Part 1


Summer; sand, sun, and water all the time ... something I never really got into. Who would want to go sit on scorching sand and be baked alive by slathering more oil on their skin and letting the sun beat down on them in full force? Honestly seems like human stupidity couldn't get any worse. But what makes it all the worse are the tourists that just have to come to see the glorious, pearly white beaches of Destiny Islands.

Gag me now...with a broomstick. Okay that might be a little dramatic. There is one thing I look forward to about summer. That would be the cute, little brunet boy. Even though I could swear up and down that he's into that redheaded chick he's always with, I still have hopes of snagging him up. He's one of those goodie-two-shoes, a good kid that always got good grades. A guy that would never look twice at me ... or maybe he would if he would ever look once.

The prick...

"You're thinking about Sora again, aren't you Vanitas?"

A growl slips from my lips as a book thumps against the top of my head, the only way he can do that being when I'm slouched down. I glare at him as his small frame moves to sit down beside me, absent of the possessive airhead always hanging on him. My golden orbs conflict with his cool blues as he glances at me, not caring about any insult I can fling his way.

Not that it ever stops me.

"I'm surprised you got out of that stalker of a boyfriend's radar. What did ya do, tape a picture of yourself to a mirror to keep him busy?"

"What if I did?"

"You've got to be kidding. Zex, if you did that, I want a picture of that!" That way I could post it all over the cit- no ... that self-absorbed freak would love that too much.

"Scratch that, I'd rather not have any more proof of him being a complete dumbass."

Slim, dainty fingers brush through the slate colored hair that falls over the right side of Zexion's face. "You do know that the dumbass you're referring to happens to be friends with your so called 'prey'."

Without a second thought I snatch the hard back book from his hands and slide it to the end of the picnic table. Despite the cover of the shade of the umbrella sticking out of the middle of the table, the sun still seems to zap the energy right out of me. A roll of the eyes and I slide the book back to the blue haired male stretching out his hand towards me, too tired to fight the inevitable losing battle. "Whatever, I don't care. He's eyecandy. All looks, no brain; the complete definition of Sora."

"And that's why you can't stop staring, isn't it?"

I just glanced at the slate haired teen from under my bangs, my gaze boring into the others eyes. "Shut up, you idiot." I mumbled quietly. "I'm leaving, have fun with your psycho boyfriend."

My hand comes up in a half wave as I stand up from the table, intending on walking away and not looking back. Unfortunately, that's never how it is as I find my eyes wandering, stray spikes of ebony getting in the way of my sight. While my eyes are captured by Zexion's reading form, I don't notice the person standing in front of me until I slam into his chest - er - stomach.

"Watch where the hell you're going you lanky freak!" The insult slips straight from my lips and forces a smirk to curl on the redhead's lips, his poisonous emerald eyes glaring at me with a hint of amusement.

"What are you gonna do about it shorty?"

Before another word can begin to form I feel a hand on my arm, a head of perfectly combed hair replacing the view of the dark orange tank top. "You're late, Axel."

I cross my arms over my chest as I stare over the top of Zexion's head, trying to look like I'm not interested in their conversation. Axel, however, completely forgets my existence as his arm lands across Zexion's shoulders, walking him away as he prattles on and on about why he was "oh so late".


A stray kid bumps into me as he hurries to his parents, urging me to get the hell out of this place, and fast. With Zexion gone off with that unmentionable person and Sora no longer in my sights, I have absolutely no reason to hang around. My palms brush over my dark jeans to straighten them out before I find the nearest exit, ready to find some place much cooler.


I shuffle past people as I move along the sidewalk, almost hating how far away the nearest beach is from my apartment. Even with summer beating down on this little island out in the middle of nowhere, the sky has been darkening since I left the picnic area. A storm seems to be sitting just on the outskirts of the city. Everyone walking the streets around me seems to scatter within the first few raindrops that begin to fall and I probably should do the same.

But I keep walking as I flip my hood up over my head, the deep crimson material pressing my spikes down into my eyes, sticking to my forehead. I don't bother with pushing the strands away, instead I focus on dragging my feet against the concrete, watching the color of it change as more and more raindrops land on it.

Just as I happen to glance up from watching the toes of my shoes, lightning zigzags across the sky with a shattering boom of thunder right after. A shiver trails from my shoulders all the way down to my toes. Tilting my head back I blink as the droplets splash down against my skin, rolling off and into the cloth of my hood.

All those people are scared of this? Storms are the most beautiful things I've ever seen and yet everyone runs from them; afraid of loving something so dangerous.

Within the blink of an eye my view of the storming sky above is gone, replaced by the underside view of an umbrella. I tilt my head to the side and prepare to give whoever is responsible an earful, but each and every planned word seems to dissolve on my tongue. Sopping, brunet spikes stick to sun-kissed skin which holds two blazing sapphire eyes and full lips curved in a smile. A short vest, reaching only to the end of his ribcage, and light blue swim trunks are all he wears as he holds the umbrella over us both, head tilted slightly to the side in curiosity.

"You know, you're going to get soaked just standing here."

My eyes wander over his wet skin, my 'prey' never having been so close to me before. "But you're already wet." I state clearly, no sarcasm found in my voice.

"That's because I just came from the beach, you goof."

I glance behind us to see if his friends are there, to see if they're judging me from afar and wishing that he'd stop talking to me. Yet … no one is there. The streets are barren and the shops back along the strip are packed tight with people. Letting my eyes slip back to focus on his, I raise an eyebrow, "So you're bothering me why? I'm wearing a jacket you know, I don't need an umbrella."

"What's your name? Vanitas right?"

Why did he even ask?

I throw away the idea of simply kidnapping him away from this populated part of the city and begin walking away, counting down from three in my head. Before I can even get to one he's right beside me again, but this time he keeps his umbrella to himself as he hums, apparently thinking.

"I'll take that as a yes! I remember you actually. Well, a little here and a little there."

"It's not like I blend in."

My monotone seems to send him into a small fit of laughter, the umbrella bobbing as his shoulders do the same. "Silly, I just remember having to bandage Axel up every time you would get a hold of him. Why would you do something like that anyways?"

"He's a freak that would stalk my friend." I glance from the corner of my eye to see his mouth forming a small 'o'. Shaking my head lightly, I sigh. "Why are you following me Sora?"

Perfect teeth are flashed at me as he grins, clearly thinking that the answer is more than obvious. "Because I'm walking you home! And people call me oblivious!"

I can't help but roll my eyes as he stays by my side, even as I turn onto a side street. Just when I think he's going to fall into silence and let this walk be enjoyable for me, in more than one way, another clap of thunder sounds just as lightning streaks through the sky. All I can let out is an 'oof' as he slams into the side of me with his eyes clenched shut, knocking us both to the ground. As the back of my head hits the pavement I force my eyes back open in time to see the umbrella hit right above my head, missing the chance to probably poke my eyes out.

Fingers clutch around my arm as a face is buried into the front of my shirt, my jacket having fallen open when I fell backward. He clings to me even tighter as the thunder sounds once again, a soft whimper slipping past his lips. Despite how angry I clearly want to try and be with him, when I sit up and he follows my movements, practically sitting in my lap … it's hard to resist pleading blue eyes looking up at me with fear evident in them.

"Let me guess, you don't like storms?"

A sharp and rapid shake of the head is all I get as his fingers grip tighter at my shirt, knuckles turning white already. I reach my hand back to grab at the umbrella, dragging it around beside me as I try to figure out how to get up with him practically attached to me.

"You're gonna have to let go."

A furtive glance upward and he's letting go of me. Yet, as I get to my feet he's right back onto my arm, biting at his lip. "I'm s-still walking you h-home."

I raise the umbrella back up, shielding us from the rain as best as it can. I don't try to shove him away or make him leave me alone as I normally would with creepy little kids like him, but keep an arm around him as I try to concentrate on getting to my apartment.

Okay, he's not a little kid anymore, evidence being the slight muscles to him and the height being almost identical. This still seems like a cruel joke...no way in six years does he finally get this close to me and I'm lucky enough for it to be during a storm, which he's deathly afraid of. Too good to be true...

Either way, I keep us moving even as Sora cringes with every flash of lightning and every shake of thunder. In no time I have us walking up the steps of my apartment building. His fingers stay death-locked with my arm as I give a motion for him to take back his umbrella. Before I can tell him to scram- or even let me call him a ride home- he's staring up at me with those sparkling, ocean coloured eyes of his.

"Can't I stay till the storm passes?"

Normally? I'd just walk inside and leave him standing there, not wanting a damn person in my apartment unless it's Zexion. But with him dripping wet and clearly wanting to follow? Who am I to pass that up?

"Just don't drip on anything important okay?"

He almost seemed to burst with excitement as I open the door for him to enter, the cold air conditioner wafting past and chilling every droplet of water on my skin. By the time I have the umbrella closed and I'm inside, I can see him visibly shivering. Sora latches right back onto my arm as I walk straight for the elevator not even bothering to question him at this point, even mentally. Apparently, he's just a real clingy person. Not that I mind.

Once inside I press the button labeled three and watch the doors close, soft and irritating elevator music filling the small metal box as it hauls us upward. I tap my foot impatiently and I can feel the water that soaked into the soles of my shoes, my socks squishing up between my toes. Finally my concentration is snapped away from that, and back to the situation at hand as the elevator 'bings' and the doors swish open slowly.

Sora practically drags me out into the hallway, a smile lighting up his face as he tries to figure out which room is mine. I point to the end of the hallway, designating Room 17 as my apartment number. One arm falls to his side as the other lets go, the hand attached to it reaching for mine. His fingers twine awkwardly with mine, Sora setting our pace to more of a rushed one, our wet palms sliding against one of another.

Definitely not puzzle pieces that fit together. I must be the soggy one that had a part of it chewed off and he's the perfectly taken care of piece that's in the exact middle. No, definitely not puzzle pieces that fit together.

He reaches out to jiggle the doorknob as we stop in front of it, me digging my keys out of my jacket pocket. "It's locked." comes my statement even though I know he knows it's locked, especially since I pull out my keyring. I know automatically which one goes to my apartment since there's only two keys on it; one for here and one for Zexion's place. Before I can even pull the key back out of the lock, Sora is shoving the door open and gazing around the entrance of my apartment.

I'm not a slob, which doesn't give him the opportunity to be nosey and snoop through my things. Everything is put away in its place, except in the kitchen where dishes are piled up on the counter ready to be washed. Wet footprints mark his path down the small hallway that sits between the kitchen area and the living room, straight to my room. I try to ignore his 'oo's and 'ah's as I head straight after him. While he stands staring at the bare contents of my room, I head into the bathroom, snagging two towels from under the sink. But as I walk back out I throw him a towel, a warning glare shot his way. "Don't touch anything."

Content with him slowly making his way around my room, looking at the covers of books and magazines I have scattered about, I move directly to my closet. In a slightly impaired movement I have my jacket off and into the basket at the bottom of my closet. Just as I reach to take my shirt off a chill runs down my spine. Fingertips dance over my waist and around my stomach, arms hanging on my hips just as easily as a belt.

"Hey, I said don't-"

A devilish giggle seems to emerge from Sora as he presses his cheek to the back of my shoulder, "Nah, uh, uh! You said don't touch anything, not anyone."

"Smartass aren't you?"

"Does that make you a stalker then?" I reach down and grab his wrists, holding them steady as I turn around to face the innocent look upon his face. He moves closer, diminishing the small distance I had tried to create and making the smell of the ocean all the more apparent from off his skin. "I always liked you, Van, a lot."

A smirk pulls at the corner of my lips as I lean my head close to his, our noses close to touching. "Won't that upset your little girlfriend?"

Sora's hands slip easily out of my grasp and wind up to lock into place up behind my neck, his fingers combing through the ends of my drooping spikes. "Who, Kairi?" A look of amused shock passes over his cherubic countenance. "She's more into girls than I am. Figured you of all people would know her and Aqua are together."

I shift my eyes the other way, remembering my old friend and not wanting to. With him being the same height it only takes the tilt of his head for his lips to ghost over my neck as he leans his head against my shoulder. My hands lift up to rest at his waist, my palms gripping against the wet waistband of his swim trunks. "Oh~ so you'd be more into Riku then huh?"

He takes a step back, eyelashes batting softly as he turns his back to me. An airy giggle of sorts echoes in my ears. "You're such a goof, I just said I liked you. Plus, he's dating your brother, remember?"

With a struggled effort, I step out of my shoes as I walk up behind him. I reach my hands forward and push the vest off his shoulders, the article of clothing sliding down his arms and pooling at his bare feet. Sora's lips connect with mine the second he turns around, his body pressing close to mine. I push him backwards into one of the bookshelves, keeping our mouths smashed together as he parts his lips for me and lets my tongue ravage his. Sora squirms in my arms, trying to unbutton my jeans.

The chill of his fingers sends a shiver down my spine, but I welcome it as he finally flicks each button back through the hole. His lips leave butterfly kisses down my torso and only stopping when they reach the waistband of my boxers, his hands sliding my pants down my legs. I can only smirk down at him.

For being such good eyecandy, he knows exactly what he's doing.

The ghost of the air conditioner and the graze of the tip of his tongue forces my eyes to drift shut, one hand going to steady myself against the bookcase while the other twines into the fine locks of his brunet spikes. Sora jumps the gun though, taking my shaft into his mouth and letting his tongue run all over it; poking and prodding. He sucks hard, taking me in a littler further as his fingers squeeze at my thighs, trying to bring me closer. Slowly getting into his rhythm I get excited, thrusting into his mouth in a rush. Pearly whites graze over the skin, whether he meant to or not, and earns him a pleased hiss.

A small choke is all he gives before continuing, not missing a beat as the fire builds in my veins. Adrenaline rushes through my body and I shove him closer, gripping his hair as he runs his hands up over my ass and gives a light squeeze in return. I continue to send him deep moans of encouragement with each flick of his tongue. Just as the tension builds up and I feel myself about to reach my climax … his phone goes off, the techno melody echoing loud all around us.

Sora swallows every drop that I release into his mouth, immediately diving into the pocket of his trunks and fishing out his phone. A frown forces the dimples in his cheeks to smooth over as he replaces it after clicking the mute button. Grinning up at me he lifts my boxers back up around my waist, giving me a quick peck on the cheek as he scoops up his vest and flipping the hood up over his head. "Gotta go Van, sorry. I'll call you tomorrow, 'kay?" He doesn't even wait for an answer, simply runs out the room with a small laugh, the door clicking shut behind him.

~End Part 1~

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