Here's a little piece in Fourth Year, the first time Molly gets a proper crush on Arthur and admits it! It'd not really a what "what a boyfriend should do" thing, but it was on the list so I put it in!

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When she says that she like's you, she really does more than you could understand

October 15, 1964

It was a while before Molly was interrupted by the teacher and realised she'd gotten distracted by staring at Arthur... again. He was more and more captivating as the weeks went by, and she was less and less focused.

"Yes Miss Prewett? We're waiting." Professor Cuthburt said impatiently, tapping the board and frowning at Molly. She stared at the board, searching for an answer.

"The Third Expectation of Milstone." Dede breathed almost silently from beside her.

"Third Ecxpectation of Milstone." Molly quickly blurted. Professor Cuthburt's rather prominent brows contracted, but he accepted the answer with little more then a suspicious glance her way.

"Thanks Dede." Molly sighed gratefully as Professor Cuthburt called from them to go back to work. Hidden by the quiet chatter drifting aroudn the class, Dede smirked.

"Oh, that's fine Molly. I know it's always hard for your brain to work when you've been gazing at our dear Mr Weasley." She made mock goo-goo eyes and Molly nudged her sharply, glancing around in pure embarassment. No one seemed to have heard them.

"Shut up," She hissed indignantly anyway. "I do not like Arthur!"

"Oh sure, that's why you can't take your eyes off him." Dede observed calmyly.

"Fine, I might like him. I don't see how that's any of your buisness." Molly whispered. Dede raised an eyebrow, supressing a laugh.

"Oh shut up! Shut up Dede! You can be so mean- I'm allowed to like him! I do like him!" Molly smacked Dede in the arm as she doubled over in giggles. "Shut up!"

"No matter how many times you say 'shut up' it isn't going to reverse the fact that you got caught staring at Arthur Weasley," Dede said, and then she sobered up. "And of course you're allowed to like him! You'd be so sweet together!"

Molly smiled warmly at her friend and glanced at Arthur again. As Dede opened her mouth to say something else the bell rang.

As Arthur stood and packed up his books Molly watched him for another moment, gleaning a snigger from Dede.

"Oh Shush," Molly snapped one more time, but she didn't really mind. Then she raised her voice. "Hey Arthur?"


Arthur was jolted out of his dazed thoughts by Molly's voice, the only thing that could have distracted him. He couldn't believe what he'd just heard. Molly, Molly Prewett, liked him! She liked him! Arthur could barely breath. He'd pretty much liked Molly since the first day of school. But he'd never thought she'd really say those words. No matter how many times he'd wished she would, he'd never thought he'd actually hear them ... "I do like him" … Molly had said it. Molly liked him. Molly liked him. Molly-

"Hey Arthur?" He looked up at the sound of his name and met Molly's warm brown eyes. They were amazing, Molly's eyes. Arthur had discovered that it was impossible to lie while looking into them.

"Yes?" He managed to say, surprised his voice didn't shake.

"You coming to sit outside as well?" It was a stupid question, all the Gryffindors in their year hung out by their favourite tree after school. He wondered, with a rush of hope that brought a blush right along with it, if Molly was trying to find an excuse to talk to him.

"Yeah, of course. Do you want me to carry your stuff?" It wasn't the first time he'd offered. He offered to carry her stuff all the time. But it had never made her look at him quite this tenderly.

"I can carry it Arthur, but thank you." She answered.

Larch, their only other friend who took Ancient Runes them, pulled up his bag from the desk beside Arthur and said in his calm voice "Well, let's go then."

They began to walk together. As usual Molly and Dede became absorbed in conversation and Arthur gave very little imput, merely nodding and smiling when required. Larch buried his nose back in his Ancient Runes book and started to reread their classwork for the day. He was highly studious, and believed it was the best way to remember the information later.

When they reached their usual spot they found the other Gryffindors were already there, laughing and chatting. They joined them, and the girls were swept into the gigglng mass as Arthur and Larch sat down with the other Gryffindors guys, who were rolling their eyes at the girls loud squeals.

They'd settle down eventually, but in the joy of Friday's lessons ending they were often overexcited. Then, as if someone had flicked a switch, the huddle fell silent and leaned in close. Dede pushed a blushing Molly forwards. Molly rolled her eyes and then whispered something to the group. There was a moments pause before they erupted in squealing. Many threw looks at Arthur.

He felt himself blush again, knowing that the girls were all so close Molly would have just told them about her crush – her crush on him.

"Finally!" Octavia declared at last, flopping down on the ground near Matt "It took you long enough, Molls."

The rest of the girls sat down too, streaching out in the sun to warm their day settled into a fairly normal one after that, except for the smug looks from the girls whenever Molly spoke to Arthur. But the day was far from ordainary. Not after the life-changing words Arthur had overheard. For the first time he'd realised he might acually have a chance with Molly. Though she didn't like him that much. She didn't like him the way he liked her. It was still enough to know she could think of him like that. It was enough to realise she considered him attractive. Athur pushed his glasses up as they slid down hiss long nose and watched Molly toss her head back to absorb more sun.

Molly felt the sun of her face and paused to consider the pure joy of this moment. She'd always known Arthur was a lovely guy, and for a while now she had started to like him. But it wasn't until she'd admitted she liked him that she realised just how much. She could almost feel the magnetic pull towards him. It was as if, by letting people know about Arthur, she had released something inside herself. And it was so amazing. She would never get used to this. She would love him forever.

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