I'm back!

Anyone still here?

*Sighs* Well I have been gone for a while due to very bad writers block….anyway the story is going to go a little bit differently than the game from here. How? Just read and you'll see.

Also can anyone guess what Ayu really is?

'Why do I get the feeling something good going to happen today? Must be me…' I thought jogging towards the Guild after finishing a bunch of requests for the inn keeper, Mormo at my side.

"Hey Ai, do you have the feeling something is going to happen today?" He asked as the guild comes into view.

"Yeah, it's like that time when we got to go into the Hallowed Bastion and look for those people who were reported to be seen there but we only found the stuffed animal with the note in it." I though back to that quest.

"Feels more creepy then when we first came here, right Mormo?"


"You okay?"

"O-of course!"

We entered the Guild to see Raine and Kratos speaking quietly to each other, not noticing us, we walked past them and made our way to the board only to see-

"Huh? Where are all of the requests?"

-that the board was blank.

Raine walked over to us holding a piece of paper, "Actually we have a special request for you two." She then handed over the paper for us to read.

You are to look for Lloyd,
a member who was sent on a special mission, hasn't responded back in several weeks.
We have heard that he was seen in Hallowed Bastion recently and would like you two to locate him
and ask him to return to the Guild.

"So what does this Lloyd guy look like?" Mormo asked looking at Kratos this time.

"He is very stubborn and acts without thinking." Was the flat answer we got.

"Any physical thing we see?"

"A bright red jacket."

Mormo and I shared a look at that before nodding to him and heading out for the Hallowed Bastion.

'Will this guy ever stop or slow down?' I thought as Mormo and I continued to chase a boy in red around trying to stay up with him.

Finally he stopped at a dead end, with us hidden behind him panting quietly. Mormo looked at him and nodded after a few moments before looking at me. "He defiantly fits the description right down to the red jacket, well let's go speak to him and ask why he hasn't come back."

I nodded and made my way over to him sort of nervous. "Um...pardon me, would you happen to be Lloyd?"

He spun around looking confused, before turn serious. "How do you know my name?" I went to answer but he continued before I could say a word, "You're one of Gansers goons aren't you? Damn I can't be caught here." At this point he had drawn his sword and started to attack.

I stumbled out of the way quick grabbing my dagger as Mormo flew to goddess knows where leaving me alone to defend myself(not like he would help anyway).

'Could this get any worse?' I thought block his swords.

I wasn't sure how long the battle lasted all I know is that I'm on the ground, with Lloyd standing over and me dagger was on the ground somewhere behind him. I closed my eyes apologizing to everyone for not being able to help them, as I waited for his attack.

It never came.

Instead I heard a shocked cry and opened my eyes to see Kratos holding Lloyds wrist and a more then tired Mormo. I quickly got up and moved over to him as Kratos scolded Lloyd for attacking a teammate.

"Are you okay Mormo?" I asked catching as he dropped.

"I'm just tired, I had to go straight to the guild to get help and then trying to keep up with Kratos …" He slumped showing that that was what made him the most tired.

I smiled and lightly kissed his head, "Thanks partner" I watched him turn a dark red before dozing off. I turned towards the two to see Lloyd standing there holding out my dagger, handle towards me, looking very sheepish.

"Hey, sorry for attacking you like that, if I knew you two were on the same side as me I wouldn't have done so." He said rubbing the back of his head after I took the dagger from him.

"It's okay, I'm Ai and this is my partner Mormo." I said.

"My name is Lloyd." He looked over at Kratos who was quietly waiting for us, "Let's head back, before Kratos leaves without us."

I nodded and followed him over to the Guild leader, who nodded and a started for the entrance.

And that is that. Did you notice where my plot has started? Also does anyone have a guess as to what Ayu is? Also does anyone, who knows him, think I should add Zelos to the plot? Just to have a flirt in the game.