Hey guys! This is just a preview for my second BTR story. The first official chapter will come soon.


In 2012, Big Time Rush's second album made it to the top of the charts and stayed there for three weeks. Five of the fourteen songs became number one singles, including, 'If I Ruled the World', 'Paralyzed' and 'Blow Your Speakers Out.'

And James lost his lucky comb. He found it a month and a half later in the back pocket of Kendall's jeans that he remembers wearing the day he lost it. He made a note to himself to never wear Kendall's jeans again.

Logan managed to get enough credits in his senior year of high school to graduate earlier then his friends, but he still made the effort to help them on anything they needed help with.

Carlos had gone back to Minnesota twice since the tour got over at the beginning of the year. First time was to spend time with this mother on her birthday. Second time, because his grandmother had died and he didn't want to miss her funeral. He was a little bummed out a while after that, but he soon got back to his normal self.

Kendall bet Katie two hundred that he could go a month without T.V., computer, or his cell phone. At first he was bored out of his mind. And then Mrs. Knight gave him a book. He finished that one and picked up another one and since then he hadn't been able to put any book down.

Also, in 2012, eight new girls moved into the Palm Woods. Only three of them stayed the whole year, but James managed to date all of them sometime or another.

Barack Obama lost the election to some guy named Marius Bayer.

The world didn't end.

And Big Time Rush started their first world tour to promote their third album.

Now it's 2013 and the boys are almost done with their tour and their third album is on its way.

The new President is in office.

While the nation is watching their T.V., playing their video games, listening to their music and not really caring about anything but them-selves,

The United States, the land of the free, slowly and unnoticed, started becoming a dictatorship.


Remember people. This is just a preview. More will be coming soon. I promise.