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When Bella woke up the next morning, Phil was already gone. She didn't mind, seeing that she wanted to screw Charlie just as roughly as she and Phil fucked last night. Knowing that it was Charlie's day off, she decided to take a shower and cook him some breakfast.

After showering, Bella decided to cook while being naked, figuring that it might add to Charlie's surprise. She went to his room to sneak a peek but he wasn't there. She could hear the shower water running in the bathroom, and she moaned to herself slightly as she imagined him in the shower, wet and naked.

Not wanting him to catch her, Bella went down and got a start on breakfast. After a couple of minutes, she could hear Charlie's footsteps near the kitchen. She gasped as he came in and grabbed her ass from behind. "Oh, you are so naughty Bella." Charlie growled into her ear.

Bella moaned as she realized he was completely naked as well. She could feel his rock hard cock pushing in between her ass cheeks. "Yes daddy, I am so naughty…I want to be fucked so bad."

Charlie snapped at that and turned her around. He began sucking at her breasts and twisting her nipples. Bella grabbed his hair roughly and pushed her breasts closer to his face.

"Oh daddy, I love it when you suck my tits," she moaned out, her voice dripping of lust. "I can't wait till you shove your cock into my wet cunt."

Charlie's ministrations on her breasts became rougher at hearing her words. "I plan to fuck you into oblivion, until you can't remember your own fucking name." He growled sexily.

After having played with her breasts, Bella decided to give him a blow job. "I want to suck your cock daddy, just like a slut." She whispered in his ear with a smirk.

He pushed her onto her knees and put his cock into her hot mouth. "You want it? Then, take it." Charlie grunted.

Bella began to suck his cock and she groaned when she felt a bit of his pre-cum. Charlie reached beneath her and inserted two fingers in her pussy and felt his fingers cover with her juices. Bella's sounds caused vibrations in his cock and he groaned out loudly.

"That's a good whore huh? Can't live without a cock can you slut?" Charlie growled. "Always wanting to get fucked."

Hearing his voice and those dirty words, Bella increased her pace. A few seconds later, Charlie squirted all of his juice into her mouth, some landing in her face. She licked his cock clean and took it out with a pop.

Seeing that some of his cum was on her face, Charlie began licking her cheeks. She moaned like a wanton slut and grabbed his cock and placed the tip at her entrance.

"Fuck me raw and hard, daddy." Bella said, moving her breasts across his chest.

Her wetness grew as she noticed his eyes darken with lust. He roughly grabbed her ass cheeks and inserted a finger. "I plan to do just that, bitch." Charlie told her with a smirk. "I am going to shove my long and thick cock in your dripping cunt. After that, I am going fuck your ass just like your step-daddy did last night."

Charlie plunged his cock into her pussy and Bella screamed in pleasure. He pounded in and out and didn't give her time to adjust to his size. He grabbed her hips and pushed her against him tightly. He felt her nipples harden and he increased his pace.

"Your pussy is so damn wet, whore," Charlie grunted. "Tell me how much you want daddy's cock!"

"I want your cock in me!" Bella shouted. "I want to be fucked like a common slut….I love feeling your thick, hard cock getting shoved in my pussy."

Charlie grabbed her hair and crashed his lips to hers. Her mouth parted for his tongue and Bella moaned as she felt close to her orgasm. His hands trailed her back and squeezed her ass cheeks. And with that, she came with a scream.

"Bend over the table," Charlie ordered, his cock getting hard again at the thought of fucking her tight ass hole.

Bella could feel her wetness drip down her thighs at his authoritative tone. She placed her hands on the cold surface and stuck her ass in the air. She started to play with her tits and could hear Charlie's harsh breathing. With a knowing smirk, Bella inserted a finger into her wet folds and twisted it around until her finger was covered in her juices.

Finally, Charlie couldn't take it. He took her finger and sucked it clean. "Now, this is going be raw and hard…just like my little whore likes it." He said in a husky voice.

Before Bella could reply, Charlie plunged his hard cock into her asshole. He pounded his cock into her ass relentlessly and she moaned in pure lust. "That feels so gooood, daddy." He heard her say.

"I know, whores like you love to be fucked anally." Charlie growled sexily. "You are so naughty Bella, always thinking of cocks being shoved up your ass."

Bella just groaned at his crude remark. "I love your dirty talking daddy…."

"Yeah, and you love my cock as well, don't you? You like being mine and Phil's whore, always horny and wanting to get fucked." Charlie grunted.

He could feel that Bella was close and increased his pace. Bella screamed out his name as she came high from her second orgasm that night. Charlie took out his cock and it was covered with her cum. She growled at the sight and bent down to lick his cock. She moaned like a bitch as she tasted herself on his thick cock.

Once Bella finished licking him off, Charlie carried her to the couch and she sat on his lap. "That was fucking amazing daddy," she said with a sly grin.

"That's cause I know exactly what sluts like you need." Charlie replied in a low, husky tone.

"I can't wait for Phil to come home 'cause then I will have two cocks shoved into me," Bella groaned.

"Me either, my little bitch." He replied in the same tone. "Me either."

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