Title: Love on the Run
Author: Janine
Fandom: Jennifer's Body
Pairing: Jennifer/Needy
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Summary: What should have happened after Jennifer told Needy about what happened to her after she got into Low Shoulder's van.
Note: This is a sequel/continuation of my story Not Quite Aces



Four Weeks Later

Motel 6

The Middle of Butt-Fuck Nowhere…

Needy sighed softly as her head lolled to the side, pressing more firmly against something soft and chilled. A small shiver ran through her body, and slowly, with a supreme amount of effort, she forced her eyes open and blinked into the dull morning light shining into the room.

"Checkers," she breathed out, blinking sleepily as she looked across the pillow to meet Jennifer's pale blue eyes.

Jennifer stared at her listlessly for a few moments, her cold fingers running lazily over Needy's face tracing features that she had long since memorized. The brunette's cool fingers trembled minutely as they glided over Needy's warm skin and the blonde lifted her hand, covering Jennifer's with her own in an attempt to steady it.

Jennifer was pale, her skin having taken on a sickly grey pallor, and even after a full nights rest her eyes conveyed a deep sense of exhaustion and weariness. Her skin had broken out, and her hair was dull and lifeless. She looked like she had lived fifty years in the past few days, and when Jennifer sighed softly the sound was as weak and sickly as she looked.

Needy drew the brunette's hand down to her lips and kissed it gently, offering what little comfort she could.

"Please," Jennifer rasped quietly. "Needs, I …"

"I know," Needy interjected, kissing Jennifer's hand tenderly once more before releasing it and opening her arms to the brunette. "Come to me," she breathed out, holding Jennifer's eyes steadily, encouraging her to shift closer.

Jennifer moved without a word until her shaking hand was resting lightly on Needy's hip. Their noses bumped against each other and Jennifer stopped moving for a moment, her eyes holding Needy's as she breathed in and out deeply.

"I can't go on like this," Jennifer said sending a cool wash of air over Needy's lips. "It's not working anymore. It's not …" she closed her eyes and her body tensed, curling in on itself as a pained whimper escaped from her lips. "I'm hungry," Jennifer hissed, her body still tensed and coiled as her eyes opened again to reveal shining metallic-yellow orbs.

Needy blinked rapidly, trying to fight off the tears burning her eyes.

"Hold on for just a little bit longer. Just a little bit longer," the blonde whispered before closing the distance between them and pressing her lips against Jennifer's. "Please, Checkers. Please," she breathed out, kissing Jennifer again and again as her hand lifted to cradle the brunette's face.

"I'm trying," Jennifer responded as her blunted finger nails dug into the warm, soft flesh at Needy's hips. "But I can't fight it forever."

Needy reached down and covered Jennifer's shaking hand with her own, then drew it under the tank top she was wearing and lifted it until Jennifer's hand was covering her breast.

"Not forever. Just for a little bit longer," Needy whispered, using Jennifer's hand to massage her breast.

Jennifer's palm was cool against her flesh and Needy felt her nipple tighten almost immediately. Jennifer's body uncoiled at the press of her hand against Needy's skin, and as the blonde's nipple pebbled beneath their hands, Jennifer perked up, her breathing picking up speed as her eyes shifted back to blue.

Needy smiled, and arched into their hands before allowing hers to fall away.

"Save a boy," Needy breathed out, meeting Jennifer's eyes with her own, holding them as the brunette began to run her thumb over the hard nub that topped Needy's breast. "Ride me," she continued wantonly, reaching out for Jennifer, trailing her fingers down the brunette's thigh until she was able to grasp it and drag it over her own.

Jennifer's chest rumbled and her eyes flashed bright blue as if lit by some internal fire. Needy breathed in raggedly, but stayed still. She had seen Jennifer's eyes do this before, and knew that it was a good sign. When Jennifer's eyes shined yellow, it meant she was hungry and dangerous. When they burned luminescent and blue, it meant that Jennifer was aroused, which was still dangerous but far less likely to be fatal.

"Alright then," Jennifer rasped, sliding on top of Needy until she was straddling the blonde. "But you better hold on, baby. It's going to be a bumpy ride."

"The bumpier the better," Needy breathed out, even though she wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea that her bruises were going to get some more bruises of their own.

As Jennifer's hunger increased, her love-making had become rougher, and for the past few days Needy had been experiencing extreme turbulence when they were together. A few nights before she'd actually refused to have sex wanting to give her body a chance to recuperate from Jennifer's attentions. However, part way through the night Needy had awoken to find Jennifer's leg thrown over her own, the brunette rocking against her as she stared down at Needy with parted lips and yellow eyes. Needy had opened her arms to Jennifer then and started to touch the brunette's body. Within minutes Jennifer's eyes had shifted to blue once more and her body had relaxed as Needy's lips and fingers caressed her.

"Well come on," Needy encouraged, reaching out for Jennifer and bracing her hands on the brunette's hips. "You promised me a wild ride, but all I'm getting is teacups."

Even though Jennifer had been rougher lately, it wasn't unpleasant. Jennifer never hurt her, and her body always responded enthusiastically to the brunette's touches whether they were light and playful and rough and demanding. Needy wasn't in love with the fact that almost every muscle in her body ached and would be aching even more in an hour, but she felt herself moistening in anticipation of Jennifer's touch and she knew that even though she'd pay the price for it later, she'd thoroughly enjoy herself in the meantime.

"At least it's not a teabag," Jennifer muttered through a smile.

"Whatever," Needy murmured looking up at Jennifer with a serious expression on her face, though her eyes shined with laughter. "If you could you would."

Jennifer's smile widened and her shoulders drew up as she shrugged helplessly. Needy was right, if she could've, she would've.

"Come on, Cowgirl," Needy said, slapping Jennifer's thigh. "This is not how the West was won," she continued, bucking playfully under the weight of Jennifer's body.

Jennifer smirked and leaned down, pressing her lips against Needy's as her hands began to excitedly roam over the blonde's body.

She had some not-so-virgin territory to conquer.

To be continued …

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