window.

Curtis waited for her to head to the bathroom before landing on the balcony outside her room. She emerged from the bathroom wearing a yellow robe tied off with a sash. Her hair had been let down from its pinned style. Curtis rapped on the pane with his knuckles. The woman glanced his way and jumped at the sight of a man standing out on her balcony. Curtis smiled then knocked again.

Out of curiosity the singer crossed over to the glass to see the face of one of the men she had witnessed at her show. In a sort of hypnotic trance she waltzed over to where the smiling blonde waited. She curled her fingers, fully aware of the dangers associated with allowing a stranger to enter her domain. However, one look into his eyes and all rational thinking died. Her hands peeled back the lock and pushed the frame open. The light wind from outside danced through her curls.

"You're inviting me in?" Curtis asked.

She nodded, "Please, come in," she said in a seductive tone similar to the one she used on stage.

Curtis wasted no time in entering. The human girl shut the door and stared at the bizarre creature she gave access to her quarters.

"Very nice house," Curtis said admiring the artwork nailed to the walls. The furniture was brand name and the linens were also among top designers. He turned to her and asked, "Did you earn all this yourself?"

She laughed then answered, "Had to sing for everything in here." She sat down on a wicker chair and extended the invitation to her guest as well.

"I can respe't that," Curtis said sitting across from her. His eyes stared into hers.

She felt an overwhelming urge to touch him which she willed away by lightly shaking her head.

"You know, it's weird that I let someone in without knowing his name," she said resting her chin on folded hands.

"It's Curtis," the vampire stated. "I know yers is Catherine Divine." He took her hand in his which she quickly slipped away.

"Nice to meet you, Curtis," she said, somewhat regretting her impulsive decision to let a stranger just walk in.

"You have a wonderful voice," Curtis said leaning closer. He could smell her sweet perfume. Beneath that scent was the one he craved. He licked his lips already tasting the bittersweet, iron flavor combined with shrill screams.

"Thanks," Catherine said. She ran a hand through her locks. "I have to do what I can to make a living."

"No man?" Curtis asked with a raised brow.

Catherine shook her head. "No, not a constant one anyway." She laughed then added, "It's normal in my line of work."

Curtis grabbed Catherine's hand. "I can change that," he said narrowing his eyes.

Catherine's heart raced. Curtis' breathing increased at the sound and smell of rushing blood through her veins. He could already taste it rolling down his tongue.

"That's kind of you," Catherine said pushing her chair back. "But I'd rather not have any commitments right now." She stood then pushed her chair back under the table.

"I'm not askin' for commi'men's," said Curtis as he moved forward.

Catherine's back hit the wall. "I think you should leave now," she said.

Curtis gave a mock pout. "That's no fun," he said.

She frantically looked around for any exit. She dashed off to the right in time to avoid Curtis' initial contact. He leapt up on the wall, crawled over the ceiling, then landed right in front of her. Catherine's lips trembled at the sight of Curtis' glowing eyes.

"Why don't you scream?" he asked, bearing his fangs.

Catherine released a heavy scream as Curtis grabbed her by the neck. He tossed her on the bed, snapping her spine in the process. Catherine heaved just to fight back her body's attempts to suffocate her. Curtis jumped on top of her, straddling her pelvis.

"See, no commi'men's," he said leaning closer to her face. Catherine spit right in his eye. Curtis growled and wiped the bubbling liquid from his face. "Now I'm mad," he growled.

Curtis extended his claws and swiped her across the face. Catherine screamed only to be sliced again on the other cheek. Curtis leaned forward and began licking the vermillion from the fresh wounds. The warm liquid smoothly ran down his throat like soup on a cold day. He offered the crying woman kisses in between sucks. The bottom half of his face was smeared in the red that once resided below the skin.

Curtis licked away the remainder on his lips before smirking down at the helpless woman. He could feel her strength slowly leaving her body. He unbuttoned his pants and threw off his shirt before shredding the garment from her body. Catherine's arms covered her shivering skin.

"No need fer that," Curtis whispered in her bloodstained ear. "I'll keep away the shivers."

The sounds of screams filled the room. The majority of the apartments were vacant for very few had the funds to stay in a building so nice. Those in the rooms closest to the singer tossed the yells off as their neighbor having yet another amorous activity with a shady man from the club.

A half hour later Curtis scrambled to throw on his clothes. He stared at the heaving woman lying in a puddle of her own blood. Her lungs fought their best to keep working. Her hazelnut eyes followed Curtis' move to the window. The bloodstained vampire gave her a wide smirk and stared down his nose at her helpless form.

"It's all yer fault, ya know," Curtis said to her as his hand gripped the knob. "Fer refusin' me I'm gonna let ya die slowly." With those parting words he threw open the door allowing the chilled wind to make its torture on her exposed skin.

Curtis jumped out onto the balcony before taking to the sky once more. Catherine groaned and wept as her body painfully continued to shut down. At the moment only her eyes and fingers could move. By the time she gathered enough energy to call for help the reaper would be there to collect her.

The next night began with David meeting up with his new acquaintance in the same location. Curtis could not understand what it was about that human that captured David's interest. Perhaps he was not the only one who found pleasure in other's misery.

Curtis had intended to wait a while for David to finish up his little meeting so that the two could find better excitement in town. The older brother showed no signs of leaving anytime soon. Curtis growled out loud catching the attention of everyone inside. He glared at a drunken old man who gaped at him. The decrepit man averted his gaze, selecting to stare solely at the golden beverage that proved to be his only friend since his teenage years.

David watched from his chair at the front of the building. He shook his head with a laugh then resumed his conversation with Ben Mueller.

The young creature of the night leapt off the steps of the establishment and hurried out into the square. He and David had feasted on a couple of prostitutes before their arrival in the square. With his belly full and his energy restored he hoped to find more fun only to find the town void of any life.

Curtis crossed his arms and began searching for any place David may have chosen to go. It was not like his older brother to just take off without any warning.

The scent of raisin bread filtered out through one of the stores. Curtis shrugged and made his way inside, automatically regretting his decision. It was a library that contained several tables and a few rocking chairs over by the fireplace. The interior was painted a light pink with wooden underpinning and a half-inch wooden railing separating the two colors wrapped all the way around the walls. Several slices of that tempting treat rested on a plate next to the front counter.

There appeared to only be two elderly ladies in the makeshift library. Curtis snatched a slice of bread then headed for the door. A yelp emitted from the mouth of a woman entering the building. Curtis glared at the figure before him. His glower only increased when he recognized the female standing two feet from him.

She was a lot prettier in person. The pricy pink dress that hung to her curves gave him enough motive to decapitate her. Still David's warning remained about that one. The daughter of Dr. Rowland, which meant she was off limits. What a pity as her throat begged him to tear it out.

"I'm sorry," she said offering him a kind smile.

"No, it's my fault," Curtis said moving aside.

She gave him one more smile before gracefully stepping into the store. The old woman at the counter smiled at the store's benefactor. She pulled out a few books from her basket and placed it on the counter.

"I found these in the nursery," she said with a soft laugh. The dove's coo caused Curtis' silver blood to boil. He wanted to rip that smile from her flawless face. How lovely she would look with a few claw marks and a missing larnyx.

"The children'll love 'em," the kind old woman said as she accepted the gift.

The two women talked a bit longer while Curtis hungrily eyed the privileged woman. His insides boiled with the curiosity of what she did to deserve to live a life of comfort while so many others had to live in such misery to provide her with luxuries that she was not deserving of. He vowed that her uselessness in the world would end by his own hand.

"That young man keeps lookin' at you," the librarian said nodding in Curtis' direction.

The young girl turned her head then looked back at the other women to which both shared a laugh. Curtis flushed.

The girl swayed her basket, switching hands, and slowly passed the vampire. She tossed her head in his direction giving him a sweet smile. She nodded in his direction then continued her walk out of the door.

Curtis smirked and followed her invitation. She looked over her shoulder with a smile to see him following closely behind.

"Are you going to introduce yourself anytime, my good sir?" she asked with one hand covering her lips.

"What can I say, I'm shy," Curtis said with a light nod of his head.

She giggled with her hand over her mouth. She shook her head and replied, "You don't strike me as a shy man."

Curtis' grin increased. "Then you don't know me good," he said.

She grimmaced at his lack of proper grammar. However her smile soon returned. "My name is Miss Emily Rowland," she said offering her hand to the stranger.

Curtis had to keep himself from laughing. He wondered if all the women in Santa Carla were that willing to let a strange man take advantage of him. Nonetheless he grasped her hand and brought her knuckles to his lips.

"You can call me Curtis," he said, his hypnotic eyes meeting hers. Emily found it difficult to breath. She fanned herself in the face with her hand. "Somethin' wrong?" Curtis asked tilting his head to the side. "Anyway I can help?"

Emily let out an uncomfortable sigh. "I don't know what came over me," she said taking her seat on the bench outside the library. She continued to fan her face. "I sometimes get weak and my head starts spinning."

Curtis gave her a mock pout. His false emotions fooled the girl as she smiled at him while he sat down beside her. Curtis figured she was used to men sitting in close proximity to her.

"Maybe you shud eat," Curtis said. He eyed her purse and sneered at its intricate design. He assumed she had plenty of cash inside to feed the starving bellies of an entire orphanage.

Emily nodded and pulled a piece of raisin bread out of her purse. The librarian was always willing to share her baked goods with the woman who donated to their business at least once a week. The quickly consumed the bread then leaned her head on Curtis' shoulder.

The vampire gently pet her soft locks. Her brown hairs were pinned in the same fashion of nearly everyone in town. His fingers slid against the soft skin on the side of her neck. His eyes rolled back as he imagined how sweet the blood would taste the day he stole everything from her. Perhaps that day would come sooner than he expected.

The claws slightly extended. His index finger stroked the perimeter of her earlobe. The irises switched to their natural color. She nuzzled closer to him, practically begging him to slay her right there. It was a wish he was willing to grant. The vampire felt his canines lengthening. It was going to be a most delicious meal.

"Curtis!" a familiar voice called catching the attention of both. Curtis' features quickly resumed to their human form. Emily gasped and straightened her posture. "What do you think you're doing?" David growled grabbing his brother by the arm. Curtis lowered his head for he could tell David was fighting the urge to transform.

"Oh my! I'm so sorry!" cried Emily. She looked at Curtis with sad eyes. "Mr. Curtis, I never intended to lean on you like that. It was most inappropriate of me." She looked up at David. "Please, sir, it was all my doing. Don't be angry with him."

David smiled at the girl and curled his fingers around hers. "Don't fret, I overreacted," David said placing his palm against his chest. "I didn't mean to alarm you, miss."

Emily returned David's smile with a kind one of her own. "A simple misunderstanding," she said. "It happens so often, I'm afraid." She placed a hand against her face and added, "So many men fall in love with me. I didn't mean any harm by it."

"No harm done," David said.

Emily nodded at the older vampire then returned her attention to Curtis. She took his hand in hers and nodded. "I hope to see you again soon," she said with a wink before hurrying off.

As soon as Emily was out of earshot, Curtis turned on David and slapped him hard on the shoulder. The lining of his irises glowed a bright amber as he glared flames at the older vampire.

"What was that 'bout?" he hissed.

"I've warned you about that one!" David replied in a calm, but firm voice. "Don't make me repeat myself."

Curtis clenched one fist next to his side. "You think yer the boss?"

"I am the older brother which puts me in charge while we are out," David answered. "Unless you want Max to know about your disregard for his rules."

Curtis growled. He could not wait for the day he became powerful enough to put both David and Max in their places.

Believing he made his point David nodded then turned on his heel. Curtis reached out and clamped his hand down on David's shoulder. The latter turned to face the former with interest in his eyes.

"We're superior to 'em, why we gotta hide from 'em?" he asked with venom in his voice.

"Believe it or not we can't live peacefully with them," David replied. "If they team up into twenty they can easily kill us." He returned his attention to the direction he planned on walking. "Just keep yourself out of the spotlight."

Curtis fumed as he silently followed David. For now he would follow their rules. However if they thought they could tame a true creature of darkness they had another thing coming.

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