Here's the first of a long chapter story of Molly and arthur :) These two are so cute, and I recently found this list on someone's profile of "what a boyfriend should do." And I was thinking that Arthur and Molly's love is amazing and they need a story... so here it is :)

In this first one they aren't dating yet, enjoy!

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When she walks away from you, mad, follow her.

19th January, 1965


"Go away!"

"Molly!" He yelled again.

"I don't want to talk to you!" She screamed back.

Molly ran down the stairs, out of the castle and across the grass toward the gardens.

"Molly!" He yelled again, pelting after her.

She tripped and he ran faster, reaching her just as she righted herself.

"Molly I'm sorry!" he said, turning her to face him. She wriggled and tried to get free.

"Molly, I didn't smile because they called you fat." He said again, turning her chin up to face him.

"I don't believe you." She growled, trying to turn away.

"I 'm not kidding Molly." He said seriously. She jerked away and tried to run again. Arthur followed, catching her.

"I wasn't smiling at them for calling you fat. I wasn't laughing at your expense." He paused "I was smiling because of you. You looked so fierce and determined. You made me so proud. Molly, I really would never laugh at you."

Molly looked up into his eyes and sighed, stopping her attempts at escape and leaning into him.

"You're lucky I can't resist my best friend." She mumbled.

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