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Alfred woke to find himself being surprisingly cold. He also had a head splitting pain and his hair felt damp. He tried to sit up, but he was tied down.

"…The hell?" Alfred looked up to see that he was tied to the world-meeting table. He was also naked…

"WHAT THE HELL?" Alfred struggled against the ropes confining him to the table but to no avail. He was trapped.

"Oh good! You are awake." Ivan said from the other side of the room. From what Alfred could see, he was polishing his pipe with his scarf. It didn't take long for Alfred to put the pieces together before he figured out what was going on.


Ivan said nothing and stood to approach Alfred. As he walked over he stopped polishing his pipe and removed his scarf. It had red stains from where he was polishing. Alfred new it was his blood. Ivan let the scarf fall to the floor and soon began undoing his jacket.

"What the hell are you doing…?" Alfred worried. "UN-TIE ME!"

"No." Ivan answered with a smile as his jacket fell to the floor next to his scarf. Underneath he was wearing a usual business outfit. His fingers moved up to his neck to un-do his tie. "If I un-tie you, you will run. And then you won't hear what I have to say."

"You see, no matter how much you deny it Alfred, I am stronger than you. And now that you know about the missiles I have no choice but to take action." Ivan said calmly as he took off the tie and began unbuttoning his shirt. Alfred panicked quickly and looked over to the door. Ivan followed his stare and chuckled.

"Do not worry the door is locked. And there is no one in the building! You could scream if you would like, however no one will hear you." Ivan had fully un-buttoned his shirt to reveal a surprisingly ripped chest. Is that a six-pack?

"…Err…why are you doing this!" Alfred stumbled over his words.

"Silly Alfred. I'm going to remove the missiles, but not before some sort of action is taken. Since you pissed me off today this was all I could think of as payment for your large mouth." Ivan removed his shirt. "So you can either sit back and take it like a good little boy, or you could struggle. Either way there is no stopping it so I could careless what you choose."

Alfred opened his mouth to respond but was quickly cut off when Ivan pressed his lips to Alfred's. Alfred was taken aback and pulled his head further back to stop this madness, but Ivan put a gloved hand on the back of Alfred's head and pulled him closer. Alfred grunted in protest, which Ivan mistook for pleasure and soon he succeeded in parted Alfred's lips and slipped his tongue in practically choking him.

While he did this Ivan's free hand was pinching one of Alfred's small brown nubs and Alfred blushed. Ivan pulled back and looked at Alfred with a smile.

"STOP DOING THIS!" Alfred screamed. "PLEASE STOP-AHH!" He lost all his breath when Ivan began massaging his member.

"Quiet Alfred. This could be over quickly if you cooperate." Ivan moved his hand up and down Alfred's cock and massaged the head with his thumb. "I can see the blush on your face and I can feel your heart beating. I know you are enjoying this."

Alfred said nothing. As much as he hated this, he'd admit that the commie bastard had a certain touch that excited him.

Ivan smiled and removed his hand from Alfred giving him a moment to breathe. Alfred took a deep gulp of air and watched as Ivan removed his pants and underwear to reveal an extremely LARGE and erect member.


Ivan reached over to grab his pipe and climbed off of Alfred. Once he had it in his hand, was wrapped firmly in his hand, he stuck the butt of the cold pipe into Alfred's entrance.

Alfred gasped in pain. "Ngh! I-Ivan!"

Ivan's smile never faded. "Yes that's right say my name like a good boy." Then he dipped his head to Alfred's member and began to suck hard and quickly. Panting soon joined Alfred's moans.

DAMMIT! This guy is good…SHIT!

"Ivan…ngh, I-I'm going to cum!" Alfred warned to the Russian just before his seed was released into his mouth. Ivan swallowed all of it.

"You taste good you know Alfred." Ivan said wiping his mouth and continued working the pipe inside of Alfred. He climbed back up to Alfred until he was straddling his chest. Ivan's member was dangling in front of Alfred's face. He stared at it saying nothing, however he noticed that it was already dripping with pre-cum.

This sick bastard was turned on by this? Are you KIDDING ME?

"Don't just lay there and admire it, suck." Ivan commanded.

"I wasn't ad-" Alfred was cut off when Ivan forced it into is mouth, once again choking Alfred. He bucked his hips back and forth. Ivan wasn't giving Alfred a minute to do anything, he just had to sit there and take it, and so he did.

Soon enough, Alfred's throat opened enough for him to adjust to Ivan's large cock. Everything was fine until Ivan ejaculated into Alfred's throat without warning.

Alfred gaged and started coughing as Ivan pulled out of him. Cum flew from his mouth left and right. "What the hell was THAT?" Alfred said with large eyes. "Are you trying to KILL me?"

"I would be lying if I haven't considered it before." Ivan looked down at his member. "Alright, ready to begin." He climbed off of Alfred and removed the pipe from his entrance only to quickly replace it with his cock. Alfred gasped.

"Ngh…Ivan…SHIT…that hurts."

"Shush." Ivan commanded. He then began thrusting in and out of Alfred. With each thrust he picked up speed and rammed into Alfred even faster. Alfred gasped and panted frequently. Even Ivan seemed to be enjoying himself. "Say my name!"

"IVAN!" Alfred screamed right before ejaculating onto Ivan's chest and his own. "S-shit…"

Ivan smiled and grunted. "Fine then, if that is how it is, then I too will cum." He made one last thrust and ejaculated with much force into Alfred, causing him to scream loudly from pleasure and pain.

Once finished, Ivan pulled out and began cleaning himself. "I will un-tie you now."

Ivan was true to his words and untied Alfred quickly. Once he was free, he welcomed his freedom by punching the Russian in the jaw. Ivan stumbled back and acted as though it never happened. "You're clothing is over there."

Alfred glared at him and went to dress himself. He noticed that he was walking with a limp.


Once Alfred was fully clothed he turned to talk to Ivan, but he was gone. All that remained was a note on the table. Alfred picked it up and began reading.

I will talk to my boss and remove the missile basses and launchers.

True to his word, two weeks later the missiles were removed. Tensions remain between the two countries to this day and they never talk about there…bonding.

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