Okay new story~!

Lloyd:...Why am I here again?

Because I can make you do anything I want...and your one of the few character that I can keep in character. Anyway I restarted playing my ToW:RM game and my mind could not go though the game without making a story for it, so that is why this is here. There will be a coupling between Ai and one of the guys later on.

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Ai's POV

"Ai~ Wake up!" A voice rudely interrupted my wonderful sleep.

"...don't wanna get up..." I mumbled to the voice so it would be quiet and let me get some sleep.

"Come on Ai we need to get to the Guild before eight."

"Fiiine~ I'm up okay?" I said sitting up brushing my hair from my face. I got up and slipped on my boots, then stood in front of the mirror while tying back my hair.

Black hair in a high ponytail, red-ish brown eyes with a childish glints , a childish but mature face, and a basic red outfit. I'm Ai, I was born a few days ago. I'm the Descender of Terresia, the world tree 'gave birth' to me to help save the world form the Devourer.

"Come on Ai let's go before were late." A small cat-fox looking thing with wings* said as he flew to the door, opened it and left.

That's my partner Mormo. He is also a Descender but from a world call Yaoon, it was eaten by the devourer so he came here to help this world.

I grabbed the dagger I used as a weapon, along with a small bag that held gald and gels and head out locking the door as I did.

We made it outside and started towards Ad Libitum. Ad Libitum is a guild that helps the people of Ailly, ever since Ganser had taken over the town has fallen greatly so the members help the people of the town by sneaking out past his guards to the places outside the town.


Mormo and I grabbed our stomachs in pain. You see we have been skipping meals to save gald for paying for gels and our room at the inn, where really suffering right now from hungrier since our last meal was two days ago.

I took out two apples and held one out to Mormo, "Here. I think we can spare two apples from our cooking supplies."

"Thanks Ai!" Mormo cheered before munching on the apple happily.

"Its no problem Mormo but we really need to become member of the guild so we don't have to starve ourselves so we can stay at the inn." I said before biting into my apple.

"Don't forget about Ayu, Ai." He said in between bites of his apple.

"I know." I took one more bite before putting the rest in a small pocket on my bag and started walking again with Mormo Flying next to me finishing up his apple.

When we arrived at the guild I opened the door to see Raine sage, a white/silver haired priest, standing behind her desk where she gave assigned request to the members. Off to the side was the leader of the guild Kratos Aurion, A swordsmen (but rumor is he can use magic too) he was strict and was the one testing us to see if we could become members or not.

As I closed the door I heard Raine say, "Good morning you two." I saw Kratos glance up from his paper before going back to what he was doing.

"Morning~" Mormo and I chorused as I jump the three steps and made it the boards with request on them. I read each one looking for any good ones...sadly there weren't any. I sighed and picked one at random and read it over:

A Request for Basil

Rank: * Type: Search

Client: Innkeeper Party: 1-4

Please bring me 3 pieces of Basil. They can be

found in the 1st Level at the

Foot of the World Tree.

I walked over to Raine handed the paper to her so she could mark it and make note at who is doing what quest.

"Okay, go see the innkeeper for more info." she handed the paper back to me with a nod.

I nodded back and headed out towards the inn with a sigh.

Okay that's it for now. How do you like the way I did the quest info? Should I keep doing that?

*Seriously what is he?