Title: Love on the Run
Author: Janine
Fandom: Jennifer's Body
Pairing: Jennifer/Needy
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Summary: Needy has no intention of allowing the demon inside Jennifer to stay there, but banishing a demon isn't exactly easy and Needy and Jennifer are running out of time.
Note: This is a sequel/continuation of my story Not Quite Aces




Devil's Kettle

A month later...

When they drove back into Devil's Kettle the day after the ritual, the first thing they did was go to the cemetery so that Jennifer could visit the graves of Jonas Kosezel and Colin Gray. Needy had known a spot where beautiful wild flowers grew, and late in the morning they had trampled into the woods and picked flowers that Jennifer had then been able to lay on the boys graves.

With tears in her eyes, Jennifer had apologized for what happened to them, and promised them that she never would have hurt them if she hadn't been possessed. She told them that she knew that her being sorry and not meaning to do it didn't make being dead suck any less, but that she hoped they knew that it wasn't really her, and she promised that she'd think of them every day for as long as she lived.

When Jennifer was done, Needy said a few words about each of the boys – though she ended up saying a bit more about Colin because she had known him better than Jonas, but she tried to make her speech for Jonas really nice too – and then they left the cemetery and finally headed for home.

Needy drove slowly after they left the cemetery. She wanted to go home, hug her mother, and then fall into an exhausted sleep in her own bed with her teddy bear – which she'd sleep with because fuck other people's opinions, she'd just taken on a demon – but she kept the Camry moving at a snail's pace because she was scared shitless of what was waiting for her at home.

She'd stolen her mother's car in the middle of the night, leaving nothing but a vague note for her on the kitchen table, and then disappeared for weeks.

Needy wanted to be home, but she knew that when she walked through the door it wasn't going to be all sunshine, lollipops, rainbows and puppies.

She was going to be deeply in the shit.

Disappearing and taking her mom's car with her were bad, but Needy knew the most unforgivable thing she'd done was not calling home during her absence so that her mother could hear her voice and know she was alive and more or less fine. She'd known it was cruel not to call when they were on the road, but she'd needed to help Jennifer and Needy knew that she would have been too sad to be of any help to Jennifer if she'd had to listen to her mother cry on the phone, so even though she knew that it was cowardly and spineless, she hadn't called.

They stopped at Jennifer's house first since Needy was the one driving.

They rang the doorbell because Jennifer hadn't remembered to bring her key – or had lost it during their road trip – and when the door opened and Mrs. Check saw Jennifer standing on her doorstep, her eyes had immediately filled with tears and a sob had escaped from her throat before she gathered Jennifer up in her arms, and hugged her tightly against her, kissing Jennifer's cheeks and her hair between whispers of, "Thank, God."

During the trip back to Devil's Kettle they had decided to tell their mothers that they had embarked upon the teenage rite of passage known as the "road trip" in order to "discover themselves".

They had decided to say that they'd left notes so that their mother's wouldn't worry, and that they hadn't called because they didn't want to be ordered to come back home until they'd 'figured things out'.

A road trip was a weak excuse for the amount of pain and worry that they knew they had caused, but what else could they say? If they told their mothers that Jennifer had been possessed by a demon and Needy had been looking for a way to lift the curse, their moms would have just thought that they were being malicious and intentionally fucking with them, and Needy and Jennifer would have ended up seeming sadistic instead of thoughtless and self-centered.

The lie they'd come up with wouldn't make them look good, but it was far less cruel than telling the truth.

When Mrs. Check's relief at seeing Jennifer alive and healthy wore off, she lit into the both of them about where they had been, and did they know how sick she and Mrs. Lesnicki were with worry, and how could they? Did they understand how awful what they had done was? There were cops out looking for them! Reports had been filed! Search and rescue teams had been sent out! After the rash of gruesome deaths that had plagued the town, how could they just take off like that? Did they know that she and Mrs. Lesnicki had spent every night crying themselves to sleep, worrying that their daughters half-eaten corpses were decomposing somewhere in the woods? What were they thinking?

Needy opened her mouth to respond, but before she could start to deliver the speech she had prepared, Jennifer spoke up.

Subdued and red eyed, Jennifer had looked over at her mother, and with tears streaming down her face she apologized for all of the pain she had caused her. She said that she had taken off to go on the road with LowShoulder after Nikolai had confessed his love for her. She said that Needy had tried to stop her, but that she hadn't listened, and that when Needy realized she'd run off to be a groupie that Needy had come after her because she was a really, really good friend, the best ever. She said Needy didn't call because she needed to find her before something bad happened and Mrs. Lesnicki would have made her to come home.

Trembling, Jennifer told her mother that something bad almost had happened, but that Needy had saved her, and then, with her face wet with tears and her body shaking like a leaf, Jennifer asked her mom for a hug and Mrs. Check took her into her arms and held her close, kissing her as she whispered to Jennifer that she loved her but that she was grounded for infinity plus one.

When they eventually made their way to Needy's house, things unfolded much the same way.

Mrs. Lesnicki had held Needy so tightly when she saw her that it was actually painful, and once they made it into the living room, Jennifer told her the same 'almost true' story that she had told her own mother. Needy had been grounded for two life sentences, but her mother had held her again when Jennifer was finished, and she hadn't stopped holding her for hours – when it was time to drive Jennifer back home, Needy had been forced to enter the car through the driver's side and then crawl over gear shift into the passenger seat so that her mother didn't have to let go of her hand.

For weeks after her return, Needy suffered through her mother looking at her with wounded eyes and sometimes the sight of her would make her mother cry, but every night Needy heard her praying to J.C., thanking him for bringing her baby bear back to her, and even though things at home were tense, Needy knew that eventually they'd be fine.

Needy and Jennifer had been allowed to stay home for three days after their return, but after that it was back to school and into the rumor mill.

The most popular rumor was that Jennifer had gotten knocked up and Needy had driven her up into the mountains to a secret facility where she'd gotten an abortion. But rumors about Jennifer being in rehab and Needy being her sponsor were popular too. Some people said Needy was the one who'd gotten knocked up, others said Jennifer had gone to Hollywood and shot a test pilot that didn't get picked up by a network. One rumor had Jennifer filming hair commercials in Japan, and another rumor – probably started by a boy – had them driving to California to make lesbian porn. There was even a rumor that the two of them had gone south and become drug mules.

After a couple of the weeks however, the constant buzz of conversation whenever one of them appeared eventually tapered off and things went back to as close to normal as anything could be – except that now Jennifer's kisses were exclusively for Needy and Chip refused to speak to Needy, or even acknowledge her presence.

One thing that had changed on a public scale however was that Chastity and her minions had stopped whispering lesbigay comments at Needy. It struck Needy as strange that the gay-crush shaming had stopped since she and Jennifer had started to routinely walk through the halls holding hands, which was far gayer than the waving and smiling at each other that had gotten Needy called out before.

Of course, now that they were openly holding hands and Jennifer would routinely come up behind her at her locker and hug her from behind, Needy supposed that people might not be saying anything about it because for the first time they thought Jennifer and Needy might actually be lesbigay for each other, and the idea that 'mangry' Jennifer Check was sharing her milkshake with a girl was too much for their tiny brains to process.

Whatever the reason, Needy didn't really care.

Jennifer was Jennifer again, she and Jennifer were together, their mothers were finally starting to speak to them without things ending in tears, and two weeks after they'd returned home there had been a news report about the savaged bodies of the members of LowShoulder being discovered, so Needy and Jennifer knew that the demon that had almost ruined their lives was back in hell where it belonged and that the mega-douches who had cursed Jennifer were burning along with it.

Things were good. Things were looking up. And not even High School could ruin Needy's mood.

"Ugh!" Jennifer declared, slamming her math text book shut on her desk before she dropped her head down onto it. "Doing things for myself sucks," she whined as Needy smiled at her from under the canopy of Jennifer's bed. "My brain hurts."

Needy slipped off of the bed and padded in her bare feet over to the Jennifer's desk. She'd done the homework questions Jennifer had just finished a few days ago, so she'd know if Jennifer had completed them correctly.

After returning home, Jennifer had decided to turn over a new leaf and become 'all responsible and boring and shit' since 'being hot and personable' had gotten her possessed and nearly killed her. Jennifer still had the study habits of a popular cheerleader with a fake ID however, and was therefore not quite organized enough to always keep up with her homework.

"Hard work makes the reward so much sweeter," Needy murmured, bending down to kiss Jennifer's cheek, before she urged the raven-haired beauty's head up so that she could the see the answers to Jennifer's questions.

"Well, I've worked really, really hard," Jennifer said as Needy's eyes scanned the pencil marks on the lined pages of the Jennifer's notebook. "So I better get an awesome reward. And I don't mean a gold star or a pat on the head. I want sex," she added when Needy glanced over at her.

"I always assume you want sex," Needy replied, smiling playfully at Jennifer who rolled her eyes at her before reaching out for Needy, drawing Needy's head towards her so that she could kiss her.

"I'm not a nympho," Jennifer protested. "Not anymore at least," she added more softly, her eyes dropping down to her lap as she remembered how demanding she had been with Needy's body when the demon was inside of her. She hadn't really been aware of it at the time, but she'd been humping Needy like she'd been infected with alien sex-pollen.

"If you were, I wouldn't mind," Needy told Jennifer before she slipped to her knees in front of the brunette and rested her arms on Jennifer's thigh so that she could see the other girls lowered face. "It's not like it's some horrible torture to naked wrestle with you," Needy said smiling as Jennifer finally looked at her. "You're fucking hot."

"Needy," Jennifer exclaimed smiling wildly. "Watch your fucking language. I'm a lady."

Needy rolled her eyes.

"An F-bomb is nothing compared to your reward," Needy began, looking entirely too innocent for the words coming out of her mouth as she gazed up at Jennifer. "If I'm going to pray for forgiveness, it's going to be for what we do when we go to bed."

"Oh yeah?" Jennifer asked smiling slowly, her eyes roaming over what she could see of Needy's body. "What did you have in mind?"

Needy braced her hands on Jennifer's legs and pushed up, pausing to kiss Jennifer briefly, before she flashed Jennifer a shy but excited smile and moved away from the desk over to her backpack.

Needy turned her back to Jennifer as she rummaged through her backpack, and then she stood and carefully turned so that her hands remained hidden from sight. She smiled at Jennifer when they were facing each other again, and then, with her hands behind her back, Needy practically skipped back over to Jennifer, who looked up at her, curious and excited.

Needy held Jennifer's eyes for a moment, and then blushing, she drew her hands out from her behind her back revealing a harness with a very respectably sized dildo attached to it.

"That night, you said …" Needy began uncertainly as Jennifer stared at the strap-on in her hands.

"I know, I remember," Jennifer breathed out, taking the harness from Needy and placing it on her desk before she reached out for Needy and drew her onto her lap.

"Do you still …?" Needy asked softly as Jennifer's hands began to trail over her body.

"Yeah," Jennifer sighed, kissing Needy's throat. "You bet your sweet ass I do."

Needy smiled and Jennifer nuzzled her throat as her hands continued to roam over Needy's body, leaving trails of warmth and shivery excitement in their wake.

"No backdoor action, though," Needy stated firmly while Jennifer was still being ruled by her brain instead of her cunt.

"No backdoor action," Jennifer promised. "This time," she whispered teasingly as she nipped at Needy's lips before kissing them.

"You said it hurt," Needy whined though she knew that she would let Jennifer have a go at her backdoor if Jennifer really, really … really, wanted to.

"I'm way better in bed than Roman," Jennifer said making a face as the former police cadet's name passed her lips. "I won't let it hurt. I'll take care of you," Jennifer promised, kissing the tip of Needy's nose. "I swear, I'll make your first time up the ass really romantic. You'll want me sticking things up there all the time afterwards."

"But not this time," Needy breathed out.

"No, not this time," Jennifer sighed. "I can still take you from behind though, right?" she asked as she reached for the harness.

"Yeah, of course," Needy breathed out as Jennifer picked the harness up in her hands, and stroked her hand down the length of the dildo in a suggestive way that made Needy's throb between her legs.

"Awesome," Jennifer drawled smiling widely. "Lemme strap this fucker on, lube up, and I'll take you on a magic carpet ride!"


Needy stared up at Jennifer's canopy with a dreamy smile on her face. Jennifer's left leg was thrown over hers, her arm lay across Needy's waist and her head rested on Needy's chest above her heart.

Jennifer's first week back in Devil's Kettle had been rough. Vivid nightmares had plagued her at night, stopping her from resting, and in her sleep deprived state, her mind had played tricks on her in the daylight hours as well, giving her no reprieve from the horrors she had witnessed.

Their mothers had tried to keep them away from each other as punishment after they returned, but after a couple of nights of Jennifer waking up screaming for Needy, Mrs. Check had convinced Mrs. Lesnicki to let the girls start sleeping over again.

Needy's presence in bed beside her had helped lessen Jennifer's nightmares, but it wasn't until the night Jennifer had fallen asleep with her head resting over Needy's heart that she had finally gotten a good night's sleep.

After that Jennifer slept relatively soundly the next two times she fell asleep with her head on Needy's chest and they realized that the steady sound of Needy's heart beating helped Jennifer sleep, and Needy had downloaded a heart-beat app onto Jennifer's phone for her so that she would still have the sound of a heart beating on the few occasions when Mrs. Lesnicki insisted Needy sleep at her own house.

Needy still had nightmares of Jennifer covered in blood, barfing up black porcupine tar and grinning devilishly at her from the hood of her car, and though she no longer had dark circles permanently under her eyes, Jennifer still had nightmares about half-eaten bodies and the taste of blood, but they had each other and that made things … better. Not perfect, but better, much better.

With the demon gone they had a future, they had hope, the world was once again as open to them as it was to anyone from a backwater town like Devil's Kettle, and Needy was certain that despite the madman, supernatural crap they had been through that she and Jennifer would be alright.

"Ow," Jennifer gasped sleepily, woken by Needy's elbow as it jabbed into her when Needy shifted her position slightly. "My tit," Jennifer moaned, lifting her hand to cover the breast Needy had accidentally elbowed.

"Sorry," Needy whispered as Jennifer massaged her breast.

"S'okay," Jennifer said, sleep still in her voice though it was fading fast. "You can kiss it better."

Needy smiled at that and murmured, "Can I?" as she lifted one of her hands to cover the one Jennifer had covering her breast.

"Yeah Monisat, you have my permission to soothe the burn," Jennifer sassed grinning at her.

Needy smiled and then shifted down until her head was level with Jennifer's chest and taking advantage of the fact that Jennifer was wearing a tank top, Needy pressed her lips against the swell of Jennifer's breast.

"That's nice and all, but I think my tit's still injured," Jennifer murmured when Needy pulled back. "You should kiss it some more. Just to be safe. Oh, and FYI, I think the nipple got the worst of it. You def should start there."

"Thanks for the diagnosis Dr. Check," Needy mumbled playfully, and then her hands were skimming up Jennifer's torso taking her tank top with them so that Needy could have unhampered access to Jennifer's wounded tit.

Needy tugged and Jennifer lifted her arms and Needy tugged again until Jennifer's breasts bounded into view. Needy looked down at the full mounds covetously and Jennifer's tank dropped from her fingers, already forgotten as Needy leaned forward and took one of Jennifer's nipple into her mouth.

Jennifer sighed softly and whispered Needy's name and Needy began to flutter her tongue over Jennifer's nipple, moaning in pleasure herself when Jennifer's hand moved her head, keeping Needy's mouth securely against her breast.

Yeah, Needy thought as Jennifer moaned and arched her chest into her mouth, surethey'dgonethroughhell, but together they'd managed to survive it together, and together they'd be just fine.

The End

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