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So anywho~ another couple that isn't…my favorite, but I'll write for them anyway. So enjoy the fluff (rape) ^^

Alfred watched with daggers as Ivan pulled out yet another bottle of vodka from out of his jacket. Where in the name of hell was he hiding them in there? And why the hell was he drinking that at a time like this? Normally Alfred wasn't one to complain during a World Meeting, but given recent circumstances…

"Dude, Ivan. Don't drink that crap during the meeting. Pay attention." He hissed in the Russian's general direction.

Ivan smiled and took a large swig of the clear liquid. "Shut up Alfred." His voice was deep and troublesome yet he managed to keep his sweet tone and his face was pure, sweet and innocent as usual.

"Do NOT tell me to shut up." Alfred practically shouted. People were beginning to glance in their direction.

"But I will." Ivan retorted as he downed the last of the vodka. "For you made a nasty comment to my vodka."

"IT'S A FUCKING DRINK!" Alfred spat as he stood from his chair and slammed his hands on the table. All eyes were now on them.

Ivan continued to smile and reached underneath the table. Yao, who was sitting next to him looked under the table to see what he was doing, then widened his eyes as Ivan came back out with a pipe in his gloved hand. "You like your arm yes? Just like I like my vodka. Now how would you be feeling if my pipe decided to break your arm?"

Alfred lunged across the table at the Russian who sat completely calm in his seat smiling as Ludwig and Arthur restrained Alfred before he could reach Ivan. "YOU DAMN COMMIE BASTARD!"

Ivan opened his violet eyes and looked confused. His lips formed a pout. "What do you mean Alfred?"

"DON'T PLAY INOCCENT BECAUSE YOU'RE FAR FROM IT!" Alfred shouted in his face. Alfred squirmed against Ludwig and Arthur's grip trying to break free so he could beat the living hell out of the Russian.

"You'll need to explain for me to understand Alfred, because I am afraid I do not understand what you are talking about." Ivan put on a face of total loss.

"THE MISSLES DAMMIT! THE MISSLES!" everyone looked at Alfred with confusion. Ivan sat there completely unfazed as well.

"Alfred have you hit your head recently?" Ivan put on a look of fake concern.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP! I'M TIRED OF LISTENING TO YOUR BULLSHIT!" Alfred screamed as he broke free of Ludwig and Arthur's grip and succeeded in lunging across the table to get a grip on Ivan's scarf and suit before they could capture him once more.

Alfred lowered his voice until it was so low you could hardly hear it. "I know about the missile bases you've been planting in Cuba. Kennedy found out last night."

Ivan never stopped wearing his fake smile. "You are smarter than you look Alfred."

"Don't you even DARE think that just because those missiles aren't flying from your home that it proves you innocent and scotch free. ANY missiles launched at us from Cuba will be counted as an attack against the U.S. from Russia and you WILL regret it."

"Alfred if this is what you are upset about, you need to talk to my boss. I have no say in what's going on right now." He held his hands out to the side as if to say 'sorry! No can do' "Besides there is nothing you can do to stop them."

"As we speak a blockade is being formed to stop your little presents to Cuba." Alfred tightened his grip.

Ivan said nothing but scoffed then continued to smile. That's it-

A loud thwack echoed throughout the meeting hall as Alfred's balled fist connected with Ivan's jaw. In result Ivan fell back in his chair that crashed to the floor. However he was quickly on his feet again and swinging his pipe like a mad man. Alfred avoided each swing and punched Ivan in the gut. He was, however, unfazed.

"Silly Alfred." Ivan said calmly as he wiped blood that was dripping down his lip from the first hit. "You know that you can not beat me, yes? I am bigger and stronger!"

"YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!" Alfred screamed and decided not to hold back anymore. Unfortunately for him however Ludwig and Arthur captured him once more. "DO YOU KNOW HOW CLOSE WE ARE TO A NUCLEAR WAR?"

This silenced all the side conversations and even made Ivan put on a serious face. The only sound that could be heard was the panting from Alfred as he tried to get his voice back.

"Umm…I think that we should post-pone this meeting for now." Arthur said quietly to Ludwig who nodded in agreement.

Everyone remained silent until Ivan began smiling again. "My apologies everyone but I must take my leave now." He walked out of the hall without another word. Once the doors closed behind him Alfred was released as everyone's chairs screeched against the floor as they stood and filed out of the meeting hall silently. The last two left in the hall to clean things up were Alfred and Arthur.

"Bloody hell Alfred, I know you're pissed but keep your temper for the battlefield." Arthur said aggravated as he pushed in the chairs. Alfred was standing on the other side of the room erasing the chalkboard.

"Why should I let it even get that far? My temper is the first thing my armies see and that reflects on how they fight and if they survive. Why hide act stupid and say nothing's wrong when there are fucking missiles aimed at me from Cuba?"

Arthur sighed. "If that's how you feel than fine. Update me if Ivan does anything else in regards of the missiles, my men and I will assist in anyway helpful to you."

"No Arthur! You and I both no you're still recovering from your encounters with Ludwig!" Alfred said turning around to point a finger at Arthur's chest. Arthur followed to where he was pointing and sighed and his eyes flashed with sadness. "I won that last battle. And I'm recovering quickly."

"I don't care dammit! Those bandages are going to be there until you've fully recovered. You and I both know that you CAN'T help me this time Arthur." Alfred said sternly not wanting Arthur to get hurt anymore. Especially not for him and his matters.

"Fine." Arthur said looking at Alfred. "But I'm keeping my eye on the situation."

"Yeah, yeah do that while you're cleaning up London. Got it? Don't step into this. Kennedy and I have it covered." Alfred said with a reassuring smile.

"Alright, I'll send word to you if anything changes." And with that he left leaving Alfred alone in the large hall.

Alfred sighed and mumbled to himself as he made his way to the doors to make his trip back to D.C. to discuss further matters on the situation. "Arthur's braver than he thinks he is. I just don't want him getting hurt anymore."

He closed and locked the door behind him as he left. He was going to turn and make his way down the hall and back to the airport to catch his flight, but something cold and solid hit him in the head and knocked him out cold. The only thing he knew was that whoever hit him picked him up, placed him over his shoulder unlocked the room to get back inside, and wore a beige colored scarf.

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