Chapter 1

How do you keep a secret that isn't yours?

Clearly you talk about it with everyone who already knows about the secret.

Ariana and Rochelle Marx were born and raised in La Push Washington. The girls were part of the Quileute Indian tribe. Technically they were half Quileute and half white. Ariana had been teased relentlessly her whole life about being a 'Mutt', which was really just a cruel way for her classmates to say she was half Native American and Half American. She was sent home a few times because the kids had been so mean and cruel to her. Rochelle's classmates weren't quite as cruel about her mixed back ground. In fact her classmates were completely indifferent about it.

The Quileute tribe was known for being the descendants of wolves. The tribe's legends were told to Ariana and her sister on a nightly basis. Their father would sit in their room at night and tell the huge thought out stories. They often fell asleep listening intently to the words of the stories. When the girls had been around three and four their mother up and left them; they would learn as they got older she never gave an explanation as to why she left. Secretly the girls knew their father knew why, but was sparing them the heartache and pain of the truth.

Their dad was working a lot while they were growing up, so a local woman Emily Uley would watch both girls along with her niece Claire; she had been watching the girls since their mother had taken off. When their father got off work he would go and pick up his daughters, this was pretty much repeated until they were 16 and 17 and even continued because of the friends they gained and the secret they helped keep secret their whole lives.

Around the age of nine Ariana knew she wasn't going to grow up having a normal life. They had accidentally learned the secret that Emily's husband Sam and his friends actually brought the tribes legends to life. They all possessed a 'special' gene that caused them to turn into actual wolves. Only they were four times bigger than normal wolves, they were the size of horses. One of the boys had accidentally 'phased' into a giant wolf in front of those the girls; naturally as wild as the two sisters were neither one was scared.

One night when the girls had entered their teens, Ariana was thirteen and Rochelle was fourteen, their father was out of town on a business trip so the girls were staying with Emily and Sam. Ariana was sitting at the kitchen table doing her math homework when the boys came in from their patrolling shift. The first of them to go up to Ariana was Seth Clearwater. He leaned over and kissed the top of her head as he lifted her from her chair and sat her on his lap. He'd been doing that to her since she'd been going to Emily and Sam's.

"What's up squirt?" Seth asked with a smirk.

Ariana had been oblivious to anyone, since she was engrossed in her homework. It was nothing new that Rochelle and Ariana got passed around regularly because of their tiny sizes. Ariana looked around to see who had moved her as a blind smile graced her lips when her eyes landed on him. "SETH!" She squealed as she threw her arms around Seth's neck and hugged him tight.

Seth fell back against the chair backing over dramatically as if Ariana had power over him; even though she did. She had complete control of his every move and every thought, but she would never know that; at least not yet. Seth hugged her back as he chuckled. The guys who were sitting around the table couldn't help but laugh as well at their interaction.

The sliding side door opened and Jacob Black came trotting in with Rochelle on his back. She was holding on for dear life, even though everyone knew he would never drop her. Jake chuckled as Rochelle's arms tightened around his thick neck and squealed when he pretended to drop her.

"Ro-Ro you're choking." Jake gasped out as he grabbed his throat with one hand and leaned back as he deposited Rochelle into Embry's lap.

Embry let out an audible 'oomph' when she landed directly in his lap. "Damn kid, are you sure you're only fourteen? Cause you feel like you could be fifteen."

Rochelle stood up and folded her arms across her chest as she shot a scowl at Embry and then looked at Jake. Suddenly she pointed at Embry while still looking at Jake. "Punish him!"

Jake quirked an eyebrow down at Rochelle and managed to keep the smirk off his face as he reached over and smacked Embry in the back of the head. He looked at Rochelle and she nodded curtly as Jake handed her, her back pack. "Head into the living room and I'll come help you with your world history home work." Jake winked at her and watched as she nodded again and walked off.

Embry rubbed the back of his head as he glared up at Jake. "Someone is imprint whipped."

Jake shrugged he knew everyone knew he really didn't care as long as Rochelle was happy than he was happy and no one else was in trouble. "Eh you'll get over it. I'm pretty sure all I did was bruise your ego."

Embry growled at Jake as he gave him the finger. Jake laughed it off as he walked into the living room.

"What's imprinting?"

Everyone in the kitchen cringed when they heard Ariana's innocent voice ask that question. Emily clicked her tongue on the top of her mouth. "Imprinting is a special act for these knuckle heads. It's something you don't have to worry about until you are older."

It was then that Ariana started researching the word imprinting. She dug out the books on the tribes legends. If it was only for the so called 'knuckle heads' than she wanted to know what it was about. Naturally when she couldn't find anything in the legends books, she made a visit to the school library and used the internet to her advantage.

Ariana smirked. "God Bless Wikipedia." She closed out the internet window on the computer she was suddenly aware that Rochelle was Jake's soul mate. She couldn't imagine one looking could cause a life changing effect. Once she found out about imprinting, she couldn't help wondering if anyone in the pack had imprinted on her. IT had been a few years since her and Rochelle had learned about the guys. They didn't know why they were given this special 'gene' to make them go all wolfie. She really hoped Seth would tell her.

Out of all the guys she challenged Paul to brain busting tests, spoke of love poems and what not to Jared when he was dating Kim. Ariana and Seth did practically everything together. He took her to Disney moves and once she got a little older he took her to see her first horror movie.

Ariana watched as Jake doted over Rochelle. And could remember all the time they had spent together. She also noticed the time that Claire spent with Quil as well; must be another imprint.

Once Ariana was fifteen she knew Seth imprinted on her. It was a completely dead giveaway. She'd been on her way to Emily's after school one day and her classmates had been up to their old ways once again as she was walking alone a car belonging to her classmate drive by and skidded to a halt next to her. Tasha Walker leaned out the passenger window and shoved Ariana. "Stupid mutt!"

Ariana lost her footing as she tumbled down the embankment. Tasha laughed as Ariana could hear the driver laughing as well as they drove off. Ariana carefully climbed up the embankment and continued down the road. Once she got to Emily's house. Emily helped her to the bathroom.

Ariana sat on the bathroom counter as Emily helped clean up a couple of scraps and cuts she'd received. Emily couldn't keep the glare off her face. "I see they still won't leave you alone. I have a good mind to absolutely go over and beat the shit out of their mothers for allowing their daughters to be so damn closed minded."

Ariana couldn't help giggling, Emily didn't get mad or upset often, but knew when she started cussing and scowling at the same time Sam was in for an ear full when he got home. Emily wrapped her wrist and said it had been sprained.

The front door downstairs banged open and the sound of the guys filled the house. Emily frowned. "Seth isn't going to be happy when he sees you like this. Don't be alarmed if he has a slight outburst. Of course your father will be less than thrilled as well." Ariana nodded as she jumped off the counter and followed Emily downstairs.

When they walked into the kitchen the first one to see her was naturally Seth. He jumped up so fast from his chair that it fell back onto the floor. "What the hell happened Ari?" Using her nick name and his fast actions made the rest of the guys bring their eyes to her.

She felt slightly embarrassed to the center of attention at the moment. Emily smacked Seth in the arm with the back of her hand and chastised him. "Nothing, just a small disagreement with those narrow minded girls she's forced to go to school with."

A ferocious growl came from Seth's chest as Sam jerked Emily behind him, Embry jumped in front of Ariana; Paul and Jake grabbed Seth and had to escort him outside. He had barely gotten off the porch before he phased, letting out a long pained howl.