A/N: So I know I'm not the only one who felt like we were given hope in last nights episode. (: But on TV, the camera changed scene so quickly, I felt like this wasn't over... and so this was born :D The title is kinda irrelevant, but they mentioned Clare being a hero so whatever. Hopefully you guys like it, maybe not, I don't really know. Try not to hate too hard (;

"You made Clara the hero," Clare spoke softly, staring at Eli in wonder. She had no idea he had rewrote the script, and she was sure he was out to ruin her. But this… she didn't expect it at all.

"Because she is the hero," Eli responded, gazing at Clare from across the table. He saw wonder and curiosity in her eyes, as if she were trying to figure him out. A few longs seconds passed before he started feeling self-conscious under her stare. "What? You don't like it?"

"No no, it's not that," she spoke quickly, shaking her head. "I'm just trying to figure out why you would change it."

"Simple," Eli shrugged, standing up from his seat. He started to collect his stray papers; he had been editing the final scenes for the play. "I was being unfair, and I decided that, if it's based on a true story, everything should be, well, true." He spoke simply, as if it were obvious. He started walking towards the door, which was behind her.

"Oh, well, uh… Thank you," she breathed when he was closest. His walk slowed down and he looked at her, noticing their proximity. This close, he noted that her eyes were the same as he remembered; blue with tiny flecks of grey. Her nose scrunched slightly with each breath she took. It was the little details of her face that fascinated him, including her plum, soft lips.

Both teenagers hadn't noticed they were leaning in until—

"Clare!" Jake called, appearing in the doorway. He smiled widely, "you need a ride home?"

Eli deflated a bit as he pulled back, looking at his feet.

"Ye-yeah, give me a minute," Clare's voice cracked, watching as Jake gave her a wary look before leaving.

"I should go," she spoke softly, glancing at Eli. Her cheeks were a furious shade of red. She stepped around him, heading towards the door.

"Wait," Eli called out, gently grabbing her elbow. He pulled her back, crashing his lips onto hers.

And to say the least, it was amazing. In that one kiss, all of the feelings of their previous relationship came back. Behind her closed eyelids, Clare remembered when they first met, hearing the crunch of her glasses underneath Morty. She remembered their first kiss for English class, and their kiss in the library. She remembered laying with him on the hammock during Adam's party, and she remembered when he first whispered he loved her into her ear. This kiss was different, though. It was filled with sorrow, yet still sweet and passionate—

And it was over too soon.

Before she knew it, Clare gasped and opened her eyes, watching as Eli walked away. When he got to the door, he looked over his shoulder. "I'll see you around, Edwards," he smirked, leaving her standing alone.

When Clare managed to speak, she whispered to herself, "I guess you will."

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