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10 PM you get the call say your on your way, have know idea your time is running up.

When you get there you see her ask who she is even thew you know, hope and pray your not to late.

The Ambulance come's you want to go even thew you can't , knowing your going to have to call them.

The call is made and the whole time you wish you'd die because she is, your heart break's when an answer come's on line.

You try to tell them but you just can't knowing you'll break there heart's , somebody take's the phone but you can't hear what
that person is saying or maybe you don't want to hear the cry on the other side of the phone.

Time feel's slower now and yet you wish you where with her cause then you'd be dying with her.

Then you relies you need to call your brother's they need to know know that there little sister is dying.

You ask for the phone back then you slowly dial the number's wounder what they'll think , will they feel like he is.

He knows he dos not deserve her not after what they done to her, and it make's him feel like a jerk.

Your brother's vouce come's on line this time you force the word's out , and for what feel's like forever
all you hear is silence then you hear a tear like vouce asking where and all you say is some highway .

You hear him say he'll call the other and all you say is ok.

You fall on your knee's and begs God not to take her not his angel.

Because Richie knows that even angel's fall he just hopes that
this angel douse not fall, because Abby is his family's angel.