Direct sequel to Five Times Mike Explains His Situation And The One Time Donna Makes Sure People Listen, because people asked me to, and I am a sucker for things like that.

How Harvey Tried To Fix His Mistake

Chapter +1

When Mike returned to work the next day, Harvey practically pounced on him when he left the elevator. The older man caught his arm and dragged him down the hall and into the little used stairwell.

"Ha.. Harvey! What did I..Where are we...going?" Mike finished lamely as his boss forcefully closed the door behind him. Mike stared at him in confusion. "What did I do?"

Harvey shook his head at the question. "Answer me first. How is your grandmother?"

"Uh.. she's fine?" Mike was plainly lost. "Well... she's as good as she ever will be."

Harvey nodded then moved slightly closer. "And how are you?"

"Worried?" The blond was getting really worried, although he had good reason. "Why are you asking me?"

"Because I want to make absolutely sure that you don't have anything else on your mind when I tell you this." Harvey stated sternly.

Mike's eyes widened as every bad scenario that he could think of flashed through his mind. He opened his mouth then promptly clapped a hand over it.

The action amused Harvey greatly. "Really worried now? Don't jump to conclusions, it's a very bad habit for a lawyer to develop. Always wait for the details." He lectured, waiting for Mike to nod before he continued. "Mike... I'm sorry."

Mike moved his hand and a "What?" fell out.

Harvey frowned. "I said, I'm sorry. For not listening to you when you tried to tell me what was going on. I should have listened to you better. You're my associate for a reason."

Mike apparently couldn't wrap his brain around the thought of Harvey apologizing. He stood there for a minute, gaping at Harvey.

The older man frowned. "Okay, this is the point where you accept and we go to the office and appease Donna."

"Uh.. what?" Mike looked really confused. "But.. Donna's fine."

"I get that you've been really busy, but Donna is not fine. She's furious at all of us for how we treated you. She seems fine to you because she's not mad at you."

"You don't have to apologize to me because of that." Mike offered, looking uncomfortable. "I told Donna it was fine weeks ago."

That made Harvey scowl. "I'm not apologizing because of Donna. I'm doing it because I need to." He moved again, into Mike's personal space, something his associate never complained about. "You weren't right, Mike. I didn't like it. It might have taken Donna telling me off to realize it, but when I did, I knew I had to make it right."

Mike just stared at Harvey. "Is that why you came to the nursing home?"

"Yes and no. I wanted to check on you, but not just for that reason."

"Then... why?" Mike looked nervous now.

Harvey smirked, "Because, I'm an idiot." He reached out, lightning quick and grabbed Mike's skinny blue tie, pulling him into a kiss. "And so are you."

It was nearly nine thirty and Donna was annoyed. It wasn't that anyone had actually come out and bothered her, no one would dare given her recent mood. She was annoyed that her new favorite toy hadn't arrived to brighten her day some. Since her defense of Mike, the kid had been going out of his way to show her his appreciation. It had become almost a game, where Donna would pretend to be annoyed and Mike would go to new heights to try and make her day better. Once, when Donna had spent the entire morning on the phone with one of the new clients, that seemed to think he was far too good to talk to a lowly secretary, his words, Mike had appeared with a small folded up paper, and a simple Hersey's bar. He had disappeared as quickly as he had arrived, but when Donna opened the paper it was a sketch, it showed a cartoon Donna with a small crown on her head, stomping on a bald man in a suit. The words, 'Don't Mess With The Queen', written at the bottom. Donna had smiled for nearly the rest of the day.

Now she was genuinely annoyed. Harvey had been pacing around his office for an hour before he abruptly left, not even acknowledging Donna. Luis had been stalking the area looking for Mike, and the phone hadn't stopped ringing. She had just decided that the world could wait long enough for her to get some coffee when Harvey casually strolled into his office, dropping an envelope on her desk with a grin that resembled the Cheshire Cat's. He didn't even wait for her to glare at him before he picked up his phone and started returning calls.

Curious, Donna picked up the envelope, peeking at the certificate for a full day at the spa when Mike appeared at her desk, holding a cup of coffee. The kid looked kind of frazzled, but he was smiling sheepishly, and his tie was very crooked. It only took Donna a minute to put two and two together and get finally. She accepted the cup, and put it on her desk, reaching over and straightening Mike's tie with a smile. The younger man flushed slightly and darted off toward his desk.

Donna took a sip of her coffee, nodded and sat back down, immediately hitting the intercom button. "You're forgiven."

I can't believe that I stayed up all night and all day to finish this... Oh well, I hope you all enjoy.