A/N: I do not own the characters – they belong to CP Coulter and to Glee. The song is "When I Fall" by Tamara Fritz

"You're delusional."

"How am I being delusional? Do you think I'd lie to you when I had a knife about to go into me?"

"You sure as hell never tell me the truth."

"I've never been so close to death before!"

"Well you're alive now aren't you?"


"BECAUSE I'M TOO MESSED UP. NO ONE CAN LOVE ME. DO YOU SEE ME? YOU DON'T WANT THIS. You've fallen in love with something that doesn't exist."

"…Do you really believe that?"

"No one has proven me wrong so far."

"I need to talk to you. Now." Julian reached out and grabbed onto Kurt's arm and tugged. "Bring your boyfriend too." Surprised, Kurt stumbled a few steps before turning around and pulling Blaine along, walked quickly to catch up with Julian who was storming down the hallway.

"Uh, I know you like guys, but you're kind of closeted – I feel like trying to get with two guys who you go to school with isn't the best way to keep this a secret."

Julian shot Kurt a look "Shut up. I need your help. …Wait, you'd be into that?"

"What, saying I slept with the famous Julian Larson? Of course."

"Ha ha. No I need your advice – and Blaine to play the guitar."

"Interesting. Is this some new form of therapy?"

"Can we cut the crap? This is serious."
"Sorry. Come on, let's get out of here."

The three boys made their way out of the building and behind the building. Julian stopped, looked around and seeing that no one was within earshot, turned to talk to Kurt.

"He doesn't believe me. You were both there. You heard me…confess to him. But he thinks that he's too messed up for anyone to love him and I just. He doesn't hate me because I love him, but hates himself because he can't care back. And since I'm stuck here, I just. I can't watch him do this to himself."

"So sing to him."

Julian gave Kurt his best diva stare. "Why do you think I made you bring Blaine? I don't just need him to randomly follow me around and play guitar."

"Don't need to get so snooty about it."

"Whatever. Are you going to help me?"

"Sure. What did you want to sing?"

Logan just got out of class and was making his way over to Stuart when he heard someone call his name.


Logan turned his head and saw Kurt walking towards him.


"You busy right now?"

"For you? I'm never busy."

"Come on. Blaine and I have something for you."

"You and Blaine? Oh I just remembered I have to go…. take my pills." Logan started to turn back towards Stuart but was stopped by Kurt grabbing onto his jacket.

"Just come on. You need this."

The two of them walked towards the music hall "are you going to sing to me?"

"Sort of." Kurt opened the doors and they walked into the empty music hall and towards the music room. Logan opened the door and saw Blaine sitting at the front of the room with his guitar.

"What is this?"

"Just sit down."

Logan and Kurt made their way over the chairs and sat down. Once they were settled, Blaine began to play the guitar. The music room's doors opened and Julian walked in, singing.

I remember when I first saw you

You were two hundred feet away

I was surrounded by people like me

Most of whom had been there all the way

And I could feel my thoughts start flying

Whirling, turning into something new

And all that stuck with me

Was that I wished I could tell you

"What is –"

"Shut up and listen."

That when I fall

Fall so hard

I can only fall so far

And when the light

Turns to dark

You light the fire with just a spark

"Listen to the lyrics. Closely." Kurt whispered to Logan.

I know you're just a person

But you seem like so much more

And when it comes down to it

The fact that you're like me makes you easier to adore

Julian began to tear up a little bit, but his eyes never left Logan's, almost pleading with him to believe what he was singing.

Your songs, your music, your voice

Just flows out so easily

And if I had a choice

That's how I'd want to be

Julian walked up to Logan so he stood right in front of his chair,

The spark lights the darkness

That tears me apart

And then when it's shining

I see I'm not Not the only one

Kurt and Blaine joined in singing with Julian.

I am not alone

Cause I have found a home.

The song ended and all four boys were quiet for a moment, Kurt and Blaine watching Julian, Julian watching Logan, and Logan looking blank on most of his face, except Julian could see Logan's eyebrows furrow as he tried to work everything out. Kurt stood up and went to go get Blaine and they both left.

The door to the music room closed with a thud and suddenly there was silence.

"I've been in love with you since the moment I laid eyes on you. You don't ever have to love me back, but it breaks my heart even more for you to think that you don't deserve love."

"Julian you don't understand – "

"Did you not hear everything I just sang? You are worth it. You are home to me."

Logan finally looked up at Julian's face, and even though he was crying, Logan could see the sincerity in Julian's eyes.

"What if I'm not everything you expected me to be?"

"What if you already are?" Julian leaned down and pressed a soft kiss onto Logan's lips. Julian pulled back and looked into Logan's eyes.

"Come on. Let's go back to Stuart."

Logan got up and they both left the music room. As they walked across campus, side by side, Logan reached out his hand and thread his fingers through Julian's. Neither of them spoke, but when Julian turned his head slightly to look at Logan, he looked calmer and happier than he had in awhile. It was a start.