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Chapter 10 – I Do

Onyx back eyes watched the road as the road seemed never ending; the trees were hiding the sun which happened to be out for once. A small smile was playing on his lips; he couldn't wait to get home. He had the next few days off and he couldn't wait to start spending time with Ariana and Jenna. Every time he thought of Jenna his heart just felt as if it got bigger and bigger. He never knew love for others could feel like that.

Paul pulled his truck into the drive way and got out. He jogged up the steps of his porch and went inside. He chuckled as he looked around the living room and saw Jenna's toys all over the place. Paul's ears perked up as he looked around the kitchen and living room but didn't hear or see either of the girls. He quietly walked down the hallway and into the back master bedroom; a smile adorned his lips as he spotted Ariana and as he walked to the foot of the bed he saw Jenna sleeping on her stomach next to Ariana.

Paul backed away as he walked into the bathroom and showered. There was no way he was going to join his two favorite girls in the clean bed while he was sweaty and greasy. Ariana would kill him.

It had been two years since Paul's whole life changed. He had survived Seth's attack on him and came back stronger than ever. Seth disappeared into the woods for six months. Of course Leah threw a fit; only until she heard the whole story, which who could really, blame Ariana or Paul. There was no fault. They fell in love. Everyone in life deserved t fall in love with someone who actually loved them back, someone they could have a potential future with. Paul let Seth's attack go, though he did warn him that if he ever phased that close to Ariana again it would be the LAST time he ever phased. Everyone in the pack knew he wasn't joking.

Somehow, Paul and Ariana found that in each other. Everyone in the pack were still sketchy about how it all happened and went down and up to the day Jenna was born were still trying to figure it all out. The day Jenna was born was the happiest day of Paul's life. Being a father was the best feeling in the entire world; other than being fully in love with Jenna's mother.

Once he was finished he dried himself off and pulled a pair of clean shorts on as he crept back into the bedroom and slowly lay down on the bed behind Ariana as his arms went around her waist and his other hand reached in front of her and softly touched Jenna's back. He felt Ariana push back against his body and he kissed the side of her neck.

Ariana stretched a little as she touched Paul's hand that was resting on Jenna's back. "Mmm I'm glad your home babe. We missed you."

Paul chuckled. "I missed my girls too." He watched as she turned carefully and looked up at him and he couldn't stop the smirk from forming on his lips and leaned down capturing her lips. Paul reluctantly pulled away from her lips as his onyx eyes locked onto her grey orbs. "Do you realize what today is?"

Ariana smiled softly as she rolled more onto her back as Paul hovered over the right side of her body. She shook her head negatively. "No. Should I?"

Paul chuckled softly trying not to wake the sleeping angel on the empty space next to them. "It was two years ago today that both of our lives changed."

Ariana was catching on so she had to ask. "Changed? You mean for the better or just changed?"

Paul smiled softly as he leaned over and captured her lips again with his. "I've never been happier in my entire life. Do you realize how happy you and Jenna make me?"

Ariana smiled as she touched his cheek softly. "I was hoping I was the reason for that great smile of yours…I guess if I have to share some of the credit with Jenna, it's not so bad." Ariana giggled as Paul blew soft raspberries on her neck trying to keep it quiet. Ariana smacked his shoulder. "Go put her in her crib and maybe we can celebrate the life changing day." She threw a wink at Paul as he chuckled and she watched as he got up and carefully cradled Jenna to his chest and took her to her own room.

Paul walked back into the bedroom and couldn't keep his eyes off of Ariana's leg. She was wearing a simple black tank dress that hit her mid-thigh, his overly warm hand started at her calf and slid up her silky soft leg to her thigh, his lips kissed to soft supple skin of her outer thigh where his hand had stopped. Paul slid her around and gently pulled her panties from her body as his shorts fell to his ankles. As he hovered over her body, he let his erection slip into his love's willing body.

A few hours later, Ariana had her head resting on Paul's bare chest, listening to his heart beat as it thumped softly into her ear. She felt Paul as he kissed the top of her head. Her eyes slowly moved up as she rested her chin on his chest and smiled. "So do you have some kind of grand plan for us?"

Paul looked down as he chuckled. "What kind of plan should I have?"

Ariana smacked Paul's bare stomach with the palm of her hand. "Ass!"

Paul laughed harder when she started to get up and leave the bed; he grabbed her and pulled her back to him. "I'm sorry I couldn't help it. You didn't leave me much room to answer that. What do you mean by plan baby?"

Ariana glared at Paul. "I'm just trying to figure out what kind of future we have in store or if you have something else in mind for us or is this what were doomed to do the rest of our lives?"

Paul quirked an eyebrow towards her trying to figure out what she was really getting at; though he was pretty sure he knew what she was talking about. "Doomed? What are we doomed for Ari?"

She was getting frustrated with him now. She sat up and moved around until she was sitting on her knees facing him. "I mean is this all were going to do for the rest of our lives? Lying in bed on your days off and have sex? Or are we going to get married or have more babies? You know a plan…A life plan. I heard it's the popular thing to do if you're in love and you're considered a couple." Now it was her turn to be cheeky and smart with him.

Paul rolled his eyes dramatically. "Why would we want to get married? I thought we were happy with the way things were going? Marriage would just get in the way. It's just a stupid piece of paper. I don't need that piece of paper to prove to you, myself or anyone else how much I love you. I want you in my life forever. I don't want anyone else. As for babies, I would love to have a million more babies with you and clearly we don't have to be married to have more babies. We weren't married when we had the first one. We don't have to have a reason to have another one."

"What are you going to do if you ever imprint?"

Paul shook his head. "We don't have to have that conversation. Ariana, whether or not we ever get married; it won't stop me from imprinting on someone. To me it doesn't matter if I ever imprint, because I'm going to be with you forever. I love you, I don't need a reason to marry you or stay with you. Nothing can keep me from imprinting, but nothing can make me ever leave you or Jenna. You two are too important to my life. I have no reason to get married to anyone; just like I have no reason to ever love anyone else in my life other than you and Jenna."

"So you really don't want to marry me?" Ariana couldn't help but ask. "I mean…I thought – I guess I don't know what I thought." Ariana stood up from the bed. "I'm gonna go check on Jenna." She walked out of the room. She felt as if she'd just been punched in the chest. Silent tears slid down her cheeks. She wiped away the tears with frustration.

It was stupid for her to cry about something they'd never talked about before. But she wanted to be his wife. She wanted to have his last name follow her first name. She would almost give anything to be Ariana Redson. Now it would seem she would be Ariana Marx for the rest of her life. She was almost jealous of her own daughter at this point because Jenna had her father's last name.

Paul lay on the bed and could feel Ariana's sadness growing. She was going to be so mad at him for messing with her like that. He was setting her up; big time setting her up. She obviously didn't understand any of the words that came from his mouth when he said he was going to be with her forever. You can't exactly be with a woman like her without marrying her. Paul was a dominating guy, he was a man's man there was no way he liked going out in public and having people see Ariana not wearing a wedding ring and carrying their daughter. He wanted to show every one she was his and he knew the only way to show everyone that she was his now and forever would be to marry her.

His whole life growing up he never gave two shits about imprinting, he wanted to be a husband and he most definitely wanted to be a father. He'd taken the fatherhood step a year and a month ago. Step two was to be a husband. He was ready to be Ariana's husband. He knew he should've asked her before she had the baby, but they were still getting to know each other. Even though he knew after their two months of sexual bliss she was the girl of his dreams. He knew tonight was going to be another life changing event.

Paul pulled himself from the bed and walked into Jenna's nursery and stopped in his tracks, he watched as Ariana held Jenna in her arms as she stared down at their infant daughter with love. Paul suddenly felt like such a jerk for pulling such a bad prank on Ariana. He could tell she'd been crying and possibly was still crying. He walked over and took Jenna from her arms and laid her back in her crib. Paul turned around and Ariana was gone. He walked out and across to their bedroom and she was sitting on the end of their bed. Paul walked over and knelt down between her legs as he touched her legs.

Ariana could feel the heat from his hands through her cotton dress as her eyes locked with his; a frown marring her beautiful face.

Paul couldn't help matching her frown. "I know you're going to be mad in about two or three seconds. But I was only joking with you Ariana."

Her eyebrows came together. "What do you mean?" As she looked at him quizzically.

Paul sighed heavily. "When I said I wanted to be with you forever. I literally meant FOREVER. I might not need a piece of paper to prove our love, but I want one. Ariana you and Jenna are the best things in my life. Of course I want to marry you. I want you to have my last name. I want you to be bound to me in every way possible. I don't care about imprinting. I only care about you and Jenna. When and if we have more kids; you and our kids will be all I ever give a shit about."

Ariana shoved Paul as hard as she could, even though he never budged. "Don't. Don't just sit here and tell me you were screwing with me the whole time. Cause it's completely not funny Paul Redson! Why would you…"

Paul captured her lips before she could go any further and get even more upset about the prank. He had no idea that it would bother her so much to joke like that. He also never realized getting married meant that much to her; especially with someone as temperamental as him.

Paul stepped away for a fraction of a second as he pulled the box out of his pocket and opened it. "Marry me Ariana. Marry me for all the right and wrong reasons. Marry me because you love me and you want to spend the rest of your life with me making tons of babies. Marry me because you can't live without me, just like I would never be able to live without you."

Tears poured from her beautiful grey eyes as she stood with her right hand over her mouth, standing there in complete shock. He was just joking with her. He really did want to marry her. Ariana nodded. "Yes." She nodded again. "Yes." She watched as Paul pulled the tear drop shaped diamond on the silver band from the box and slipped it on her left ring finger. He pulled her to her feet and captured her lips.

Ariana pushed Paul away as she pointed at him. "You better be ready to start saying I do! After what you just pulled you owe me!"

Paul chuckled as he kissed her lips. "I'll be ready whenever you are."

He'd been ready to say 'I Do' to her for a long time.

The End