Spirited Away-

People were afraid of him. This was the sad fact of his existence.

Because he was half ghost. Because ghosts were associated with death and death omens.

His existence was seen as bad luck. Something that should be erased. He'd spent a majority of his adolesent years being hunted by ghosts and humans alike. Hated by almost everyone he had tried to help.

His name was Danny Fenton. And he was an entirely different person today, from the kid he'd been ten years ago.


He was on his way home from another long night of ghost hunting, his body traveling at speeds that humans couldn't travel at because it would shake their molecules apart and kill them.

It had been a long day for him between visiting with his parents, his sister Jazz and her two kids and then meeting up with Sam and Tucker at the Nasty Burger. And then his work hunting and catching ghosts and returning them to the ghost zone.

He flew over the various buildings and houses, taking note of the changes in neighborhoods and geography. One building was ripped down by time and neglect and another was built to take it's place across the street.

Amity Park had changed in the past ten years.

Many of the people that he'd known in Jr. High and High school had all either married and had kids or moved away. And the few that remained rarely spoke to him. But then they had never really been on the greatest of speaking terms to begin with.

Many of them had bullied him. Others had outright despised him for no apparent reason.

Many of them still did today.

Not that it bothered him anymore. He was practically untouchable by them now. At twenty four Danny had mastered his ghost powers and become an agent for the government. He faced both human and ghostly threats every other day or so.

And he was well compensated for his work. Which was probably one of the few reasons why he did it. He no longer fought to save just the lives of the people of Amity Park, but the whole world and everyone in it.

Which made him feel a little bit better about being a freak. But just a little. He sailed up over the roof tops and trees, weaving his way through an invisible course as he made his way towards his home. Slowing his pace just a bit in the ending stretch due to the fact that there was no reason for him to hurry.

He had no wife. No children. No cat or dog.

No one was eagerly awaiting his return home from work. He reached his home and was going to land on the side walk when he noticed a red truck sitting in front of his house and scowled a little bit. To his knowledge he didn't have company coming which could only mean that someone's vehicle had run out of gas or broken down.

Well this is irritating. Danny thought as he landed and walked around the truck, looking for any signs of the driver and paused briefly by the driver side door when he caught sight of a foggy figure inside of the truck.

Curious he changed back to his human form and reached out and placed his hand on the window, letting some of the icyness leak from his finger tips until he could see inside the truck. He blinked his neon blue eyes in surprise.

He could clearly see a young woman with dark curly hair, curled up in the front seat, wearing a pale pink cotton shirt and cut off shorts. He sighed and looked around the street for a second wondering what he should do.

On one hand he sort of wanted to go ghost and move her and her truck to another street where she could maybe bother someone else for a phone.

But then it occured to him that the woman might have a medical condition of some kind and she might need help. For all he knew she might have had a mini stroke or something.

He doubted it since she looked fairly young, but one could never really be too careful. He tapped the glass to see if she would react and snorted when she seemed to jerk and lift her head to look at the window before moving.

She sat up and moved over to the door where he was standing and slowly, and cautiously rolled down her window just a little bit. "Yes?" She rasped in a sleep husky tone.

"Hi, sorry to bother you during your...nap...but uh, is everything okay? Did your truck run out of gas of something?"

She was quiet as she blinked her eyes. They were a vivid shade of turqouise, Danny noted with some interest as she answered. "Oh. Sorry. I have a medical condition and I was dangerously close to running off fo the road so I pulled over to rest-"

Danny nodded his head, understanding that sometimes if someone had bad health, it was neccesary for them to stop whatever they were doing to lay down or nap until they felt better.

It kept them from having accidents that could hurt or kill them. Not to mention that it helped cut down on innocent bystander casualties. "Are you feeling any better? Do you need anything? A phone? Someone to come pick you up and take you home?"

"Not really. No. No. And there isn't anyone that I can call. I just moved back to town after..." She stopped talking and seemed to consider something before asking him in a slightly wary tone. "Your not a predator of some kind are you?"

Danny didn't really react to her question despite the fact that it offended him a little bit. But he wouldn't hold it against her since she was a woman and he- Was probably a very suspicous looking man to her. Standing on the side walk next to her truck, wearing a pair of dark sneakers, jeans and a bulky hoody with the hood pulled up over his dark hair, half hiding his face.

"Would you believe me if I said that I wasn't?" He asked her after a second or so, his head tilted to the side a little bit, his tone slightly curious. She'd be a fool to trust him when she didn't know him. And she didn't seem like a fool to him.

A little vulnerable and naive, sure. But not a fool.

She was quiet for a second or so, her turqouise eyes seeming to study him in the dim light. Finally after a second or so, he had his answer when she slowly opened the door to the truck forcing him to back up a little bit as the door swung open. "I'm Shara. Who're you?"

A predator. Danny thought before saying in amusement. "Danny."

She was a fool. And because she was more of less in his drive way, she was his responsiblity.

Oddly enough, he found this very interesting. Very intresting indeed.