My first smut! Please be nice! No plot, I just got horny and came up with this! = P

Bella was getting hornier by the day. Her stepdad, Phil and her dad Charlie, had suddenly become the best of friends. And as sick as it was, Bella wanted to fuck the both of them.

Maybe it was the hormones, or maybe it was the fact that they were both very sexy. And just knew they would have massive cocks.

One day, Charlie was gone out with a couple of his friends and it was just her and Phil at home. And she knew that she had to seize this opportunity. Bella stripped off all her clothes in her bedroom and just put on a bathrobe. She felt her wetness dripping down her thighs, just thinking about how hard she was going to fuck Phil tonight. And if she was lucky, maybe Charlie as well!

Bella went down the stairs and saw Phil was watching television. Knowing that he wouldn't mind her interrupting, Bella went and stood in front of the television and turned it off.

"Bella, why did you just do that?" Phil asked her, obviously feeling confused.

She walked to where he was sitting and straddled him. If Phil was surprised, he sure didn't show it. But she could tell by the obvious bulge in his pants that he was very excited.

Bella leaned forward and whispered in his ear. "I've been a very naughty girl."

Phil's eyes turned dark with lust. He looked at her growled. "I knew you were a whore, just like the others. Of course, you have your mother fooled."

Bella chuckled softly and replied, "Let's not talk about my mother. All I can think about is your long and thick cock plunging into my pussy as I scream your name."

That line made Phil lose his self-control and he demanded, "Get up and take off your bathrobe, you little bitch."

She was only too happy to comply. She untied her robe and Phil gasped as she stood there in all her naked glory. He appreciatively ran his eyes down her body and rested on her pussy. It was dripping wet and Phil couldn't wait to taste her.

"I believe that it is your turn now." Bella whispered.

Without hesitating, Phil got up from the couch and quickly undressed himself. This time, it was Bella's turn to gasp as she took in his hard and long cock that she had been fantasizing about. Phil walked over to her and grasped her breast. His other hand trailed south and he moaned as he felt her juices.

Bella grabbed his hair and crashed her lips to his. She felt herself being pushed against the wall, but she couldn't care less. Phil pulled back and looked at her, his eyes having darkened slightly than before.

Without warning, he plunged two fingers inside her and she moaned out loudly. "You like that, you little slut?" Phil's voice taunted her. "This is just the beginning."

He kept fingering her with more force and he felt her cum all over his fingers. "That was fucking amazing Phil." Bella managed to gasp out.

Phil just smirked at her and bit on her nipple. She pulled his hair and pushed her breast even closer to his face. She felt like a complete whore, doing this sinful act with her stepfather, but she had to admit that he was truly experienced.

After having sucked both her breasts, Phil grabbed her hand and placed it on his cock. "How does that feel bitch?"

Bella groaned out loud and replied, "It feels so good."

Before Phil could reply, the front door opened and Charlie walked in. Bella looked over Phil's shoulder and saw her dad. Knowing that her dad was now in the room as well, she groaned out even louder. Her stepdad stopped his ministrations and turned to look at Charlie, who was standing frozen to the spot in shock.

"What the hell is going on here?" Charlie managed to stutter out.

Sensing that her dad could use a little persuasion from her, Bella went to where her dad was and grabbed his crotch. "I want to fuck you daddy. Just like how I was about to fuck Phil."

Charlie looked at her, his shocked expression no longer there. "Were you always such a slut?"

This time Phil replied. "Yeah Charlie, your daughter is the biggest slut I have ever seen. And damn, she has the best pussy."

Instead of feeling ashamed by their words, Bella got more turned on. Phil came to stand behind there, so now she was sandwiched between the two men she had her wet dreams about.

"Come on Charlie, please get undressed soon. You know you want this." Bella whispered, licking the shell of his ear.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity of having sex with a young girl (even if it was his own daughter), Charlie quickly got naked. Bella moaned like a wanton slut as she felt her daddy's cock touch her wet pussy.

Charlie was in no mood to be soft , so he grabbed her breasts and twisted her nipples painfully. "Daddyyyy, that feels soooo good!" His little bitch moaned out. At the same time, she felt Phil's finger stretch her ass and lick a trail from her asshole to her pussy.

After having played with her breasts, Charlie bent down to eat out her pussy. Bella gasped loudly as she felt her daddy's moustache touch the inner sides of her pussy. "Please, say something dirty," she moaned sexily.

"You are such a dirty slut, wanting to fuck your own daddy and step-daddy," Phil growled and spanked her ass. "Does it excite you, knowing that there are going to be two cocks in you?"

Bella pushed her ass back, trying to create some friction with Phil's cock. "Yes, I am a whore and I'm very excited!" She all but shouted as she came into Charlie's mouth. He got up and Bella licked her juices off his moustache.

"Please plunge your cocks into me," she whispered with a seductive grin, once she came down from her high.

"Doesn't anything disgust you?" Charlie asked, as he started to play with his cock.

Phil stood next to Charlie and looked at Bella with hooded eyes. "No, whores like her cannot be disgusted by fucking dads like us." He replied with a wicked smirk. "I'll take her pussy, you take her ass."

"Screw me over properly, 'cause I like it hard and rough." Bella said, anticipating the feeling of having two cocks in her.

Once Phil and Charlie were positioned, they pounded into her relentlessly. "Yessss! Oh my gosh, that feels so amazing!" Bella screamed. She brought her fingers to her breasts and started to play with herself.

"You like that slut? Does it make you feel dirty, knowing that you are being screwed over by your dads?" Charlie grunted out, feeling close.

"Bella, you have the tightest cunt I have ever fucked!" Phil growled harshly, also feeling close to coming.

Bella screamed out loud as the two men spilled their seeds into her pussy and asshole. "That was fucking amazing," Charlie said, coming down from his high.

"You two have ruined me for every other boy." Bella replied with a wink. Charlie and Phil grinned sexily at her and proceeded for round two.

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