"Shara!" Danny shouted in alarm as he jumped to his feet and quickly dove for her while his mother sat back and observed her husband quickly moving around her chair and diving to catch the young woman as well- and winched in sympathy as both her poor husband and poor son's skulls collided causing both to yelp and swear as they fell to the floor on either side of an somewhat wary looking Shara.

"Shara, you okay hon?" Mattie asked as both Danny and Jack groaned and pushed themselves upright while rubbing the spots on their heads where they had hurt themselves. Shara lifted her head slightly up off of the floor, her eyes still frightfully wide as she croaked out,

"Am I still alive?"

"Of course you are sweetheart, though you might be a bit concussed after taking a fall like that," Danny said in a dry tone as he reached out and placed a palm against the side of her face and ran his thumb along the curve of her cheek before saying gently, coaxingly, "Maybe you should spend the night here with me tonight." At which point Shara looked away from his mother's amused expression so that she could look up at Danny. A small frown working it's way between her eyes.

"You didn't find the person I saw, did you?" She asked in a small voice that made Danny's heart constrict in his chest.

He wanted to lie to her, really he did, he wanted to tell her that he'd found the person that had been outside of his home earlier. He wanted to tell her that it was okay, that she had nothing to fear or worry about- But he knew that if she found out he'd lied to her, even to spare her from feeling worried or afraid, she'd never forgive him. So he sighed and looked away helplessly for a moment before replying, "No... No I didn't find him. I'm sorry."

She nodded her head in acceptance and jumped as his dad slowly got to his feet. Apparently she had forgotten that his father was on the floor beside her. "Oh. Alright..." She said numbly as his hand moved from her cheek to one of her hands, his fingers slipping around her own easily so that he could help her up off of the floor as he suggested,

"If you don't want to use the guest room then you might feel safer in my room with me." And instantly almost took the words back when he saw the look of barely concealed glee on his mother's face. Oh shit. One look at that expression and Shara would run far, far, far away from him and probably never return. Hell, even he wanted to run away from him when his mother got that look on her face.

However it seemed was his lucky day since she appeared to miss the look entirely as she seemed so focused on him.

Which suited him just fine since it wasn't everyday that he asked someone to share his bed. Even if he would have to keep his hands to himself for a while longer. At least until he knew what her doctors said at her next checkup. Once he was sure her heart wouldn't give out, then he'd put his hands on her as much as she allowed him too and then some.

He pulled her up as he got to his feet, subtly using his ghostly abilities to help him do so without her notice. His parents on the other hand- sadly they lacked Shara's tunnel vision and noticed that he was using his powers for such a small task and once he had Shara on her feet- his dad practically wrestled his girlfriend from him under the guise of needing help to the kitchen.

And once they were gone, Danny found himself left with his mother. Wishing he was presently somewhere else instead of the living room with her as his mother sat forward in her seat again and demanded in a none too friendly tone, "What was that?"

"What was what?" Danny asked, deciding it may be in his best interest to feign innocence since he might live longer if he did. Unfortunately his mother must have realized that he was playing dumb... Why else would she pick up the book that she'd been reading and chuck it at his head? Thinking quickly, he changed to his phantom counterpart and gave his mother an indignant sigh as his book collided with the wall behind him and then fell to the floor.

"Wow that brought back a few childhood trauma's." Danny said as he took his eyes off of his mom for a second to see where the book landed. If Shara had heard the noise it made in the kitchen then he'd have to come up with a story as to why the book was across the room.

"I'll give you more than trauma, Daniel Fenton! Just what the hell were you doing using your power-" Danny held his hands out, palm up and made a 'shhhing' noise at her then glanced uneasily in the direction of the door that led to the small hallway that came out into the kitchen.

"Mom, keep you're voice down. I don't want Shara to hear you when your in a snit..." Danny said almost nervously and nearly tripped over the couch when his mom decided to get up in his face, forcing him to try and retreat to a much safer distance.

"A snit- A snit! Boy you haven't seen me in a snit since you were in diapers!" Not true, Danny thought as some of his most hellish childhood memories slithered through his mind like a snake. If not for the fact that I could turn into a ghost at fourteen, I'd still be in therapy right now. Danny thought as he said,

"You're way too close right now. Could you please back up some."

"No." Mattie gritted out from between clenched teeth as Danny tried his hardest to climb over the back of the couch wile keeping an eye on her and not tipping the piece of furniture over on top of himself- thus hindering his escape even more. Plus, climbing without seeing what you were doing was kind of a pain. As Danny found out when he accidentally knocked over and broke one of his lamps then got tangled in the cord and wound up with the couch falling on top of him all while his mother stood there glaring down at him with her arms crossed.