Chapter 1

I was really nervous about heading back to L.A. I haven't been home since I was nineteen. But I graduated college last week with a degree in business from Boston University. I liked it there but I missed my family more. My big brother begged me to stay and get my master's degree but I refused I was ready to be home. My brother and all of his friends race cars, and race them well; that's mostly due to Dominic Torreto. He's the king or something like that. I met him once but only for a second. I met the entire team once or twice here or there but my brother never really let me hang around them and I always had my nose in a book so it wasn't hard. But I'm so done being a book worm; I made it through college just like I promised I would, first in the family. I didn't exactly tell my brother I was coming for a visit so things could go roughly to say the least.

The taxi dropped me off at my hotel I decided showing up to his garage looking like a mess wouldn't be the best start. So after a long shower and a change into something more L.A meaning daisy dukes, white sneakers, and a black tank I was ready to go. The cab was waiting when I walked out the door, nervous hit me when I said the address aloud, it was just past noon so there was a change everyone would be at lunch so that was the only relief I had.

"This is a rough neighborhood," the taxi driver mentioned as he pulled in front of the garage.

"Tell me about it," I said handing him the money and walking into the garage. It must have been 100 degrees today so every door in the place was open. I was approached by a blonde guy that I didn't recognize.

"You look lost," he said politely.

"Why would you say that?" I asked becoming defensive. I didn't like feeling out of place and who was this guy to tell me I looked awkward here.

"You just look confused that's all, I'm Brian O' Conner," he said extending his hand. I relaxed slightly and tried to calm down and not be so aggressive.

"Do you work here?" I asked. One of the things I remembered about working at the garage was that you had to be on Dom's team and I didn't recognize this guy but to be fair I might not recognize any of them.

"Yeah I do, been working here for a month now," he replied all smiles. "Do you need work done on your car or are you looking for Dom?" he asked.

"Why would I be looking for Dom?" I questioned.

"Pretty girls always come looking for him," he laughed. I blushed at his compliment and realized he was actually really attractive. Tall, good build, great hair and blue eyes that I wanted to swim in.

"I'm actually looking for Vince," I said trying to stay focused. His features changed slightly and he tried to act like he was fine. "What's wrong you don't like Vince?" I asked.

"The first time I met him he punched me in the face, so no not his biggest fan," he confirmed. "Why are you looking for him?" he asked trying to get over his problem with Vince.

"Oh I'm his sister," I replied perking right up. The look said it all, he clearly had no clue Vince had any sort of family and he was almost right. Vince and me only have each other and him being so protective and never wanting me around any of this meant we were hardly together.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Anastasia," I replied. He laughed and I couldn't help but punch him playfully in the shoulder. "Don't laugh at my name," I said.

"I'm sorry that's just a really pretty name and I'm having a hard time understanding how you are related to Vince. I mean Vince and Anastasia? Not exactly what I expected," he explained. I rolled my eyes because I hate my name it sounds too fancy and when in places like the streets of L.A I knew it wasn't going to fly.

"O' Conner get back to work," some guy yelled over to us.

"Yeah alright Dom," Brian said glancing over his shoulder. If that was Dom then my memory was clearly failing me. I definitely did not remember Dom being so tall, muscular and hot. He glanced me over checking me out and smirked before returning back to work. "Where is Vince?" Brian asked motioning for me to follow behind him.

"Still at the dinner with Mia," Dom replied.

"Well his sister is here," Brian said glancing over to me. I waved and wasn't sure what to do. Dom stopped working and took a long moment to really look at me.

"Ash?" he asked. That was a nickname only Vince called me; I couldn't help but smile at the name. I liked it a lot more than Anastasia. Vince clearly still talked about me.

"Hey Dom," I replied trying to act like I remembered him. He walked over and gave me an unexpected hug.

"When was the last time I saw you?" he asked. He put me down and noticed my low cut top. "Seems your all grown up," he added.

"Thanks, so where is Vice?" I asked trying to get the attention off of me.

"Just pulled up actually," he said pointing to the car that just appeared. Vince stepped out of the car looking just like I remembered him. Tall, dirty and covered in even more tattoos.

"Looks like a cop to me," I said to Dom. He looked over to us now and had a very rare smile covering his face.

"Anastasia Bell is that you?" he asked before gripping me in a bear tight hug. He let me down after I stopped laughing. "What are you wearing?" he asked in his disapproving tone.

"Vince I'm not 17 anymore, I graduated college you need to lay off what I wear," I replied rolling my eyes. Vince was worst than parents when it came to telling me things I could and could not do. He has been way to overprotective my entire life.

"Just not around the shop alright?" he agreed. I nodded and hugged him again. "Alright where are Leon and Jesse?" Vince asked turning serious.

"Out back," Dom answered. Vince stomped out the back door and called the two guys in. I didn't recognize them either. Clearly I never paid much attention to Vince's friends; he did have me very sheltered though.

"You have met the Buster and Dom," Vince said pointing to Brian and Dom. If they were calling him Buster than he really must be new around here and not exactly accepted. I wanted to laugh but stopped myself. "This is Leon and Jesse," he said pointing to the guys. Jesse was my age it seemed little twitchy and had a beanie almost covering his eyes. Leon looked like a player for sure a real smooth talking guy; I could see myself getting into trouble with him. "Guys this is my sister Ash, all of you listen up she is off limits to everyone in this garage does everyone understand?" he asked looking at me.

"I'm not agreeing to that sorry bro but your team is hot," I joked trying to annoy him. He turned and looked at the guys who were all laughing.

"It's my team actually if you're into the whole power thing," Dom said throwing a smirk at me.

"Dom I'm serious," Vince said and his tone took all the humor out of the situation.

"Well it's nice to meet you Ash," Leon said putting out his hand I went to shake it but instead he kissed the top of my hand. It looked like Vince was about to kill someone but Dom stepped in before that could happen.

"Back to work everyone," Dom said. Everyone stopped smiling and headed back to work. As a matter of fact I was into the whole power thing and Dom was definitely flaunting it.

"Where are you staying?" Vince asked once everyone was dispersed.

"I have a hotel room a few miles away," I responded.

"Not anymore I want you coming home. How long are you staying?" he asked walking over to a work bench where we sat down.

"I'm thinking about moving back here actually, getting a job and spending some time with my only family," I explained. He smiled and nodded.

"Just no more of those shorts okay? You look like a hooker," he said playfully shoving me.

"Hey just because you're a man whore doesn't mean every guy is," I teased. Even when we were kids Vince always had different girls coming and going and I doubt that had changed.

"Everyone who works here is," he said laughing slightly. "I'm serious Ash you need to stay away from them there family and if one of them hurts you it's just going to mess everything up."

"Vince I'm honestly not intending on hooking up with anyone in here but I mean Dom is a gorgeous man and Leon is right up my alley, Jesse is cute and Brian has eyes that look through me, so I make no promises," I teased. It was too easy messing with Vince. He just looked at me disapprovingly.

"If you take even one step towards Buster I'm shipping you back off to Boston," he threatened.

"Who are they?" I asked trying to change the subject Vince was being too serious for me. Tall tan, dark haired beauties walked in and right away headed over to the working guys to lend a hand.

"The tallest one is Mia, Dom's sister and the other is Letty. She's more like one of the guys we have known her since she was sixteen," he explained.

"One of the guys?" I asked doubtfully noticing her curves.

"Well not exactly like that," he said trying to muffle a laugh. "Her and Leon are kinda in the middle of something but there both too easy for it to work out. Dom and she had a legit relationship for about a year before she wondered into a different guy's bed during a drunken escapade and Dom couldn't forgive it," Vince explained.

"Wow you guys have a little soap opera going on here," I said trying to lighten the mood. "Least she was drunk when it happened not that I'm excusing it but it should be some consolation to him that she was hammered."

"Dom found consolation when he beat the guys head in, everyone knew they were together so he had it coming," he responded.

"What's Mia's story?" I asked.

"I can answer that myself," Mia said surprising me. I turned and found her standing right behind me. "Dom needs your help anyway," Mia said taking his place on the bench. I noticed Vince casually swept his hand over Mia's shoulder.

"Nice to meet you Ash, I'm Dom's sister," she said cheerfully. Mia seemed like just my kind of person, easy going and into girl talk.

"So what's the deal with you and my brother?" I asked. She blushed immediately and seemed surprised by my forwardness. Many people had told me I was too much like Vince when it came to some things and stubbornness, forwardness and aggressiveness were definitely a few traits we shared.

"Nothing, he has been after me since I first met him but Dom is very strict about no dating team members much like Vince I'm sure. Vince took me out a few times and it just didn't work out," she said glancing over to the guys and I noticed who her eyes stopped on. I was a very perceptive person.

"And now you have eyes for O' Conner," I stated.

"I heard you were smart but I didn't know you were physic too," she joked.

"I don't blame you he is definitely attractive, I mean his eyes almost melted me," I said looking over to him now. Mia looked at me and I realized what she was thinking "Don't worry he is not my type but I can appreciate what he has going on, plus Vince would kill him if I even tried to go there," I assured her.

"So then who?" she asked.

"What do you mean?"

"This team has a guy for everyone so who is it if not Brian?" she asked trying to hide a smile.

"Oh I don't know I just got here," I said looking over to all the working guys. Mia was definitely right; there was a guy for everyone on this team. I wasn't sure just yet who was the one for me, alright I was but I wasn't ready to tell Mia I mean jeez I just got here and Vince laid down the law not two minutes ago.

"You are so full of it," she replied. I blushed and tried to think of something to change the topic.

"So what time do they all get off work?" I asked.

"It varies day by day; depending on what time they get started and how much work they have which is always too much. Since you're here I'm sure they will call it quits early so Vince can help get you settled in. Then we will head out for the race tonight, after party is always at my place because of Dom and then we do it all over again tomorrow," she explained.

"Really every day?" I asked thinking of how boring that would get.

"Well not every day, Sunday's we have a family barbeque where everyone comes over and we just hang out and we don't race on Saturday's because the streets are too busy and too many cops but the guys do work. They don't work on Monday's though the garage is closed then," she continued.

"Is that everything I need to know to jump right in?" I asked with a laugh.

"Just because Vince gave you a hard time about wearing those shorts doesn't mean you actually look like a hooker I know you're from Boston where they dress more conservatively, have you ever been to a race?" she asked.

"No, Vince would never let me when we were younger and then I left for college," I replied.

"Well most girls just show up in there underwear but you can get ready with me if you want and I can help you out since you don't really know what to expect," she offered.

"Thanks Mia I would like that actually, besides if that's all the girls wear I might not have anything to wear I mean I have always dressed on the conservative side, I just wore this to annoy Vince today I actually don't own much else like this," I told her.

"Well trust me I do," she assured me.

"Well if we are going to be up late I think I'm going to head back to my hotel and get a nap in so I don't crash," I told her standing up.

"Do you have a car?" I she asked.

"No I'm just going to call a cab," I told her.

"Do you have any idea what kind of cars these guys have? You are not calling a cab," she turned back and looked at me for a long second. "Do you know anything about cars?" she asked.

I couldn't help but laugh she looked very serious waiting for my response. "Yes I know a lot about cars actually. I'm not some college geek who only knows about arithmetic and shit I did grow up with Vince raising me so yeah I know about cars," I said dropping a layer of my shyness and letting more of my personality though. Mia looked a little skeptical; I grabbed her hand and pulled her over to the car Dom, Vince and Brian were working on.

"This is a V6 Buick, rare because it's Regal- based Grand National and even more outstanding is it's a 1987 GNX, looks like two tanks of NOS have been installed under the passenger seat and this custom paint job should be a sin because the classic black that I know it came with was all this car needed. This red paint job you guys did is so poser with these black stripes it's trying too hard to look bad ass," I evaluated. The one thing I know for sure is cars, how there built and how there customized. I used to help Vince tune up his car on occasion as well I basically do it all.

"Is she for real right now?" Dom asked in approval.

"You're exactly right, that's more than Mia could have done," Brian said putting out his fist for me to pound. I solidly connected with him and felt a chill go through me as I looked into his sparkling eyes, I felt like he could see right through me. I shook my head and turned back to the car.

"You didn't think my sister would be some newbie did you, course she knows cars," Vince answered.

"How are your skills so sharp? No way they had cars like this going on at Boston University," Dom mocked when he said Boston.

"It was burned into my brain over the years plus Vince and I talk shop on the phone every time we talk so he kept me up to date on everything, plus I'm kinda addicted to cars as well, I caught the disease before I left it's not something you really get over," I teased.

"So what kind of car are you driving out in Boston?" Jesse said walking over to join our conversation Leon and Letty joined after a few moments.

"Nice to meet you I'm Letty, you're alright if you can rattle off the details of this car so fast nice to have another woman in the garage," Letty said. She seemed chill.

"I'm Ash nice meeting you too," I answered.

"So what car?" Brian asked. Vince and I both looked at each other embarrassed. Vince bought me a car when I got into college, but we decided on a safe practical car. Vince never wanted me driving a race car.

"A 2011 silver Volvo," I whispered. Everyone broke out laughing and I couldn't respond it was a very lame car to drive when everyone else drove 10 second cars.

"Enough, enough," Dom said after he looked at my sad face. "It could be worst you could be rolling in a Bug or something like that," he said trying to stop another laugh.

"Okay I'm heading back to get a nap but I need a ride," I said looking at Vince.

"Sorry I need to finish this," he answered. "Why can't Mia take you?" he asked looking over at Mia.

"I rode with Letty and you know she won't let me driver her car," Mia answered. Everyone looked over to Letty who confirmed the statement.

"I can take her," Dom Volunteered.

"No!" Vince said quickly. "Can't you let Mia take her in your car?" he said calming his voice down. Everyone looked stunned at Vince's outburst.

"Yeah alright," Dom agreed tossing Mia his keys.

"Guess he's onto us," I said winking at Dom as we headed out. Vince rolled his eyes at me and I quickly left with Mia before he yelled at me for flirting.

"Guess we all know who your type is now," she said nudging me.

"That's just my personality trust me I'm not feeling your brother," I reassured her.

She looked at me doubtfully but didn't say anything. We got in his Dodge Charger and she drove to my hotel going the speed limit which surprised me.


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