Interlude With A vampire

Chapter 14

Edward rolled around the ground, laughing, as Bella timidly grasped the deer and slid off it's back.

"You have to hold it firmly and bite into it's neck as soon as possible," he explained again, showing her.

She reluctantly approached, screwing up her face. "Sorry, Bambi's mom."

She hesitated and Edward growled. "This animal died for you, Bella. At least feed from it and make it's sacrifice worthwhile."

She nodded and bit down properly and gasped as the blood poured into her mouth.

"Nice," she choked, swallowing it down. She drank deeply, only stopping when the beast was empty.

"That's so much better than the bottled stuff," she said in amazement.

"Who was right?" Edward skited. "Now, this time, you have to catch your own. Forget Bambi, think dinner."

Bella sprang and landed on the large male deer's back and leaned towards it's throat as if to kiss it.

The animal wilted as her teeth sliced into it's skin and she sucked it dry and fell with it to the forest floor.

"Excellent. How do you feel?"

"Full. Sloshy," she replied, walking from the corpse.

Edward lifted a boulder and slid the creatures underneath. They would rot and become part of the forest again.

Alice appeared, with a new frock in hand and she shook her head at Bella's tattered silk rags.

"Bathe in the stream, then wear this. Good news, Bella. Charlie won the Lotto. He's rich."

Bella frowned and tried to picture Charlie in her head. Her human memories were fading so fast now.

"He never gambles. Not so much as a scratch card. He calls it voluntary extra tax."

"I think it was a gift from some motorist he helped a while ago. The man never opens his mail," Alice sighed. "He could have had this money ages ago."

"Where does he think I am?" Bella asked.

"Paris. You are probably going to meet and marry a dashing Frenchman and gradually lose contact with anyone here in Forks," Alice replied.

"He'll miss me. He will be lonely," Bella stated.

"Actually, before he found out he had won, he tried the free introductory offer at the Brandon Matchmaking Agency and met a very nice lady. Of course, he already knew her but on the internet, they were more open and honest with one another. And things were already pretty hot and heavy last time I passed his house. Blinds closed in his bedroom, condensation on his window."

"Too much information," Bella growled.

"Oh, I should go," Alice said, winking at Edward as he disrobed and walked into the stream with Bella. "Definitely don't want to watch this," she stated.

Edward swam lazily around in the deeper water and Bella swan to meet him and surprised him by pulling herself in for a kiss, then throwing her legs around his waist and forcing him to impale her.

"Bellaaaa," he sighed as she moved effortlessly against him.

"You can be rough with me now," she smirked and Edward thrust his hips in so hard the old human Bella would have snapped and broken.

She pounded back, just as hard and the water around them swirled and thrashed as they moved together, strong and energetically.

She shook first, vibrating all along his shaft and Edward cried out into the forest as she took him over the edge with her. They both paused then it hit them simultaneously. No need.

They weren't even slightly tired by the actions.

They could just continue, and do it again.

Bella moved off him and crouched on all fours in the water and Edward flew up behind her and pushed inside, grabbing her shoulders and rocking so the water formed little waves that built up in intensity and crashed against the rocks, like surf into a shore.

"Bella, Bella, Bella," he screamed and she appeared inside his head.

"Shh, you will scare the animals. Just scream inside here, I will hear you."

Edward had to put effort into silencing his mouth. He had never imagined anything quite as wild and carefree as this.

"Be an animal. Be my wild animal lover," Bella coaxed and Edward grasped her breasts and squeezed them in a way it had never been possible to do before. Such force she almost cried out loud herself, as the sensation travelled from her nipples to her inner core, which was suddenly so much more than it had been before. Now every cell was involved, and even her skin tingled and radiated need as he pounded her.

He grabbed her and flipped her body to face him, inside again before she even felt his absence and he rolled them out of the stream onto the leaves.

Bella threw her arms out above her head and watched her mate as he lifted her feet and placed them on his shoulders and pushed himself inside her so closely and tightly she didn't even have to make an effort at all.

He was magnificent, so strong, so feral, so demanding.

So much better at this now, and she had never had any complaints before, but now he was making love to every inch of her body as it screamed for relief.

"Edward," she pleaded in a whisper, and birds flew from trees and she realised her whispered had been a scream.

He palmed her breasts, kissed her lips, and ploughed inside her until she couldn't even scream any more.

He came so hard she would have feared of being split in half except now she was the stronger mate.

He rammed her again and looked into her eyes.

"Take it, take all of me," he dared her.

She bucked back, so hard he wavered for a moment, then returned as much as she had given, pushing her into the grass, pounding her as she cried in delight continuously.

"How do we stop? How do we ever stop?" she cried.

Edward smirked. "No need, we can be here for days." He felt his venom fill her again and grabbed her ankles.

She twisted from his grasp and flew to his side, pushing him down.

She placed his hands around two slim but sturdy tree trunks and glared at him.

"You are tied to those trees and can't move or let go."

She grabbed a scrap of rag from her last dress and bound his eyes.

Then she crouched between his ankles and touched him lightly, with featherlike touches, up towards his very impressive package, which she leaned into kiss. He tasted amazing and she changed her mind and freed his hands from their imaginary bonds and stood him against a strong looking tree.

"I've tied you to the tree. No struggling."

He smiled and she dropped down to a crouch and took his length inside her mouth, and deep into her throat.

Oh, no gag reflex, that was good.

Edward moaned and thrust deeply and Bella reached for the rest of his package and massaged it so gently it was the very opposite of his actions.

"Fuck me, fuck me," he chanted and Bella sucked harder, and felt him explode. Swallowing was nothing, even though he streamed inside her throat somewhat endlessly. It just didn't matter now.

She could taste him , so delicious and it triggered another want.

She flew to his side and pulled him down on top of her, but with his head placed just where she wanted it, between her thighs.

Edward grabbed her legs and help them apart and bit down on her, alternately licking then biting as Bella wondered if it was possible to just go stark staring mad from pleasure.

He lifted her effortlessly, his mouth still working in place and she reached up and held onto a branch above her head and hung there, legs akimbo, vampire between them, feet on his shoulders and her knees bent.

She could manoeuvre herself to the best position on his tongue and he thrust that tongue just as hard as he had thrust his shaft and she felt herself release into his mouth and heard him lap at her juices. She had no hang ups, she knew from where she was, inside his head, that she tasted of ambrosia and he wanted all she could give him.

Surely they would tire?

She came again and slumped a little then she suddenly jumped to the ground, throwing her dress on and untying his blindfold.

"Wolves," she warned and Edward redressed instantly and turned to face them.

"Where is he buried?" demanded the lead wolf.

Edward forgot his mate was now inside his head and he quickly described the heroic death and the ceremonial burning of his body and waved at the forest.

His ashes are everywhere, spread by the wind, he is part of the forest now.

Bella cried out and fell to the ground.

Edward lifted her into his arms.

"He died for Renesmee as well as you, my love. He wouldn't have wanted to exist in a world where you didn't.

He decided. He could have ripped out the tube but he knew his Fate was always to save you and our baby. He died a heroes death."

Bella lay in their bed the whole night, telling Edward of her childhood with Jacob, painting a picture of their friendship that was now as eternal as their own love.

She had endless stories to relate and he absorbed every word, getting to know even more about her as she spoke of Jacob.

There had been love, a strong and powerful love, between them just not as strong as the love he shared with her.

By morning she just wanted her baby back in her arms and she related the same stories to Renesmee as she carried her around the yard.

She hoped some how, some way, Renesmee would understand how deeply Jake's love had been for them both.

Enough to die for.


Edward watched her in the yard from the back window of the Cullen's house.

"He's coming here himself. Aro, the one who never leaves Italy. You know that never happens, Edward. I don't know what to advise. Of course we will all protect her."

"Die for her, like Jacob," Edward murmured.

"Let's hope it never comes to that."

The family were tense and Alice announced as the Volturi approached, closer and closer.

"I'm smelling some humans with them. Women," Emmett stated.

"You are right, but they are coming willingly. They aren't snacks," Jasper replied.

Carlisle opened the front door as Edward left by the back.

He knew there was nowhere to hide.

He took the baby from Bella's arms and led his mate into his father's house silently.

"Bella, this is Aro. I explained about him."

Bella bowed and Aro took her hand.

The look on his face was priceless.


Nobody could hide their thoughts from Aro.

Yet she was doing just that.

"Edward," he growled and Edward gave his hand to his leader.

Aro smiled and turned to his entourage.

"it's true. Edward has a child. This baby here was conceived before he changed the lovely Bella. She incubated it while undergoing a very slow transformation. He delivered it himself and saved them both."

Edward frowned, clearly Jacob Black did not register with Aro. He could not have appeared in a form the leader could recognise.

"She lost a lot of blood but she made it through."

"And now my dear friend Carlisle will oversee the conception and incubation of my own child," Aro stated proudly.

"These women are to be the 'mothers', we will fetch more if needed. If we run out before a live baby is delivered from one of them."

Carlisle turned to Alice.

"We will lose the first two mothers, but his daughter , from the second woman, survives. The third will give him a son and you will save both mother and baby," Alice said, in vampire speed to spare the volunteers hearing.

She nodded at the tall, red headed Irish woman.

She would be the only one to walk away and travel back to Italy, as mother of both his children.

Aro clapped his hands.

"This will mean your entire family are now protected by the Volturi, forever. You will never be asked to participate in any conflicts and rogue vampires will be removed immediately they enter this vicinity. Felix and Demetri will take charge of that. They quite like Washington.

No doubt you will move on in time. They will go wherever you roam and settle and call home."

"Thank you, Aro," Carlisle replied. "We have no idea how these babies will grow and develop."

"There has been one before. Marcus' child, Micah. He hid the mother from me during her prolonged change but sadly the infant tore her apart at birth but he survived. He grew normally, much as a human child, and hid his strength and powers until he turned seventeen. That seems to be the magical age. Then he was pure vampire.

I've tried to have my own children but the women all died and took my children with them. I am pleased it will be different this time. A girl as well as a boy. How fascinating. So, there will be two of each gender in the world."

Edward shrugged.

"So, my daughter will be safe?"

"Of course, Edward. As if I would let any harm befall the future bride of my future son."

"I guess we will see about that when the time comes," Edward replied.

Alice smiled.

"It will all work out for the best. And they will have children themselves with no danger to mother or child."

"You should all come to Italy. We are trying the strange diet, our zoo is almost depleted but I've ordered the humans to grow deer for us. So much more appetizing than overweight humans. It's a worldwide epidemic, you know. All those takeaway meals they consume. We are going 'green' and healthy. I've outlawed humans as a food source for any of our kind.

Of course, at the moment some of our kind are finding it hard to make the change so I still have miscreants to destroy. You know how much I enjoy my hobby, Carlisle. They'll all be obeying my command by the time you lovely Cullens' join us."

Edward always knew it would end this way, Aro had always wanted Carlisle back , and to have Alice and himself in his 'little family' and from what Alice saw, it would be the best solution. Who would have ever imagined his daughter would one day marry the new ruler of the vampires?

He took Bella's hand.

"We should enjoy our time here even more then."

"See you in Italy, kids," Aro laughed. It would be so good to hand over the reins to the next generation, at last.