This is super mega ultra short. Oh and if you want Merlin to stay dead, don't read this.

Merlin's ashes had been blown through the wind, and landed in a nearby forest. The ashes fell to the ground, and they mixed with the earth.

Asquirrel who had been collecting acorns, stared as a patch of earth began glowing. The squirrel dropped the acorns and fled, as the patch of earth rose and began forming a man. With a few whispered words, clothes appeared on him, along with a bright red neckerchief...

Emrys had returned.

(Several weeks later)

Uther was dead. With no magical protector, there was no one to, well, protect him from people who wanted revenge. Thankfully the sorcerer who killed him didn't want to rule or destroy Camelot, so Arthur became king.

Arthur had been forced to hire a new manservant. His new manservant, Brandon, was obedient, quiet, and totally boring. Arthur forgot he was even there sometimes! Brandon just faded into the background. He never talked back, and had no sense of humor. He was a good manservant, but horrible company. He could never replace Merlin as a friend.

One late summer day, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," Arthur said.

The door slowly opened, and the last person who Arthur had expected, walked in.

Merlin had entered with his signature grin on his face. Arthur stared in shock.
"You have a new manservant? So you fired me? Just because I died doesn't mean you can replace me! How could you Arthur!"

"Missed you too, prat. So... can I have my job back?"


See I told you it was short. Very short. But its a happy ending :D Yay! Theres even humour at the end! I like humor. And apples. Apples are yum.

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