For anyone interested, I'll post a description of some sort for Kyrie in my profile, along with a link to a picture of how she'll look in my stories. And to clear up any possible confusion, her full name is Kyrial Rydia Arthian. Kyrie is her (much preferred) nickname; she feels that Kyrial sounds too formal. Some characters refer to her as Kyrial, and some as Kyrie. You'll notice in this particular blurb that Cait Sith calls her Kyrial, while Lilisette calls her Kyrie.

Ragelise was giving Lilisette a strangely confused look. Kyrie could feel a gnawing sensation in her gut. He doesn't recognize us... Oh, Altana, not Ragelise too...She could see that Lilisette hadn't noticed yet. She was too busy staring at her feet, depressed and ashamed as she tried to report their failure to rescue Portia.

Finally, Ragelise interrupted her. "Begging your pardons, but have we met?"

That got her to look up. The look on her face made Kyrie cringe slightly. "What?"

Ragelise was nothing if not polite, even if he must have been confused as could be at this strange duo who had barged in and began talking to him of his kidnapped lover. "Your outfit tells me you're a dancer from Troupe Mayakov, though I must confess, I do not recall having had the pleasure of seeing you on stage." Lilisette's expression was turning from disbelief to horror, but Ragelise continued on. "With regards to Portia, Sir Vestillet came and briefed me on the situation but a moment ago. On behalf of the Royal Knights, I apologize that a civilian has been put in harm's way." He bowed to his horrified daughter from the future, unaware just how badly he was breaking her heart. "On my honor, I swear I shall not rest until she is safely returned to within the Kingdom's walls."

Lilisette clearly couldn't take it anymore. "No..." she whispered tearfully, running from the room, dodging past knights, officials, and servants as she charged out of the chateau, tears falling from her eyes. Kyrie (and Cait Sith, still maintaining her invisibility spell until they were out of the chateau and out of sight of anyone else) chased after her, wanting to do something for her, but what could they do? The poor girl was being forgotten by everyone she held dear, her mother had willingly joined the enemy, and the odds of saving their future were looking more and more bleak by the minute.

Hell, Kyrie herself was beginning to seriously worry about the situation, and that was saying a lot. When you've saved the world on more than one occasion, fought gods, and even survived being Shantotto's guinea pig, not much really gets you worried. The blue-haired Mithra walked slowly up to the sobbing redhead, watching helplessly as the girl sat against a tree, hugging her knees and crying her eyes out.

"Kyrie..." she mumbled between sobs and sniffles. "Even Father... *sob*... has forgotten about me. What's going to happen? The future we came from... *sniffle*... is it really going to disappear?" Kyrie looked down, unsure of how to answer that, seeing as she was worrying about the very same issue.

Thankfully, Cait Sith answered for her. "Should things continue as they are, your future is grim indeed." Blunt as always, that cat,Kyrie thought to herself. "The enemy always seems to be one step ahead of us. Have the upper hand. Unless the tides can be turned, and soon, your very existence is at stake." The servant of the Goddess laid a paw comfortingly on Lilisette's shoulder, as if to try and soften the blow of her blunt words.

Not that it did much good. Lilisette seemed to sink even further into despair. "...But what can we do? I've tried so hard... *sob*... yet nothing seems to change. ...Is it because I'm... too weak? Would we stand a chance of winning... *sniffle*... if I were stronger and more mature... like that Lady Lilith?"

Kyrie frowned at that line of thought. Looking up to your enemy and wanting to be like them was rarely a good thing, though Kyrie had her suspicions as to why this was the case in this situation. Lilith... she looked like an older version of Lilisette... with the addition of wings and horns, anyway. Don't think I wanna know what was up with that. And of course, there's the fact that she called Portia her mother... somehow I doubt Lilisette has a sexy older sister she never mentioned before...

Cait Sith seemed to be ignoring that comment. She continued trying to cheer the girl up. "Pull yourself together now, lass. Now isn't the time to be sulking. Crying into your knees." Lilisette continued to sob and sniffle softly, though. "Remember always that you are the chosen ones! The Champions of the Dawn! Hand-picked out of obscurity-" Kyrie scoffed lightly at that, but let the cat continue, "-by my noble kin and I! Have faith in who you are and take pride in what you do, for numerous are those who rely upon you!" The royal feline turned to Kyrie. "Isn't that right, Kyrial?"

Kyrie walked over and sat down next to the crying redhead, pulling her into a hug and resting the girl's head on her shoulder, while rubbing her back comfortingly, whispering to her "Shhh... it'll be okay, Lili... we'll work this out somehow."

The redhead visibly calmed in her blue-haired friend's embrace, though she still seemed uncertain. "But... but..."

Kyrie kissed her hair softly, whispering more reassurances. "Hey... we'll get through this together. Just stick by me, and everything will be fine! I promise."

Lilisette blushed, turning to look into her friend's deep blue eyes. She could see the confidence there, as well as something else... something that made her heart flutter in her chest. She blushed deeper, and buried her head back into Kyrie's shoulder, relaxing into her embrace. "Thank you, Kyrie... I'm feeling a little better now. Just the knowledge that I'm not alone... that you're with me gives me heart. I'll stay strong from now on. I promise!"