A/N: I do not own Warehouse 13 nor the characters within. I know new W13 story, but don't worry - I've been working on my other stories. I just needed to get this one down. Takes place after 3... 2... 1..., 3x05.

"We've got a ping!" Claudia announced the second Myka and Pete walked into the Warehouse. Pushing back so the chair wheeled her to the printer, she snatched up a paper and thrust it at the two. "And guys, it's major."

Accepting the paper, Myka frowned down at it. "Where's Artie?" she asked, handing the paper off to Pete.

"Yeah, doesn't he have to sign off on all of our trips?" Pete added, raising an eyebrow at the paper. "Uh… What am I looking at?"

Claudia stood up. "Artie's not here because I'm pretty sure we don't want him here." Before either Myka or Pete could ask her what she meant, she walked over and took the paper from Pete. "This is an aerial photograph…"

"Yes, we can see that, Claude. We're gonna need more than that…" Myka's eyes widened, and she snatched the paper back. "No. Claudia…?" Her voice rose in pitch, "Is this…?"

Pete looked back and forth between them. "What? What?"

Claudia nodded. "Yeah. I'm sorry. But it's a photo of…"

"Yellowstone." Myka's shoulders slumped a little, and she blinked, shaking her head.

"Yellowstone." Frowning deeply, Pete crossed his arms. "Why are you showing us a picture of Yellowstone?"

Shaking her head, Claudia turned back towards the computer. Dropping into Artie's chair again, she started furiously typing. "Because there was a ping. Okay, was is the wrong word. Too past tense. Let's just say there's something there that's continuously pinging."

"At the caldera?"

Claudia sighed. Biting her lip, she nodded. "That photo?" Her voice was quiet, and she slowly turned from the computer, "That was taken about four hours ago. The epicenter of the pinging is the exact place H.G. was standing."

"Whoah whoah whoah – hold up." Grabbing the photo back from Myka, Pete pushed it back from his face, then brought it closer. Squinting, his eyebrows slammed down. "Claudia," he started, his voice starting to growl, "Have you zoomed in?"

Claudia froze. "I-I have." She avoided looking at either of them.

Myka, shooting her partner and Claudia puzzled looks, tried to take the photo from Pete, but he held it away from her. "Hey! Pete. Claudia. What? What's there?" When neither person answered her, she firmed her jaw. "What's. There?"

Pete glared off into the corner, shaking his head and mumbling under his breath. Claudia finally met Myka's gaze. "I… It looks like H.G."