As Kyrie continued her wandering of San d'Oria, thinking where next to look for memories, she decided that the old apothecary, Amaura, would likely be a good choice. Lilisette was quite familiar with the elderly Elvaan, after all. That in mind, she knocked at the old woman's door. A moment later, the Elvaan in question answered the door, "Hello, young lady! Come on in." Kyrie followed her into the living room as the old woman continued talking amiably, always welcoming guests to keep her company. "What brings ye to my humble abode? After a draught to fix up a cough, mayhap?"

Kyrie smiled slightly at the oft-used line. Amaura always asked that first thing whenever someone came to visit her. Her cough medicine was very popular. "Not today, Amaura. I'm looking for... a good friend of mine. A fiery-haired girl named Lilisette. She's Sir Ragelise's daughter... perhaps you remember her?" Kyrie asked hopefully, though not expecting much. In a flash of light, Kyrie saw a memory of Lilisette talking to Amaura. She couldn't make out any words, but she smiled at the energetic reactions of her lover.

As quick as the memory had come, it was over. Amaura hadn't seemed to notice. "Those be strange words ye speak... and would that they could be made reality," the old woman replied regretfully. "But folk hereabouts know all too well that Sir Ragelise and Lady Portia never had children." Kyrie sighed and looked down in disappointment. The elderly women continued nostalgically, "A couple painted in heaven, they were, yet fate didn't deem it fit to bless them with the joys of parenthood. One can only imagine the lil' angels they might've brought forth into the world. Why, the mere thought makes me wistful beyond words..." Amaura turned back to Kyrie. "Ah, ye must forgive me. This old woman's mind is wont to wander on occasion. Goin' back to your question, I'm afraid no Lilisette has come by here."

Kyrie thought frantically, trying to come up with some way to jog the old woman's memory. In desperation, she blurted out, "Um... a friend of mine suffers from an affliction similar to Sir Ragelise! Could... you make some of the medicine you used to make for him?" Maybe... it'll make her remember when Lilisette and I came here together for that medicine?

The old woman looked thoughtful. "Hmm... back in the day, a simple brew to relieve the pain was all I had to offer. But medicine is a livin', ever-evolvin' science. Mayhap the years've seen the discovery of a cure. I've been told there's a physician in Jeuno, a learned young man. Might be he can assist ye." Kyrie nodded as there was another flash of light, this time showing Lilisette running out of the house excitedly, the memory then ending in another flash of light. Kyrie wondered if maybe Lilisette had tried this very thing before.

Kyrie, of course, knew exactly whom Amaura was referring to. An Elvaan doctor in Jeuno could be none other than Monberaux, the physician in Upper Jeuno. Walking into his office, he greeted her serenely. "Greetings, good madam. What ails you this day?"

"I don't supposed you've seen an energetic young girl of Hume and Elvaan heritage, with fiery red hair," Kyrie asked hopefully.

Monberaux glanced at his assistant, who shook her head, then turned back to Kyrie. "I fear I've not had the pleasure of her acquaintance. I assure you, I'd not soon forget a meeting with such an intriguing lady."

A flash of light, and Kyrie briefly saw Lilisette talking to Monberaux, before another flash of light ended the memory. Kyrie decided to ask the man about Ragelise.

The man's face took on a wistful expression as he stood up and paced over to a table. "Sir Ragelise? Ah, yes, as great a knight as there ever was. 'Twas not long after the war that he came to Jeuno, seeking treatment. Alas, the Duchy has been reduced to a ruin and wanted for facilities. I was but a child back then, interned to this infirmary, but it pained me still that naught could be done to save Sir Ragelise." The man seemed to trail off in thought.

"Is there, by any chance, a cure for Sir Ragelise's affliction nowadays? I... know someone who suffers the same affliction..." Kyrie asked.

Monberaux appeared surprised at this. "Hmmm... Much time has passed since the war's end, 'tis true, yet modern medicine is no closer to finding a cure for that malady. No other cases were known to exist, you see, and research on the condition had stalled before it even began." At this, the Elvaan took on a contemplative expression. "A supposition has, however, crossed my mind a number of times. What if this affliction wasn't a simple illness of the flesh as first thought, but something spawned of sorcery? A curse, as it were? Should any knowledge exist pertaining to it, I would stake that it could be found in the Optistery in Windurst. Countless tomes-veritable goldmines of knowledge-are said to have survived the fires of war. I'd love naught more than to pore through them with mine own eyes, but for my responsibilities which keep me here in the Duchy."

Kyrie grinned at this. "Don't you worry about that. I happen to be quite familiar with Windurst myself," she replied with a wink. "I'll go check it out!" Monberaux smiled and nodded as Kyrie left the clinic.

Searching the rows and rows of books in the Optistery, Kyrie found a likely tome, entitled "The Compleat Compendium of Curses." Surely enough, there was a page corner folded over, and upon turning to that page, there was a flash of light. She saw Lilisette reading out loud to herself. "Curses, and the Defense and Treatment Thereof... Take ye a philosopher's stone unto a spring favored by pixiekind. Immerse it of a night in the pure, cleansing waters. Thus doth the philosopher's stone assume counter-curse properties. Ground the resultant ingredient into a fine powder, from which an infusion can be prepared for the afflicted." In a flash of light, the memory ended. Looking down at the book, Kyrie noticed that even though Lilisette had apparently stopped reading at that point, the instructions continued. "Be ye fairly warned: Curses are mainfold and complex in nature. Ergo, this remedy may prove fruitless against certain strains of the affliction." Kyrie sighed, already guessing at the outcome of this, since Lilisette had apparently already tried it. Even so, she purchased a philosopher's stone from the Auction House and headed to Witchfire Glen in Grauberg of the past.

Having left the stone overnight in a pool, she returned the next day. Kneeling to pick up the stone, she was interrupted by another flash of light. She watched as Lilisette, excited as could be, ran to the pool, picked up a stone, and ran off again. Another flash of light, and Kyrie picked up her own stone and headed to the San d'Oria of the past.

Walking towards the guard stationed at Victory Gate, he gave her the same tired line as always. "Access beyond the Victory Gate is not permitted at this time."

Seriously, he must be so sick of saying that, Kyrie thought with a grin. "I have some medicine for Sir Ragelise," the Mithra informed him, holding up the bottle for inspection.

"Hm? What have we here?" he muttered, before being interrupted by a flash of light. Kyrie saw Lilisette standing before the guard as he was telling her, "Halt. Beyond here lies Northern San d'Oria and Chateau d'Oraguille, the residence of His Majesty King Destin. Only authorized personnel may enter. If you haven't business here, begone."

With a pleading look, Lilisette replied, "I've brought medicine to give to Fath-I mean, Sir Ragelise." With how long she's been visiting the past, you'd think she'd have stopped making that slip of tongue by now... Kyrie thought, amused.

The guard, not buying her story at all, dispite how many times she must have been through by now (He really must have horrible memory. Why is he the guard, again? Kyrie wondered), replied, "Sir Ragelise is in the midst of convalescence. I have strict orders to allow none to disturb his rest."

"B-but this medicine might well cure him of his illness!" the redhead spiritedly replied. "I beg of you, sir! Please allow me to pass!"

The guard shook his head. "Orders are orders. I must ask you to remove-" he started to say.

"What be the source of this commotion?" an approaching knight interrupted. "For a moment I thought the pigmen had yet again breached our walls."

The guard hurriedly saluted. "A-apologies, Sir Vestillet. The lass here demands to see Sir Ragelise, and is being most stubborn about it."

Vestillet turned to the young dancer and smiled. "Well, well, if it isn't young Lilisette who so staunchly fought beside us in La Vaule! I had not imagined to have the pleasure again so soon."

Lilisette stood at attention, causing Kyrie to giggle to herself. It's so cute when she does that, she thought to herself. "The pleasure is all mine, sir!"

Vestillet turned to the guard. "This young lady happens to be a most dear friend of Sir Ragelise. He would be all the better for her visit, I promise you. Allow her to pass, I say."

The guard, defeated, grumbled out an "A-as you will, sir." Lilisette performed her trademark pose in victory.

Vestillet further addressed her. "I've been told that Portia, too, has recently arrived to give comfort to our recuperating friend. 'Tis times like this I wish it were I that took the battle wound, hah hah hah! Now, off you go then. 'Twould not do to make the poor man wait."

The girl saluted the knight. "You have my gratitude, sir!"

The redhead was then seen barging into the room where Ragelise and Portia were talking, shouting "Sir Ragelise!" Her parents turned to her.

"Lilisette!" Portia replied, surprised. "Why, you're all flushed! Upon what storm did you ride to come here?"

Lilisette, looking excited and hopeful, took out the flask of medicine she'd made. "S-Sir Ragelise! Please drink this!"

The Elvaan took the flask, staring at it in bemusement. "And what might this be, pray?"

"It's an infusion..." the girl replied, "one that might heal your affliction. Please, sir! You must try it!" she cried desperately.

Ragelise looked at his love, who slowly nodded, looking nearly as hopeful. "If it please my lady, then I am powerless to do elsewise," the knight replied, downing the flask.

Lilisette, excited and anxious, asked "H-how do you feel? Does the pain ail you still?"

He looked at the two women for a moment, before the curse erupted from his chest again, causing him to grimace in pain. He pressed his hand to it, causing it to die down. Portia rushed to his side to comfort him, while Lilisette backed away in disbelief and horror. Ragelise looked up and hid the pain. "...I shall be fine," he assured them. He turned to his future daughter. "My thanks, Lilisette. The knowledge alone that your thoughts are with me lends me strength. Rest assured, a little scratch such as this shall not bedevil me long."

Lilisette said nothing, though, merely looking at the ground sadly. Portia tried to reassure the girl as well. "Be not discouraged, now. Together, we'll surely get through this trying time."

Lilisette finally let the tears escape her eyes, and cried out her mother's name, embracing her. Then, in a flash of light, the memory ended.

The guard at Victory Gate mumbled, "Wh-what in the...?" Shaking his head, he continued, "A-as I was saying, only those with pertinent documentation may pass. That... medicine. Mayhap I can keep it in your stead. Sir Ragelise, I fear, will be absent from the chateau for a time. Upon his return, however, I shall see that it is delivered to his hands."

Kyrie nodded, and again she was surrounded by swirling lights, signifying another memory fragment found.